DePaul University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


My overall view of DePaul is that it is a excellent University that really promote students to involve themselves in the school. DePaul is very divers and I absolutely love that, It is also a large University but small enough to get to know your teachers and have that one on one time. The school really focuses themselves on their students.


While the student body seems to be fairly diverse, there are still many individuals who seem to be out of place in the middle of Chicago - as they have grown up sheltered within the suburbs. You should be aware that a majority of students live off campus unless they are freshmen or possibly transfers. I feel it is difficult to feel a positive connection to this university.


I honestly could not have been happier anywhere else. DePaul is the best of both worlds with having the small college campus feel in Lincoln Park, to having the big city feel of the Loop campus which is right in the heart of the financial district of Chicago. With my major being Communications, there are endless opportunities for me to gain real life experience in this field through classes and internships. In a city like Chicago, everything one could ever possibly need and want is in the city. Although DePaul's undergraduate student population is 25,000, I still am able to walk down the street and say greet familiar faces. From the extra-curricular activities to extra-credit opportunities, this school has opened many doors for future success.


DePaul is a wonderful institution and offer plenty of options for students who have little to no idea of what they want to do. Their professors are either hit or miss but overall, they are much better than my previous professors at Purdue University. When it comes location, DePaul's campus can't be beat. It has easy access to any major form of public transportation and set int the prestigious Lincoln Park neighborhood. Transfers students will enjoy the warm administrative staff who make the process much easier.


The Best thing about this is the location! I would definitely lower the tuition! I feel like it is just right. This school has a respectable name for everyone around Mid West. Gym, my dorm, library, bars. Big town!! Unorganized, but somehow helpful The best experience what u can have is to find lot of good friends on campus and just spending everyday life with them, you can seriously meet people from all around the nation and the world.


One of the best things about DePaul is that it's in Chicago. Unlike Loyola, our main campus is actually pretty close to the Loop, and we have a campus that is right in the heart of the Loop. There's always something to do in the city and it never gets boring, unlike some state schools located in a small college town with limited options for recreation. And while the student body is enormous, the majority of students live off-campus, so it feels like the school isn't too big. People always ask me how I like going to DePaul and I always respond, "I love it." How many sophomores in college get to live in an apartment in one of the biggest cities in the world? There's always so many places to discover and the possibilities for entertainment are endless.


The best thing about this school is its location in the beautiful city of Chicago. It is where everything happens from finding great internships to getting a start at a major corporation. This city is what a business major is all about. This school is not too big or small. People respect the DePaul name. Students here usually complain about the high cost of books. I would always remember my fist ‘A.’ I love having classes downtown, online, and in Oak Forest.


The best thing about this school is its location in the beautiful city of Chicago. It is where everything happens from finding great internships to getting a start at a major corporation. This city is what a business major is all about. This school is not too big or small. People respect the DePaul name. Students here usually complain about the high cost of books. I would always remember my fist ‘A.’ I love going to classes downtown.




My overall opinion of this school is that I cannot see myself going to any other University! I would say that the best part about DePaul is that it is located in Chicago. The Quad and the rest of the campus feel like a 'college town', but you are also getting a piece of the 'real world.' Every student receives a U-Pass, which allows unlimited rides on the El and bus. DePaul University is just the right size! Class sizes are about 30 students per class - this way, teachers can get to know you and help you personally. Also, while walking around campus, you see different people every day, so the chances of meeting new people are continual! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DEPAUL!


I seriously could not be happier. I was very worried, but people here are happy to help and will work with you to help you get where you want to be. This is a huge school that feels smaller. Tons of people and resources are available to students, but you never feel like another number in a database. Additionally, the fact that Chicago is your playground is so wonderful. You can explore the farthest reaches of the city, or stay right on campus: there's always something to do!


