DePaul University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular group that I have met on campus is the Catholic Campus Ministry.


I was involved with the cycle collective and the vegetarian/vegan club holding occasion potlucks, as well as an urban farming organization consisting of many students from my major of environmental studies. In my experience, dorms are not too social and campus life is in no way crazy. There is an incredible amount to do off campus.


There are over 300 student organizations on campus! Even though we do not have houses, DePaul does have Greek Life with more than 15% of the student population choosing to pledge to a sorority or fraternity (I am in Chi Omega!). We have clubs ranging from the outdoors club (which has a Ski trip planned for next weekend!) to the Foodie club that tries a different restaurant every weekend! I myself am Vice-President of Freefall DePaul, which is DePaul's skydiving club-go figure!


Sports clubs include Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey, Sky diving, Rugby and many others. I am involved in Soccer, Sky Diving Student Financial Association. Depends on the dorm but in my dorm there are really friendly and it is no problem to get to know anyone. Dating scene is like anywhere else, it is still the same game. I ve met my closest friends at a party and in my dorm. Well I do homework, play some Xbox or hangout in the kitchen but most probably I would be sleeping. People party at least once a week but some of them even three times. Last week I went to a bar and to a party. Theater, Cinema, go to a beach, hang out, go downtown, have a date.


Blue Crew is a sporting event mobile cheering section. Student Government Association is always very involved with campus events, and tons of students get involved with it. Every year, there is a big comic who comes to do stand up. Last year was Bo Burnham! FEST happens every year, with great artists coming to perform right on the quad. There is a party going on just about every weekend, but if that isn't your thing there's always Baby Wants Candy, a rock opera improv show just three blocks away. Greek like isn't a huge thing on campus since there are no houses for them, but if you're interested in a social or academic sense, there is one waiting just for you!


The Sororities and Fraternities are pretty popular, as well as DePaul Blue Crew (basically spirit club) and DePaul Activities Board (plans many huge events on campus including homecoming and the end of the year concert--FEST).


There are so many organizations, it is hard to say what's the most popular! The men's and women's accapella (singing) groups at DePaul are pretty popular. There are a ton of great community service groups. I lead a group that walks dogs at the animal shelter! We have several big LGBT groups as well.


Going out with friends at one of the local hangouts.


Sports are huge here, and for good reason. We put A LOT of money into them. Some would say a little too much...But the athletics really are a central way of building what feels like a tight-knot community at a University that is really huge. Theater events are huge at DePaul too. We have one of the best theater schools in the country, and it shows. Music school kids are always playing at different venues around the city and at house parties, and they're reeeeaaaallly good. One of the biggest days of the year is FEST, which brings out thousands of students. DePaul splurges for its students with FEST, getting some pretty big names. Last year it was Chromeo and Wiz Khalifa, and the year before that Guster and Ludacris. The student body votes on what acts they would like to see, and the DePaul Activities Board accommodates. On the average weekend, most kids party. The bar scene is huge, and once kids turn 21 they pretty much stick to going to bars as opposed to house parties. Drinking culture is huge at DePaul, and it pretty much dominates weekend activities. But if you're not into drinking, because you're in Chicago and because Chicago is awesome, there's always something to do! You can get tickets to movies, theater, and other events pretty cheap through DePaul. And there's always at least one free event going on every night either at DePaul itself or in the city. There's really no excuse for saying you're bored while going to DePaul. If you're wiling to look, there's always something to do.


Because of how spread out DePaul students are (only a small amount live on campus, while the rest can live anywhere from a five minute walk to an hour's drive away) the sense of school spirit you may get at another school isn't there. The school is much more tailored towards letting people figure out what they do and don't want to get involved in. There are funds available for student organizations, and it is incredibly easy to make one - you don't even need 10 people. That means you will easily find a group that fits your interests: Democrats or Republicans, Anime fans, cinema buffs, karate, Scrabble, cycling, LGBTQA, environmental awareness...the list goes on forever. And if you can't find it on there, simply make it yourself. I was involved with the student newspaper, so never joined any of the groups (need to maintain objectivity) but had my finger on the pulse of them. I will tell you sports fans: Although DePaul has a D-I sports program with a decent history, the support is fractured. The men's basketball team (the school's main athletic draw) has had a rough few years, and getting to the arena requires a half hour bus ride (provided for free by the school for every home game). If you want a school that rides the ups and downs of their sports teams, that's not DePaul. There is too much going on with each individual person to make sports - or anything, for that matter - a force big enough to capture the attention of the whole school.


