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it commitment to service and the vincetian community.


DePaul is unique from any other school I applied to because it truly utilizes the City of Chicago as a part of your learning. So much of what you will learn and come to undertand while at DePaul doesn't come from attending classes, but from the experinece of living in such a wildy large and diverse place.


DePaul's empasis on being ready for a job before graduating is what makes it a unique school. When you're a junior, its a graduation requirement to take an internship. From what I'm told, a lot of students get jobs right after graduating from the job they had an intership at.


This school has a great music school, an exclusive theatre school, and an excellent Liberal Arts Program. So many great programs at one school is rare, I think. So, if you're like me, and have no idea about what you want to do, then come here, and experiment away! The faculty overall is great, I find.


I go to the largest Catholic University in Amerca, but as someone who is not necessarily religious in the sense that I am devout Roman Catholic, I have never once felt threatened about my own beliefs by going to such a university. DePaul University prides itself on being religious, but allowing each student to find themselves in a way that let's them explore new religious and new horizons; that can be done by simply exploring Chicago. DePaul also has one of the few film programs I have been impressed with; both because of the faculty skillset and future opportunities.


De Paul University is a fun school in the great city of Chicago.


Don't go here. The administrators will lie, cheat, and steal. This a private school that only cares about making money. Watch out for Susan Reed she is part of the exception commitee. Her goal is to get you to retake classes so the school can make more money. She will use unheard of rules to give you an F. Stay away. This school is run by rats and snakes. Eitherway, you will get bitten.


While the school may be large the classes are small but the thing that separates DePaul from every other school I applied to is the city of Chicago and its values. The school values service to the community and treats each student as someone who deserves opportunities and time. It also teaches each student to give to others what they can and that together we can help others and give them a better life. With its values and location in the city it offers opportunities to learn in places and go places that you couldn’t experience anywhere else.


Any one who loves big city life would have a great time attending DePaul.


The most notable characteristic of DePaul that I have not witnessed with any other university is the calm but driven will of the students. As a major university in Chicago, it would be assumed that the work load and environment would be stressful. This is not the case at DePaul University for students and staff work together as we, the students, complete our journey.


It is located in the heart of Chicago which makes it unique because students have the opportunity to interact with a diverse population.


DePaul's Career Center is a department devoted to helping students find internships and jobs. The Career Center has a very strong prescence on campus, and are devoted to reaching all DePaul Students to help them get a head through internships and financial workshops. DePaul also features an Entrepreneurship Center which focuses on Students that are building small business. They have an annual entrepreneurship competition for all DePaul Students, which encourages students from the different colleges to collaborate and plan.


Our schools is unique because of the campus's circular design as well as having many regional campuses. Plus, on the weekend, the main campus is at most 30 minutes away from theme parks!


What DePaul offers is rare: an exceptional education integrated with a world-class city environment. DePaul enables students to receive a ?real world? understanding while gaining a strong liberal arts background. Walking around campus, one can just feel that unmistakable energy and character of the institution. DePaul graduates have immediate access to a wealth of opportunities that the city college provides. Internships, job experience and community service, as well as familiarity with the diverse and interesting people of the city give DePaul students an edge.


DePaul University has an excellent program for adult learners over 24 years old which allows one to obtain and transfer credit(s) based on life experiences, prior college credits received and independent learning pursuits.


No other schools really compared. I wanted to be in the busy city and have that lifestyle. Depaul is by far the most exciting city to be in in Chicago.


I currently attend San Francisco State University. The budget cuts are creating a huge problem for my education since I cannot get classes I need. Also, the school is more of a commuter school and does not have an active campus environment. I feel that DePaul University will give me the campus environment I want and most of all, benefit my education with available classes for my general education and my major.


Most schools are known as "party" schools, whereas my school is more focused on giving back to the community through volunteerism, which is the Vincentian mission.


Being right in Chicago, there are many opportunites to get real experience while attending DePaul. Students are encouraged to seek out professinal opportunities that will advance them in their studies, and it is pretty easy to do this due to campus being in a major city. The other schools I looked at also encouraged their students to seek real life experience, but being so far from major cities, it would be difficult to do so at those schools.


DePaul prides itself on diversity and charity. The Princeston Review rated it the most diverse campus in the U.S. in 2007, and the social makeup varies much more than when I grew up in elementry/high school. As the largest Catholic institution in the United States, DePaul supports the beliefs of its namesake, St. Vincent DePaul, who faught for the inherent equality of all men and women. Also, being an urban institution, DePaul allows students to easilly travel to Chicago and offers a rich cultural education for students willing to discover it on their own.


Depaul University is unique because it is located in the city and has a very different lifestyle than other state schools.


My school is unique because of its strong focus on community service and cultural interaction. The school's location was the primary drawing point.


DePaul University is unique because it gives many college students the urban experience. DePaul is located in the heart of Chicago and allows students to feel the downtown experience while going to class. Aside from DePaul University's location, it is a great school to go to because of all the additional help DePaul offers to its students. I can always find help in any subject and whenever I need it.


DePaul University is very unique in the fact that they are very diverse. There are many students from different parts of the world in each of my classes and that makes me feel comfortable to participate during class. DePaul helps you with your financial situations too and try to work with you so that you can attend DePaul. The teachers all are professionals in their field outside of teaching and I find that to be a very positive and beneficial asset to have in the classroom. The Career Center also helps students with finding a job.