So far, I have loved my experience at DePaul. I think overall, my favorite thing about this school is how diverse it is and how effectively it caters to its student body. Whatever you're interested in, DePaul has an excellent student group, club, organization, or intramural centered around it. There are so many different kinds of kids here, you'll always find people with your interests. If I could change anything about DePaul, I would change the first year requirements. The math courses and the writing courses are very easy, and I was hoping for a bit more of a challenge from them. However, I did find the other courses that were required of me a lot more interesting and stimulating. The Chicago Quarter classes are incredibly fascinating, and the Focal Point seminars are so diverse, you can find a class you'd be interested in without a problem. DePaul seems small, but it really is a pretty large school. With currently 25,000 students in attendance, that makes it one of the largest Catholic Universities in the country! Although the campuses seem small, they're set in the middle of Chicago, so there's never a dull moment when you're on campus, whether it be in the Loop or Lincoln Park. DePaul doesn't have that kind of typical "college" experience one might expect. It's more grounded in the city, there are things to do, places to visit, and sights to see. It's urban, it's the real world. That's the best part about DePaul, it's the college experience, but its it's own kind of college experience.


DePaul is awesome. Great academics, great support by faculty and staff, great student population, great city to be in!


I love DePaul! It is big enough that I never get bored, but I also never feel like I am one student in thousands. There is so much spirit and I am not a sports person, but the basketball games are so much fun to go to. Whenever I tell people from the Midwest that I go to DePaul they are very impressed. I am from the East and most people where I'm from have never heard of DePaul which is really too bad. I love the location and the school reallly pushes you to explore Chicago. Also the Dean of students is incredibly nice and really a great allie for students


DePaul is a large university, but it does not feel that way at all! I walk around campus and see at least two faces I recognize. It is so easy to get involved and meet new people.As a commuter, I was worried about not making a lot of friends, but now through my involvement in extracurricular I do not have to worry about that anymore. Even if you are not the type to get involved, the class sizes are small enough that you interact with your classmates on a personal level. All students have a common core of classes that need to be fulfilled so you are bound to be sitting next to someone who could be the complete opposite of you. And chances are high that you'll have another class with them. Chicago is DePaul's college town. There are places that are the usual spots for students all over Lincoln Park and the loop. The quarter system is rather unusual, but if you do not like the class your taking just know it will be over in 10 weeks!


The best thing about this school is its location in the beautiful city of Chicago. It is where everything happens from finding great internships to getting a start in a major corporation. This city is what business major is all about. This school is not too big or small. People respect the DePaul name. Students here usually complain about the high cost of books. I would always remember my fist ‘A.’ I love going to classes downtown.


It's a great school to go to. There are certain aspects about DePaul that can be pretty frustrating, but for the most part I wouldn't go to any other school. One of my favorite parts about the school in terms of academics, is that you are required to take two religion courses. The religion courses offered are very diverse. Regardless what religion you practice, if one at all, it is important to understand what is affecting our world. I didn't understand how important this is until I came to DePaul.


I can break down the best part about DePaul into one word...CHICAGO! At DePaul, the city literally is your campus. Chicago is one of the most diverse and culturally rich cities in American, and this rich culture can't help but bleed into the classroom. And DePaul encourages students to get to know and get involved in the city they are living in. Each incoming Freshman is required to take one course on discovering some specific aspect of Chicago, whether this is the fantastic music scene, the growing theater culture, or even architecture. Being based in the city allows the learning experience to be taken out of the classroom and into real situations. There is nothing more you could ask for than to learn about a skill or a subject, and then have the capabilities to go out and get an internship or a job in that field immediately. Being an Undergraduate in both the College of Communications and the College of Computing and Digital Media, I am constantly being made aware of new internship possibilities and new projects being worked on in Chicago by faculty, staff, and other students. The opportunity for hands on experience is incredible and something that I personally feel is particular to the unique environment DePaul has created. If there is one guarantee I feel confident in making, it is that in Chicago, you will never be bored.


My school is very cool. I enjoy the fact that all of my classes are located downtown in Chicago and that it is very easy to get to. I dont like how I have to go up town to handle business such as housing needs, but other than that the classes are great and the professors are very smart and nice.


