DePaul University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It didn't seem very united.


It didn't seem very united.


The worst thing about my school is the expensive tuition and the cold Chicago winters. DePaul has a strong business school and many students attend the business college while simultanously persuing a full time or part time internship position. However, this comes with a price. 33k is a lot of money per year and over four years this sum does add up.


The worst thing about this school is the first year program that is required for all students because they are not very informative and waste time.


Being new to this school, it's a bit hard for me to notice any dislikes of the university thus far.


The lack of diversity. The school advertises diversity on their brocuhures but once at the school I found out that there is only an 8% African American population.


I know housing and meal plans are expensive everywhere, but I would never consider Depaul one of the cheapest. I am lucky to be a commuting student and since transportation is free during the school year, it is worth it. However, I did consider living on campus. It was too much to add to the 33,000 a year tuition. the cheapest dorm is 8,000.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be that the Athletes recieve special treatment.


The elevators at the DePaul center get super crowded so it is important to get there at least 15 minutes before class begins or else you will be late.


The worst part about DePaul is the cost of attending and living here in Chicago. The school is excellent and it's not difficult to find your place here, but the tuition is a bit outrageous and I know that one of my biggest concerns is how I'm going to be able to afford it in the long run.


Its in the city, which has its pros and cons, one of the cons being that you don't really feel like you're on a college campus. I personally wish this was different because I really like the environment at big ten schools andother state schools. What I mean by that is DePaul doesn't have a football team, the basketball team isn't that good, the school comradery environment is missing because the students don't have a common thing to rally around and promote school spirit.


The worst thing about the school is that it is located in the city. Because of this I do not get to experience the whole college town feeling that many of my friends at huge universities experience on a daily basis. DePaul also doesn't have a football team or a basketball arena on campus, so I never have the united student body feeling either. Although, many students do come support the women's basketball team from time to time. These issues aside, DePaul is still a great institution, and I am happy with my decision to attend.


I have yet to find "the worst thing" about DePaul. The classrooms are active and informal, housing settings are friendly, and the campus overall is home to goal oriented students who all want to reach the common goal of being successful.


The worst thing about DePaul would probably be its location, its located near the city and therefore a lot of crimes happen in that area. Certain crimes range from theft to sexual harassment to rape. Just not my type of scene.


The onl bad thing about my school is the amount of money that it costs to go there.


I feel the worst thing about our school would have to be our school spirit. This causes by the fact that there are a lot of commuter students that attend DePaul and it is hard for them to get involved or connected. For instance, I know a lot of clubs have meetings at night when classes are all done but if a commuter student has morning classes then there is no reason for them to stay all day just to go to the meeting. Also the travel time to get to and back is a long time.


The worst thing about DePaul is the cost of tuition. I wish I would have gone to community college first and then transfer.


I really don't have any negatives about my school. If we don't have a good experience with one of our classes, we express that in the course review at the end of each semester.


I don't think it should be labeled worst, maybe the least great thing, but what bookstores charge for book is pretty high.


Even within the vase city of Chicago, in some ways non natives of Chicago can feel isolated in the geography. In close relation, there are many commuter students. I feel like everyone loses out of the full college experience in such as urban jungle.


The worst thing about my school is the high tuition cost. I receive a scholarship but it is a mere portion of the amount and it will not be increased by the institution, regardless of my grades or situation. Because of so, the tuition causes students to have to take out multiple loans along with working part time and still come out with debt. The majority of students that are able to afford the school are cetralized into the upper class which narrows the student population and makes being from the middle class a challenge at times.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it's on a quarter system. The quarters go by extremely fast, you're relieved you got through midterms but 5 weeks later, you need to start studying for finals. It can be very hectic and having a job during the school year is extremely hard making tuition hard to pay.


I really couldn't say there is anything bad about my school. I guess it would all depend on the dedication and time a person puts into any sitiuation, bad or good.


On campus housing is really expensive. Food is very expensive for what you are getting. Though the student body is very diverse, DePaul does seem to attract a lot of snooty "hipsters."


Probably the lack of a fotbal team. It may seem such a silly answer but I remember in high school that it brought a whole community together.


I think it would probably be the quarter system. It makes it harder for transfer students to get use to the school. Plus it cost more in the way of books, as we need to buy books for three quarters instead of two semesters. It is also a touch more stressfull, as we have three mid-terms and three finals, instead of two.


The worst thing about my school is that the transportation between the two campuses is a hassle. Next quarter I have a two classes that are one after the other but at different campuses. That leaves me thirty minutes to take public transportation, which is not always on time.


The sense of community is a bit lacking. After Freshman year, on campus housing for students becomes minimal and extremely expensive. Most students opt to move into an apartment, the farther away from campus you go, the cheaper the apartments are. The result is that students end up moving all over Chicago and DePaul becomes a sort of commuter school. If friends aren't made Freshman year, it can be hard to break into already formed cliques.


The worst thing about my school is that they dont have enough housing so after your first year you are put in lottery. And the housing around campus is very expensive.


Because it is in the city it is harder to connect with people and meet people. The best opportunity to connect with the community is during your freshman year in on-campus housing. Once you move off-campus, it's harder to break into different social scenes.




Not much green space- if you are looking for the typical house party, state school experience, you probably won't like DePaul but if you give it time I know everyone would love it here. Chicago is the greatest city.


school spirit- we don't have a football team=zero school spirit


Lack of classes. Too many times the registation process takes too long and is assigned by year, but after accounting for special ed studentds and athletes who have first pick, and then you are left scrambling to find another class. Also the lack of advisors and the fact that they change frequently, but do not let students know.




The worst thing about this school is the price. Most of the students tend to have to take out alot of student loans just to cover tuition.




I don't like that they don't really offer up a list of broad choices in the extracurricular activity arena, especially for new students.


Not for those who want to be academically challenged at all times.


The lack of diversity and a common superficial mindset.




I don't think there is really anything too bad about my school .


The only bad thing about the school is the two capmuses (Linkin Park and Loop) aren't close to each other. It's about a 15-20 minute train ride depending upon what time so it can be diffifcult to schedule classes if you have to go to both campuses per day.


The variety of healthy foods that are available and the overall prices of the food on campus. The prices are so high, its ridiculous.


The worst thing about DePaul for me are the students that do not want to learn. I am all for having a great time, but I am paying for college to learn not to party. I can party but when I'm in school I have a desire to learn.


Not enough housing for students so that we can meet more people.


I think the worst thing that I would say about DePaul is the commute and parking facilities. Since I do not live on campus this year, the drive down there is hectic and since most times I am at a time crunch finding available parking is always difficult!


Group think.


The lack of student housing is probably the worst thing about it. You have to find an apartment within the city and usually they charge more because they are scarce.


It is an expensive school and the school is lacking in financial aid assisstance