DePaul University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Overall, I most likely brag to my friends about my school is the location in downtown. It is defintely one of the best and diverse place to be and study at. Secondly, the business school has a great and high reputation, if you are studying business or related fields. It offers intern programs for students to get them mentally prepared. Also, the professors at the university has a great connection with students to acheive in their studies and for their upcoming careers.


DePaul University has two qualities that make the it very "brag-worthy": diversity and location. Since the school is located in the heart of Chicago, it is near impossible for students to ever become bored. Also, the location allows for educational experiences that cannot be compared. My friends were all quite envious of my Explore Chicago class; a course designed to familirize students with the city through weekly field trips. DePaul University also has an extremely diverse student body. As a gay male, this made me feel extremely comfortable with the college transition process.


I normally tell people that the facilities are top-notch--Since I'm an animation student I need axcess to a lot of the computer labs and equipment, and DePaul always has equipment that can be checked out, and tons of computer labs on both their campuses to get any work you need to get done completed. The student center is a really wonderful place to hang out and get food, and is more modern than a lot of other student centers I visisted on my college search.


I go to school to make movies and work out my creative juices. On weekends, I am encouraged to find a film set to go work on or start brainstorming an idea for a movie I want to write. Within the first two weeks of school, I met the three men who would forever give me a lesson to learn. I have met countless people that share wisdom from firsthand accounts on a film set, or simply this deep array of knowledge of how a film is made. All of this put together blows other schools out of the water.


I brag about DePaul's relative progessiveness. For example, DePaul is the only Catholic university in the United States to offer a minor in LGBT studies.


That the accounting program is one of the best, and that living in the city is fun, educational, and I am never, ever bored.


The avalibility of the city. The diverse classes. The small class sizes. Great teachers.


I brag that DePaul is a very diverse school with a lot to do. Being in a big city, there is always something to do for everyone and there are all different types of people. Whether you like to go out for a few drinks, go to the movies, shop, hang out at a coffee shop, or go to sporting events, you can find something to do in every neighborhood of Chicago. I would also brag that the school it self is great! The professors and staff are always willing you help students!


I went to Devry Institute now called Devry Unniversity. You are missing this school in your drop down in the previous section. You do not have other as a selection. You might want to add that for schools that you are missing there. What I brag the most about Devry is the convenience to take classes at night and/or weekends.


I loved my sorority at DePaul, and how the fraternity and sorority life there is all about volunteering and philanthropy. We did some amazing things on our campus, and the students there were all very kind and willing to help out a good cause.


I brag most about the fact that I am the city. I can hop on the el at any time and go anywhere. There is constantly something to do or somewhere to go. Being able to live in the city is my favorite thing about going to DePaul.


That I have an internship already and that there's always something to do in the city, rather than small farm towns.


Location, location, location. Besides the location, the opportunities available are amazing. Within my first week I landed an internship at the Field Museum through a contact my professor had the first quarter. It has been an amazing experience and I cannot believe I am only a freshman. DePaul's values for helping the community are also a big part of the praise for my school. They believe that the commmunity is a a great place for learning and I believe them.


The one thing I brag about most is the clubs and groups you can join. I joined a dance group at Depaul, and it has changed my college life for the better. I am now more involved with school activities, I meet new people all the time, people recognize me from the performances that we do, and it has brought me closer to the overall Depaul community. I highly recommend joining some sort of group if you are not on a sports team.


How sweet it is that I live in the awesome city of Chicago. I have an amazing apartment just blocks from campus and get to be in the city everyday. Its like I'm living in the real world at Depaul, not in some little college bubble.


DePaul offers an extremely upbeat environment to its student population. You can find a plethora of activities and clubs to become a part of throughout your enrollment in the university. I love that DePaul is located two of the most beautiful areas of the city. My classes are usually all located in the loop though I have had some classes in Lincoln Park, but regardless both areas are extremely well kept and amazing. Our class sizes are typically small and teachers tend to learn your name and that effort makes you feel as if you're actually part of DePaul.


I am very proud of the cultural diversity that is at DePaul and the many chances to learn more about different cultures. The study abroad program is great once you are abroad but somewhat unorganized while on your way.


The thing that I brag about most is how diverse DePaul is. If you walk down the halls you'll not only see people of different ethnic backgrounds but also of diffrerent religions coming from different parts of the world. I have made friends that I never would have come in contact with had I not gone to this school. This is a accepting university where those that are not the norm can pretty much be free to express themselves.


living in chicago. the fashion.




Well, everyone knows DePaul university for its popularity in name and it is all over good ranking.


DePaul university puts me at the footsteps of the greatest city in world. Chicago has so much to offer from the normal tourist attractions like millenium park and navy pier to the tiny hole in the wall restaurants that are the secret to the amazing flavors and varities of food. Not a single day goes by where I find myself bored. There is always the opportunity to go over to the amazing gym and play some ball and lift some weights. However, the best aspect of my school is the academic setting. With classes of 28 and amazing teachers.


The fact that De Paul is a very prestigious University that has a great success history on its prior students, alumni. That it is a Private school that can be recognized universal, and De Pauls interaction with foreign countries is phenomenial. A place like Kenya where i was orginally born, De Paul is trying to establish a campus in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. I tell people that yes it is very expensive and if financial obstacles are your reason, yes you would need aid. Although, graduating from De Paul, one can honestly succeed career wise and repay loans.


Nothing. I like Depaul because of the class sizes, the professors are knowlegable and helpful.


Its an amazing school that offers top professors and classes that invigorate students. I am enthusiastic each time i attend class because i learn something new each time. DePaul has so much to offer it becomes overwhelming, yet enables anyone to pursue their interests and passion. DePaul offers a widespread of opportunities and allows you to accomplish your goals in order to be prepared for the future. Not only that but to become good citizens, to help out our communities and others as well.


Everyone I know who goes here is happy that they came here. We are all here because we want to be. Also, the school is great for diversity, has small classes where the professor knows your name and the atmosphere is wonderful. Plus, there is always something to do, or something goign on.


I did when I first got here. We are supposed to be one of the best schools in the country. But I feel like the program I have gone into is stuck in the past. Infact, the school in general does not appear to have moved forward into the new centruy well. And often times I feel like I am only here because they want my money. The classes are often poorly taught, and everything costs too much. I would never go here if I didn't do theatre. And even then, I don't know.


I brag about how inspiring the professors are. They truly motivate me to succeed and learn beyond textbooks. Many times, I feel hopeless because of my family's financial struggles, but the professors help me remain positive and optimistic that as long as I keep earning good grades, other struggles will fall into place.


I brag about the great computer labs we have. Since I'm majoring in Interactive Media, I'm extreemly proud of the availibility of programs my school provides.


The size of the classes.


The area the school is in allows the students to expierance the large city of Chicago. This allows for gaining cultural insight as well as acting as a great social and academic back drop. However, it is almost too easy to get involved in the city outside of school, especially with having to live in an off-campus apartment. This leaves too much distraction from the academic world and studying-what school is for.


The city!


That we get a lot of vacations.


The amount of papers (yet no exams) that are required. I am so proud that my university is really putting its students out there, requiring the research the need to get a real hands-on education. It is not just "banking education" at DePaul. My professors expect the best out of me, and that shows they really care.


The good teacing and the dorms whi are very accomodating.


I like to brag about the fact that I'm in the great city of Chicago. It isn't some little town with 1,000 people in the corn fields. I go to a good name university, and I am in a city that ALWAYS has something to do.


The girls. The class size. How much fun it will be when i am 21


The school great and being in a major city is the best experience.