I really enjoy going to DePaul. It is integrated into the neighborhood of Lincoln Park, like a city school, but still offers a modest campus, quad and all. However, there isn't much in the way of college pride unless you look for it, and I chalk this up to the lack of a football team. Personally, this is something I prefer, since I would not enjoy the rowdy behavior and socially forced presence at sporting events found at more pride-filled schools. I also would like to note the safety I feel on campus and in the surrounding area. I am gay, and have found more acceptance here than I have anywhere else. This is something I am particularly grateful for. There are student organizations dedicated to LGBT students and all different kinds of events to attend. I personally did not make use of these resources, but I still felt accepted. While this speaks mostly to my experience as a gay student, it should also be taken on a broader scale. DePaul is a place where anyone can feel comfortable being whoever they happen to be.


This is going to sound cliche, but your time at DePaul is what you make of it. The campus is small, but the student body is large and diverse. The school does not spoon-feed you opportunities to get out there and have fun. It's in a very busy part of Chicago, and it is up to you to get out there and find cool things that interest you (which there will be an abundance of, I guarantee it). Not that this is a negative. In fact, it can make you much more keenly aware of yourself, and forces you to push your own boundaries. If you don't take the time to explore what the city has to offer, you won't have as much fun as you can. The school is not its own isolated community like larger state schools. It is simply a small chunk of a much larger community. If you're looking for a school with a big campus, frat houses and closed off from everything else (a "college town") DePaul is not right for you. But if you want a school that will challenge you to try new things, meet new people outside of the university setting and experience Chicago, then it's a great choice.


When thinking about a night out at a university, what would it envolve? Drinking? A house party? Sitting in someone's flat playing Scrabble? Often times a school's location is limiting. Students struggle to find fun or legal activities to take part in on weekends. Though there is nothing wrong with spending a weekend playing Scrabble with friends, why be limited in your choice of activity? DePaul University is snuggled in the cozy neighborhood of Lincoln Park. This is on the north side of Chicago, and has access to the city center as well as off of its ethnic and exciting neighborhoods. Now I know its often the case that when a review or travel article says 'with access to' that it means, 'you can get there but it will take ages and all of your energy for the day, assuming you find the right public transport in the first place'. Take it from me, a third year student who has grown up in Chicago, access to the city is simple. Actually, it requires NO effort what-so-ever. When you are at DePaul, either the Lincoln Park or the Loop campus, you are IN Chicago. Now don't get me wrong, Chicago is a huge city boasting a population of 2,695,598 in its 234 mile area. But being in any part of it means you have easy access to any of it. Its as simple as using your u-pass -a university public transport card, good for an unlimited amount of rides during the school year. To get to the 'loop' you simple hop on the 'L' or elevated train or one of the city busses. Its a twenty minute ride to the city center which includes shopping, fancy restaurants, and best of all several free activities. Chicago hosts several free activities throughout the city, this includes free concerts, dance lessons, group meet ups, a beach as well as a few cheaper events like ice skating in the winter. That is just what the city does for its citizens, there are a plethora of other activities that private businesses put on each week to draw new customers. Some of these will be concerts or discounts to cool events like movies, bowling, shopping, lazer-tagging and anything else you feel like looking for! Needless to say, DePaul's best asset outside of its academics is its wide variety of activities and the access to them. You never have to be worried about getting stuck with only two options of something to do on any given night. With all of Chicago's theater, music scene, neighborhoods, and free events to check out, you will never be bored, or best yet, broke.


Located in one of Chicago's oldest and most prosperous neighborhoods, DePaul is an annually evolving university. "In ten years I may not even be able to recognize this place," I think to myself any time I walk around campus. I'm not clairvoyant, but it's true given the multitude of changes the school has undergone since my freshman year in 2008. Be it the cafeteria make-over that improved not only setting but also food quality, the addition of a promptly built academic building, or the installment of a contemporary art gallery, DePaul upholds its reputation as an expanding urban learning environment. Because of its location in a trendy neighborhood and its proximity to Lake Michigan, DePaul never runs dry of entertainment. Whether it's playing catch in the quad during Autumn, cozying-up in one of the seemingly endless on-campus cafes during the brutal Chicago winters, or trips to the beach in Spring, there is always something to do and fun to be had. The Fullerton Red-Line train stop is right on campus and serves as an urban explorer's gateway to other parts of the city. So if you're ever in Lincoln Park and find yourself bored, well, then that's on you.