Because of how spread out DePaul students are (only a small amount live on campus, while the rest can live anywhere from a five minute walk to an hour's drive away) the sense of school spirit you may get at another school isn't there. The school is much more tailored towards letting people figure out what they do and don't want to get involved in. There are funds available for student organizations, and it is incredibly easy to make one - you don't even need 10 people. That means you will easily find a group that fits your interests: Democrats or Republicans, Anime fans, cinema buffs, karate, Scrabble, cycling, LGBTQA, environmen...the list goes on forever. And if you can't find it on there, simply make it yourself. I was involved with the student newspaper, so never joined any of the groups (need to maintain objectivity) but had my finger on a lot of them.


I am, and have been a part of a group called Student Ambassadors. We are the students that get dragged out of bed the same as all prospective students, so that we can speak with them and their families when they come to visit DePaul University. My job is to tell students what it is really like at DePaul, how I feel about the campus, what I do to occupy my time, how I study, how I like my major, anything that they might want to know before choosing DePaul. I also have to qualm the worries of parents, especially those out of state families that are unsure of living in a big city is the right choice for their darling son/daughter. In response I'm just honest, DePaul is safe, I love it, its in a great location, and no one I know has been into any trouble. Though there are few of us who actually do this, many benefit in the long run. I suppose most students preoccupy their time with sports and athletics, since we have so many clubs to choose from both teams you have to try out for and ones for fun, like inner-tube water polo. Most everyone I know makes good use of their gym membership and all that that offers, even if it is just to study in the health cafe on the ground floor of the fitness center. My first week at DePaul, like all other first year students I participated in the involvement fair. This was a great opportunity to find out about all of the clubs and activities that I could join for that year, as well as a time to try and get free candy and shirts. I learned about 200 or so clubs that day just from walking around and talking with different club representatives. And after, what I came to realize is that I just wanted to talk to people about things I enjoyed. Which is what lead me to my choice of DePaul Ambassadors. I talk with people about my university constantly and have a vast knowledge of it. Why not spend my time making friends and doing something I enjoy? DePaul has something for everyone, which seems cliche, but has proved true with all of my friends thus far. Finding a group you want to be a part of whether its debate, latin, sport or greek life, its here, and waiting for you to choose.


Lincoln Park is a booming neighborhood and one of the trendiest there is on the north side of Chicago. Filled with bars, cafes, boutiques, and lake adjacent, one can always find something to do when he/she is not busy studying or writing term papers in the John T. Richardson Library. An old Irish neighborhood, Lincoln Park is essentially a giant bar. But for the great majority of undergrads that are not of the drinking age, DePaul always has something on the agenda be it a movie night in the student center, book readings and literary events in the Cortelyou Commons, or a live concert somewhere on campus. You're in the third largest American city, there are plenty of things to do that don't involve drinking. Millenium Park and Navy Pier are only a few train stops away, not to mention the endless array of museums located in the Loop. If you are into sports, DePaul has an outstanding workout facility called The Ray Meyers Fitness Center that is three floors containing hardwood basketball courts, a workout floor equipped with many different machines that'll get you in the finest shape of your life, three racquetball courts, and a swimming pool. And if you want to show off your school spirit, Wish Field is right on campus where you can catch men's and women's soccer games. During the basketball season, there are school buses that shuttle students to and from the Allstate Arena so that they can show their support for their Blue Demons.


Most students seem to enjoy partying with friends, but many of us work to help with tuition! Since DePaul is big on volunteering, Vencentian Service Day is also popular amongst the student body as well. Students can either volunteer at a local organization or sign up for Vincentian service and be placed to volunteer at a specific location. This is a great way to help the community and get to know the city if you are not a Chicago native. Of course, getting involved at DePaul and going out around the city is also a wonderful way to meet new people as well! The Lincoln Park Campus is located near tons of bars, shops, restaurants, etc, so you don't have to go far to have fun!


The most popular things are DAB, Student Government, sororities, psychology club, honors groups, sports


Throughout the academic year, there are multiple events that occur just so DePaul students can socialize with one another and have a good time! There's a pep rally at the beginning of the basketball season, a homecoming dance, countless concerts and interesting speakers, and the granddaddy of all events, FEST. It is the biggest DePaul event that nearly every student attends. FEST is the end of the year blow out concert in the quad. A popular artist is chosen to perform to a large crowd of students. Last year Ludacris headlined.


