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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


None of the stereotypes are accurate.


To an extent, most of the stereotypes have some validity but there are some that are outright ridiculous like the ones that we are "rich, liberal-loving, parents credit-card sucking, introvertive, stuck-up brown-nosers". At every college there are bound to be students who fit one or more of these traits, but my fellow classmates and peers at DePaul that I have encountered and hang out with on a regular basis do not. Regarding our campus pride and spirit, we could use more activities that bond students together because there are so many distractions off campus that students tend to lose sight of what's happening on campus. However, we do have over 250 student groups & organizations and plenty of service-based initiatives to get involved with if you look hard enough.


Meh... I wouldn't know. I didn't live in a residence hall, and none of my friends from high school went to DePaul. So I pretty much went to classes; studied, putzed around campus, or worked out in Ray Meyer; then went home.


Somewhat, but DePaul's pretty eclectic and while these snobby girls aren't hard to spot on campus, we've got all kinds.


It is absolutely right. BUT, I have encountered a ton of diversity here. My experience has been that people are either way interesting, diverse, and intelligent or super spoiled and rich. My guess is that the North Face wearing Ugg Boots type of people fund the school despite their mental capacity. But if you can stay away from this vast majority, you will find some really cool people on campus.




To an extent, they are. DePaul tends to attract many liberal-minded individuals. They also don't run things how many strict Catholic schools would. I wouldn't change this at all though. the strict nature the Catholic Church wants to impose on DePaul would tarnish its unique and open atmosphere.


I'd agree with the artsy comment. As for snobby and uptight, there are some people at DePaul who fit that profile but you will get that at any college.


I have found that there are so many people at DePaul that it's easy to find those who you can be good friends with. Not everyone grew up extremely priviledged, and most people are very accepting of others. It isn't difficult to find someone with whom you have a lot in common. It was apparent when first coming to DePaul that the college is extremely diverse. There are so many different people from different backgrounds, whether it be in monetary or social terms. It's great to see how everyone can get along and most people are very interested and accepting of all types of cultures. There are so many cultural groups on campus that if you are from a non-traditional background, there is definitely a group for you!


This is not accurate at all. Almost everyone I know has a scholarship of some sort which allows them to attend DePaul.


There are a lot of rich kids on campus. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the amount of shopping everyone can do.


Somewhat. DePaul is diverse but each "diverse" group tends to stick to its own type and they don't usually intermingle.


Hell yes... everyone wears a North Face jacket and Ugg(ly ass) boots, or the backwards cap with a hoodie on top from some sports team or other and sounds like a complete retard. Plus the place is basically one big daycare center... they baby you through the internship fairs (literally, they pay firms to give you their cards) and have a private taxi service under the name "Public Safety". That and everyone's just part of some legacy school or old money and doesn't need to do shit to benefit from it. Not so diverse, huh?


I do not think these sterotypes are accurate. If you walk around the campus you will see so many different types of people from all different economic backgrounds. I do not feel that thier is typical student here at all because of all the different races and religions that surround this campus.


to a certain degree


Everyone likes dressing rich.


No, well, to an extent. We are a fairly openly gay school in that everyone is really accepting of any sexual orientation or even gender identity. Even though we're technically a Catholic school, we are an incredibly open minded campus and our administration is very supportive of all lifestyles and students.


There are a lot of commuters, but also a lot of people that live on and around campus.


sometimes the trends are true, but the stereotypes overall are not too valid.


To a point. The school is somewhat selective, but you definetly get alot of people who have money and want everyone to know it.


While DePaul does have its' fair share of "artsy" people, it also has everyone else. Conservatives (though their voices typically are not heard over the many liberals), some Frat boys and sorority girls, academically focused students, students who could care less about school, and just about every other category of college kids. The people that categorize DePaul as a commuter school do not realize Juniors and Seniors do not live on campus because of the lack of housing available. While there is a population of students who commute from the suburbs, a lot of students live in apartments really close to school.


Well, they're not inaccurate.


oh yeah, I think so.....