DePaul is a very open-minded environment in which to study. Since it is located in one of the greatest cities in the country, professors often encourage students to use Chicago as a classroom. Like most things, you will get out of DePaul whatever you choose to put into it. As one of the biggest Catholic universities in the U.S., the school offers a well-rounded education with most all of the professors experts and researchers in their field.


The best thing about DePaul is the number of opportunities that it provides for its students, especially being in the city. The school is just right in size. I spend most of my time on campus either working or at the student center. It is not a college town, but it offers much more than a regular college town would. The city is your campus.


When entering a job interview, one of the first statements an employer will ask is, "Tell me about yourself." I always start my answer by saying I attend DePaul. This is a personal source of pride that I feel resides within each DePaul student. The curriculum is challenging and the quarter system requires an immense amount of effort and focus. The rewards, though, are priceless. You can make connections here, both through the professors and your peers, that can help you make important strides in your career. Academics aside, the pride that is apparent at our sports games and other school-wide events is electrifying. While we may not be one of the largest universities or an Ivy League institution, I can testify that a smaller student population is key to a successful university.


DePaul University is a great school that offers amazing opportunities; however, like any other school, I find those opportunities harder to find being a commuter. DePaul has very limited space in the dorms (you aren't even guaranteed housing your first year) which makes it very hard to make connections with people that might have otherwise helped you pave your future.


Our classroom is Chicago! The DePaul curriculum encourages its students to get out and explore the magnificent city that we live in. Freshmen are required to take either a "Discover Chicago" or an "Explore Chicago" class to help them get acclimated to city life. The first few weeks at DePaul are the most exciting because new students learn how to navigate throughout Chicago using public transportation and discover all sorts of attractions and cool places the city has to offer.


What I love about DePaul is that it is in the city but DePaul itself still has a small campus feel to it. It's in a great neighborhood in Chicago with tons of nightlife including bars, restaurants, theaters, and other things to do. With the average class size only being about 20-25 students, it really gives each class a unique and intimate feel. I can tell that my professor's really care about me and make it a point to get to know me and my peers. I also really love that DePaul has two campuses and that students can take classes in both. I love both the feel of the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses. One thing I would change about DePaul is the price. It's a private university so it's extremely expensive. One thing though that is great is that DePaul does offer a lot of scholarships because it is a private university. My favorite part about DePaul so far has been my first week a freshman. All students are required to take a class about Chicago and you learn the ins and outs of the city. Each class specializes in a topic and my class was about ethnic bakeries. I got to travel with a professor and about 20 other students around Chicago learning how to use public transportation and how to get around the city. I met a lot of great friends during that time and really got learn everything about the campus.


No college town, no dorm rooms (at least not usually after freshman year), no football tailgates. DePaul students live and learn in one of America's biggest cities. It's not that the opportunities for keggers and sporting sweatpants emblazoned with the school mascot are not available (they are), its just that they have a lot more to compete with....aka Chicago. DePaul really makes it possible to be a "collegy" as you like. They have countless student organizations you can be involved with, a beautiful (and surprisingly quiet) grassy green quad, and various options for student housing. Or you can move into an apartment, find friends who have 9-5 jobs or attend another Chicago university, and just show up for classes. You choose.


DePaul is situated in Lincoln Park on the near Northside of Chicago, which gives student easy access to any part of our cultural city. As I mentioned before, the student body and faculty represent many world cultures and there is a diversity of opinion that is very tolerated and accepted. In my years at DePaul, I've seen many conflicts of opinion handled with grace and respect by both the students and administration. Though DePaul is the largest Catholic University in the nation, diversity of opinion and background is of the utmost importance and the administration takes free speech very seriously. Recent clashes between Students for Justice in Palestine and conservative student groups on campus have led to important and necessary conversations about how we handle human rights and free speech on campus, allowing everyone to be heard while fostering tolerance and respect every bit of the way. DePaul is teaching us to be educated and aware global citizens, which is absolutely crucial in today's world.