DePaul Activities Board is a really huge club on campus. They put all different types of events throughout campus. They have brought huge musicians, writers, and comedians to DePaul. They put on a huge festival at the end of the year that is only for DePaul students as well. I am heavily involved in PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) which is a pre-professional group. We meet with PR professors about Chicago and plan huge events pertaining to PR. I have met a lot of my friends through this club and it's something I am really excited to be apart of. There are a lot of students who date but there are also a lot of students who enjoy the single life. I like to hang out with my friends or go to a concerts on the weekends. We are in Chicago so there are endless amount of opportunities to do things that don't involve drinking.


For a large school that is a member of the Big East, DePaul is quite unusual in the way student groups are structured. Because many students commute and/or live outside of campus, it it pretty quiet at night because many of us are hanging out in all parts of the city. Sports are big, but we don't have a football team and our men's basketball stadium isn't on campus, so sporting events are not a school-wide affair. We have hundreds of student groups but our Greek scene is not huge (under 500 total participants) because so many students are more interested in cultural groups like Gospel Choir, Black Student Union, Irish Dance Club, Hillel, Outdoor Adventure Club, Student Government Association, etc. This year I lead the Environmental Concerns Committee and we did all sorts of on-campus outreach events as well as a few trips outside of campus. DePaul is really committed to service-learning and we have opportunities all the time to go out and work in the Chicago community.


Greek life is not big at DePaul as only 6% of the student body are in a fraternity or sorority. (3% for Frats and 4% for sororities). There are no traditional frat houses. Social life revolves a lot around the bars on Lincoln Avenue (between Wrightwood and Webster). There are many club sports including dodgeball, ice hockey and lacrosse. Only 5 fraternities at DePaul are not tied to a ethnic or religious group. Going to basketball games is hard because the men's team plays at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont about a 45 minute ride away.


This is where DePaul falls flat big time! Unless you live on campus and either involved in a major organizations or play for a the Demons, you'll be just another face on the crowd. DePaul Activities Board, the organization that puts on events, is a big joke! They get 50% of the activity funding, but they only do three good events a year. Events put on by ethnic or interest-based organizations, which get chump change of funding, are way more fun. Most of the fun takes place off campus on the students' own initiative, which most often involves going to bars with a fake ID.


DePaul improv group performs


See above... But honestly, you're in Chicago... it's the greatest town in the world. Take advantage.


I'm involved with the Campus Antiwar Network at DePaul. It really is a great group of people, who are all working together to inform people about the war and fight against the injustices of it. We had a demonstration in Chicago on March 19th, 2008, the fifth anniversary of this war, there were about 5000 people marching through the streets of Chicago. It was pretty cool. Even though I feel like even more people are against the war, some people have become apathetic about joining the fight against it because they think the election is going to change the war status in this country. I hear a lot of dorms really suck, and people don't keep their doors open or interact with one another. I'm in Seton, where we keep our doors open and have community bathrooms. Seton is probably the most social dorm. Dorm life can be fun and outraging at the same time. But I think everyone should try it at least for a while. As far as dating goes, I haven't met any one on the depaul campus. There are a lot of gay guys on campus, so there are not many males to choose from. I guess if dating is your priority, you will find something though. I met some of my closest friends because we all live on the same floor. Besides this, I have met a couple people from classes, and from involvement with campus antiwar network. People party a lot at DePaul. There aren't near as many huge 400 people frat house parties, because we live in a city, so this just doesn't happen. A lot of people pregame and then go to bars. Drinking in dorms is stupid in large crowds. If you meet a cool group of people who party all the time in their own house then you are set. Other things to do around lincoln park that doesn't involve partying: walking to the lake, going to art galleries, shopping, lincoln park zoo, alfred caldwell lily pool, walking around in general, whirly ball, theres a lot of stuff to do.


In my specific dorm buliding, most do not leave their doors open including me. I don't like to be bothered a lot. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I'm most likely writing a paper or studying because there would be no other reason for me to be awake... unless I'm being bothering by the loud boys next door. People party A LOT - basically every weekend. I go home every weekend to avoid this.


There are opportunites for everyone. The location provides a lot for everyone. The non-drinker has plenty to do on the weekends and the partyer has just as many opportunities. We can go out to eat to so many places. The bars are excellent. The fraternities and sororities, while small, provide tons of entertainment.