DePaul's cafeteria sucks everything that can be sucked. It's no different than Great America: the prices are outrageous, but the quality is abysmal. They added insult to the injury by tearing down the historic Stuart Center, which was the old cafeteria, and put up the new Student Center that looks like a Starbucks on steroids and devoid of character. In DePaul's defense, the food at the Loop campus is marginally better. Luckily, there are many restaurants around both campuses that serve great food at great prices; you just gotta know where to look. So unless you use a meal plan (read: tied down to the cafeteria monopoly), stay away.


My school is has two campuses, which are both located in excellent neighborhoods. The Loop Campus is in the heart of downtown Chicago and the other is located in the Lincol Park neighborhood. Both locations have great places to hang out and enjoy such as going to the Chicago Cubs games or eating out at varieties of restuarants.


It's in the heart of Chicago which gives me the access to the city I have always wanted.


It is very diverse in many ways, ethnically, fiscally etc and yet everyone seems to get along well and everyine is incrediablay frinedly even though it is in a a large city. the teachers are there for the students and really encourgae us and make themselves avaliable.


Very diverse student and faculty population for a private, religious institution.



Very diverse.




Being able to attend a school that is isolated and safe yet having the ablility to wonder the streets and culturaly diverse towns of chicago, Depaul University set itself apart from the competition of all other universities i applied to. The post graduate opportunities Chicago provides is only a benefit to the outstanding academic setting.


DePaul is an extremely diverse university. The school is made up of students from different socio-ecomonic backgrounds, different religions, and different races. The diversity that exists is very beneficial in receiving a well-rounded education. It allows you to gain a variety of viewpoints and contributes to active class discussion. Being put outside your comfort zone is a positive thing because it allows you to relate to may different types of people and to become a more knowledgable and open-minded citizen.


What's unique about my school is how enriched it is with involvement with the community and having a junior year experimental class. The school is very active in getting the students involved in the community by outside and inside activities. It's a great way to learn when you are placed into set positions like this because learning in the classroom is one thing, but actually getting to experience it is another.


I feel that my school has a stronger screenwriting program with most. It is a large school, but also has small class sizes, making the learning process more gratifying. There are great relationships with students and teachers as well as students with other students. Group projects help you get to know those around you and offer different view points and way of thinking, which can challange and expose mindsets.


It has good sports, and is very diverse.


There are so many different types of people here. I think were the most diverse school in the country.


We're diverse, the professors really do care and we are a reasonable size.


The area. It's located in one of the greatest neighborhoods in Chicago, which makes DePaul a very desirable school.


Its a friendly upbeat environment...makes you happy....being in business school it feel like im succeeding. Its a great place i love it


I love the fact that it is located in the heart of Chicago. While not so much in line with the stereotypical view of college life, I love living in a big city where something is always going on and drinking is not a requirement to have fun.


It has it all, artsy kids, hipsters, punks, hippys, preppies, all different races, creeds, and orientations. It's liberal, but progressive always trying to create new and interesting clubs, activities and programs for its students. There is tons of opportunity but you have to take advantage of it. It's diverse and interesting all the time.


DePaul is the most diverse school in the country. You can meet so many people of different ethnicity and people from all over the world come to the university to study.


DePaul University combines the traditional feel of the college campus with the city atmosphere of Chicago. DePaul has two main campuses: The Loop campus is located in the heart of Chicago's buisness quarter and the Lincoln Park campus located in a residential neighborhood of the city. To me, this diversity in the campus lets me experience two distinct college experiences in one. As someone who was unsure of whether I would prefer a suburban campus or a more urban campan.


It has a college campus feel even though it is located in the city


It is located in Lincoln Park in Chicago, which is a perfect balance to being in the city and being in a safe neighborhood. It is the largest private catholic instititution, and I made the cheerleading squad.


It is located in an urban area which allows the school to network with big companies in the heart of the city (Chicago) and in turn helps students get good jobs according to their field quickly. There are two campuses one in downtown Chicago and one in Licoln Park which is a 15 minute train ride between the two campuses. The enviornment is very social and fun, but also very liberal and sometimes that can push away the students who are maybe moderate or conservative on the political spectrum.


It's not you're typical college experience, but if you accept it for what it is, and embrace that... you'll have a great time.


Fuck DePaul, I hate this fucking bullshit excuse for an institution - they'll make you think you have a great rep because of the business school, know these three things: 1 - it's not very selective at all, and will take in anything weird to appear "diverse" 2 - the jobholders are all in freakin' retail banking or accountants making not more than 40-60k a year, and the entrepreneurs (so-called) are either at a loss for more than 1 idea or simply have ideas with no idea about Why they would never, ever, Ever work. 3 - they'll make it sound like a great place to study, live,and be... it's not: you barely study so you're retarded and wasting a shitload of money (also 'cause there are no facilities), you can't do Shit in Lincoln Park without walking at least 4 blocks which SUCKS dick in the winter, and well - nobody's really going to hire you 'cause everyone knows how much you really Don't learn. If you're emotionally attached to the place before reading this, detach yourself and find somewhere better to go - somewhere you'll really grow, and not just be some college student fuck-up.