DePaul is an exceptional institution. I came from southern california where no one really know about DePaul and found that in Chicago the university has a great reputation. Employers all around the city especially seek out DePaul students for internships and co-op opportunities. DePaul also integrates its self fully into the city through service and bringing in faculty from top companies. DePaul is the largest catholic university in the nation with 25,000 students but it is really the perfect size! It feels and operates like a small university with classes all below 40 students but has the wide course and major offerings of a big university. I have yet to have a professor I haven't liked at DePaul and the courses have all been extremely interesting and well executed.


DePaul is a vibrant urban university with 2 main campuses, the Loop with 5 academic buildings, plus the Merle Reskin Theatre and a multiple school dorm. The Lincoln Park Campus is on 36 acres in what many consider to be the most desirable area to live in Chicago. This campus has 11 residence halls and 12 if you count the affiliated 1237 West student apartments. This campus has a quadrangle, also.


Taking everything into consideration, DePaul is unique to many other universities in that you are opened up to a whole new world of opportunities because you are able to apply the knowledge and skills in the classroom to real-life situations regardless of your desired career path. This is accomplished by our dynamic career center that bends over backwards for students' needs, and the alumni sharing knowledge (ASK) program helps provide students with the latest industry trends and job-seeking advice. One thing I'd like to see changed is the level of selectivity for undergrads. The administration likes to pride itself in its strength in numbers as being "one of the nation's 10 largest private universities for service-learning" and setting enrollment records. Who cares? I'd rather see more selective criteria, higher standards, and lower enrollment than an "open-door" attitude to admission. In terms of being a college town, you couldn't ask for a better location. Wrigleyville is only 2 stops away and parties are going on somewhere every weekend. However, I have found that most students are successful at balancing their time effectively and can juggle working, playing, and studying. The big picture is that DePaul students can be singled out by their ability to portray an open mind in any environment, critically analyze and problem solve across a variety of disciplines, and are never afraid to try new things.


Going to DePaul isn't much different than going to work, and that goes double at the Loop campus (where the buildings don't even look college-like). If you want to get a taste of what it's like to be in the daily grind of the corporate world, go to DePaul. If you want to actually *enjoy* college, drive to the nearest cornfield, and look for a college in the middle of it. Overall, I hate to say it, but DePaul is bland and uninspiring, kind of like a courtesy hug you'd get at the end of a not-so-great date.


DePaul's a different kind of college experience than what you might expect when thinking about the "typical" university with grass and quads, etc. But if you're okay with not getting that stereotypical collegiate environment and you're willing to accept something a little different, than you'll love DePaul. First off, we're in the city... our two main campuses (Lincoln Park and the Loop) are both urban and neither have any college town feel. Lincoln Park is more of a campus and is home to the vast majority of student life, student organizations, dormitories and our tiny patch of grass we refer to as a quad. This is a fun neighborhood with a lot of up-scale boutiques, coffee shops, bars, restuarants, theatres, comedy clubs and more. The loop lacks any resemblence to a campus whatsoever and is in the heart of downtown Chicago's business district with the main building (the DePaul Center) on State St. DePaul often flounts the phrase: "Chicago is our Campus" ...which is actually pretty true to life. Student go into the city on the weekends (or weeknights) for all the aforementioned entertainment options. The city is at our disposal and DePaul does a top-notch job at taking advantage of it... not just for goin' out and gettin' drunk either... DePaul's professors use the city for excursion based courses, internships and more. The only problem with all the city livin' is that it deprives the campus of active student organizations. Why would you go to a Theatre School performance when you could catch a world class performance at the Steppenwolf or Goodman Theatre. Why go to a DePaul softball game when you can walk a few blocks to Wrigley Field and see the Cubs? Because the city has so much to offer (and also because DePaul has a lot of commuters) student life & student orgs are not as lively as at your typical college.