DAB (depaul activities board) and Blue Crew are the most popular activities. Greek life isn't huge but a good portion of the student body is involved. It is on the rise. There aren't any houses so that decreases the commitment a bit if you aren't so sure about joining one. The dorms are all different. Most people leave their doors open and are social but sometimes a floor might just not like each other. There isn't much school spirit so there aren't many people at basketball games or theater events. If you are a girl and going to Depaul beware... all the guys are taken, jerks, or gay. Very very limited. There are a lot of parties but being in chicago the houses aren't very big so when the parties get big is when they will get busted. If you want to have fun you pretty much need a fake ID. It is awesome being in chicago though! there is always something to do when the weather is nice enough to take the el (it sucks to wait for a train in the winter).


I met my closest friends at orientation and in the dorm my freshman year. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I am either editing a paper due the next day or watching a movie with friends. People party very often at DePaul, but if you aren't into the party scene, there are many other things to do on campus and throughout the city. Fraternities and sororities are not very important at all at DePaul. There are no houses for these organizations and they are really more like clubs than the traditional fraternities and sororities are.


I am in a sorority and LOVE it! It's not like other schools because Greeks don't get to live together in houses. Greek life is so great because it makes a huge campus seem smaller. You get to meet a lot more people (both in and out of Greek life) and you have greater social and leadership opportunities.


The best aspect of DePaul social life is everything that's off campus. There are good restaurants, music venues, and bars all around the city of Chicago to experience. The more you leave campus, the more you'll love going to DePaul.


The place sucks for the most part; your first quarter is spent going to keggers for no reason, and after that kids waste their time drunk by 10pm at the bars on Halsted. ID = life. Don't know about you, but the social scene leaves much to be desired... that said, you'll still have a couple of good nights - but "a couple of good nights" means your overall college experience still really sucks. Frats and sororities not a big part of it at all, if they are, they're mostly organized fraternities (no frat houses, etc) which is good for some, bad for ohters. If I'm stuck wake at 2am, I'm wondering about why the fuck I'm at this retarded school in the middle of nowhere where I can't even get some God Damn coffee... so I smoke a cigarette and everyone (they're All pot-smokers by the way) scorns at me while I do so.


The most popular club sport is actually dodgeball if you believe it or not! We have tons of organizations on campus. If you want to go Greek, there are sororities and frats it is not a big deal if you join or not though. You wil not be treated any differently on campus or looked at any differently. The dating scene is here. A lot of people have girlfriends or boyfriends from other schools in the Chicago area, or at DePaul. People do date within the DePaul scene, you will meet a lot of people out at the bars. On a Saturday night, if you do not want to drink, you can go to a resturant downtown, in the winter you can do ice skating, you can go to plays, anything you are in Chicago, the world is at your fingertips! I met my best friend here in my dorm my freshman year. She lived a couple of doors down the hall from me, and my floor was so close. I was friends with everyone. You will meet you closest friends in your dorm your first few weeks or school. You can also meet people during classes and then joining activities and clubs. When I am off campus, I am usually downtown shopping or hanging out!




I can honestly say that I do not have much of a social life. Partly due to the intense amount of classes, but also because I am not as familiar with the activities and groups at DePaul. When I transferred in, I got a quick tour of the loop campus and a DePaul calendar. Hence, I did not venture out. I have met many students that are participants of many different clubs and organizations. I root for them. People love to party. I think it's a healthy way for students to interact and make new friends. The kinds of parties attended are at one's own discretion. An alternative to going out on a Saturday night is spending time with my family back home in the suburbs or meeting up old friends for dinner.


People party a lot on campus, but usually in apartments of commuters. Fraternities/sororities exist but they are not very popular. Events that happen every year include homecoming and FEST.


social life is great. bunch of bars. the dorms are starting to be more lenient with drinking and stuff. overall, its pretty fun. im in a fraternity, but i dont rely on the fraternity whatsoever for my social life. everything just flows together.


I'm involved with DePaul ambassadors which helps promote DePaul to prospective students and helps out the Office of Admission. My closest friends are the people I met in my dorm. I also have some good friends from my on- campus job as a Tour Guide. The greek system is small, but the people who participate in it are really into it. Greek was never anything I was interested in though.


DAB. No thank you. No. I dunno. Yeah, they come often. I dunno. Haha, no. Not at DePaul. Could be doing anything. Christmas. I hear that happens often. All the time. Not important. That was the one weekend I stayed in doing work all day., I mean studying. Everything except..well, I don't even go to class.