DePaul has a really great student center and quad in the lincoln park campus. The library is open until 2 am during finals. The downtown loop campus is way cool, and in a perfect spot. I think the school size is great--my biggest class has only been 30 students large. Usually the classes are 20 or less. The area surrounding lincoln park campus is great for food, bars, and things to do. It's expensive though, so if you have no income you are kind of limited to student center food. The administration has some shitty tendencies, but what school doesn't? People's reaction to my attendance at DePaul has always been a good one, I've never gotten any negative reactions. It really is a great school.


DePaul has an amazing fitness center. I like the campus and how it's set up - the size is perfect. DePaul is also great for having healthy options on campus as a part of students' meal plans. Many other universities barely have at least one healthy choice - but at DePaul there are many variations of "healthy food" so it isn't hard to stay healthy at all while being away at college. When I tell people I go to DePaul for business they are proud and impressed. I spend most of my time either in my dorm or at the gym. The one thing that I don't like is not something the school can really change - it's my lack of friends. It's hard for me to find people I really like and want to spend time with at DePaul.


The best thing about DePaul is the area in which it is located. Lincoln Park is the perfect place for the school to fulfull its mission. Also, the way the school is run leaves many opportunities open for students to express themselves. I feel very free and empowered because of this


DePaul has a large student body but it feels like a small college. In every class I have taken the professor has known my name and helped me when I asked for it. Both main campuses are very compact and in the winter when it get ridiculously cold this is good! During the fall and spring when the weather is nice students tend to get out more and explore Chicago and all the fun things that are available but in the winter students tend to stay on campus. Lincoln Park is definitely not a college town. Also, there is virtually no school spirit. We don't even have a football team. Besides that it is a great school. The way the schedule is set up is nice, from having three day a week and two day a week classes or night classes. The six week break in the winter is a little awkward but it is a good time to get an easy class out of the way or work.


It is hard to choose one thing about DePaul that stands out as the best. For me, DePaul's whole atmosphere is its best asset. I love the friendly students, small classes and attentive professors. If there were one thing I would change about DePaul, it would be making the winter break shorter so that our last quarter would end in May like most other colleges. DePaul is the perfect size for me, not too big, not too small. I always see familiar faces and I am always meeting new people as well. When I tell people that I go to DePaul, the most common reaction I receive is "Oh, so you must be really smart." I spend most of my time on campus hanging out in the SAC Pit or at the gym. I love the Bean Cafe! I have no regrets about not attending a college in a "college town." Chicago has so much more to offer than many other cities in the United States and never becomes boring. I would say that most people have a definite school pride. Though not everyone goes to all the sporting events and wears only DePaul colors, many students are proud of their school. The most unusual thing about DePaul for me, comes about because it defies stereotypes. DePaul is so welcoming and accepting of all religions, races, and views. Though DePaul is a Catholic school, it isolates no one, choosing instead to embrace its students' very diverse backgrounds to allow students to learn from those who are different.


I really love DePaul for the most part. It's just the right size for me; big enough to meet a lot of new people, but small enough to feel at home. When people find out that I go to DePaul, they are usually impressed or go "Wow, that's a good school!" I would like to see more financial aid and campus jobs available to EVERYONE. Being in Chicago is great because it's not a college town. There is so much to do, you never get bored. DePaul advising services SUCK and the administration tries to screw you out of a lot of money. The food on campus is SOOOO expensive and they have little to no vegetarian/vegan options.


I hate my life at DePaul, and know 4 others that would say exactly the same thing. In addition, a number of others are absolutely amazed at the fact that this was ever put on the "happiest students" list at This place is ridiculous; there are no facilities, a majority of the kids are absolute idiots, everyone's white or whitewashed (no offense; just to shed some light on the whole "diversity" bullshit campaign they keep touting), the campus is disgusting and only some 3 blocks large (but still no one can tell you where anything is), and all the alumni can only get you into crap like retail banking. DePaul administration, in respect to the staff and information desks, are absolutely useless most of the time - considering there's only some 5-10 buildings as part of the campus outside of dorms, it's just ridiculous that they can't tell you where Anything is. The faculty, as a majority, really sucks - but considering the fact taht I've heard the same from better schools, I could say relatively it's not bad... I've had 1 great teacher out of 8 classes, and 2 others that were good.. the remaining 5 either Really sucked or just sucked pretty bad.


The best thing about DePaul is Chicago- by far! You have so many things you get to do- clubs, nightlife, resturants downtown which is only three miles away from the cmapus but then you can also do the whole Lincoln Park nightlife scene too if you choose. I honestly would not change on thing about DePaul. I loveit here! Even though we are the biggest Catholic School in the country you do not feel like you are at a Catholic school while you are on campus. When I tell people I go to DePaul if I am not in Chicago , at first a lot of people think I said DePauw in Indiana and im like nooo DePaul, but generally I get a wow thats so cool to be going to school in Chicago, or thats a good school! I spend most of my time in the gym , because I am a workout freak and I also work at our schools fitness center . DePaul is located in a college town called Lincoln Park where it seems just like a regular college town but then you have downtown Chicago 3 miles away which is very cool and one the best parts about coming here! The basketball team here is life! Everyone goes to the basketball games the girls team does really well too, but outside of basketball the sports are not really a big deal.


It's in chicago


The best thing about DePaul: the loop campus I'd change: the vending machines (mostly only take correct change) Is your school: just right, the separate locations help divide giving the illusion of a smaller college People's reaction to I go to DePaul: "Ooohh, you go to DePaul, I have a friend there. Do you know____?" Where do I spend most of my time: In my studio apt on Diversey. I am a hermit. College Town?: yes and no. there is an eclectic mix of both college students and families. DePaul's administration?: I couldn't say, I got accepted so, no hard feelings. Biggest controversy on campus?: ..... everything is a controversy, now media coverage, that's a different story School Pride: I'd say yes. I see many students with DePaul gear. Anything unusual about DePaul: um...nothing too unusual. One experience I will remember: what hard time I had finding the elevators that took me up to the 9th floor ( I was a transfer student, did not know that Barnes and Nobel lead you inside the building.) Frequent student complaints: group projects!


Our student body runs the gamut where wealth is concerned. Traditionally, DePaul is a first generation school meaning many of our students are the first people in their families to go to college and sometimes to even graduate high school. Rather makes sense, then, that some of our students don't have wallets bulging. On the other hand, we do have quite a few Lincoln Park Trixies. "Trixies?" you ask. Picture a thin bleach blonde wearing high heels $200 jeans and giant sunglasses...on her way to class with a Starbucks in hand. That, my friend, is a Trixie. That isn't to say that Trixies are bad or even always living off of Daddy's credit car. I have student loans and financial aid but I still rock the giant sunglasses. They just hide a multitude of sins, you know? Believe it or not, Chicago is definitely a college town. We're just a few miles from Northwestern, Columbia College, Loyola, The Art Institute, Robert Morris, UIC, U of C, etc etc and people in the city love to hand out a college student discounts. And I am always willing to accept. DePaul also does a great job of getting its students involved in the city from day one. All students are required to take what is known as a Chicago Quarter course in one of two ways: Discover Chicago or Explore Chicago. Discover, in my humble opinion, is by far the most rewarding experience of the two. Students move in to their residence halls (if they are living in them, it's not required or available for all freshmen) a week early and spend the next five days in an immersion course based on some element of the city. Titles I can think of include The Chicago Cubs, Theater in Chicago, Chicago Jazz, and my personal favorite (because I took it and it changed my life), the Diverse Faces of AIDS. I know it sounds depressing, but believe me it's phenomenal and it lead me to become an AIDS activist in a way. The course acclimates you to the city by taking you all over - always via your own two feet and public transportation - and in the meantime you get to know your fellow terrified freshmen. Piece of advice: strangers our age always bond over classic Nickelodeon. Explore is the same concept only it doesn't start until school officially does and you don't get the same intensive opportunities to travel or get to know one another. If you're coming to DePaul and you're already familiar with the city and how to get around it, Explore could be the best option for you. If you're coming and know not a single soul nor the difference between the Green line and the #8 Bus North (my favorite bus by far), then Discover is definitely the place for you to be. We're not very into our sport spirit, though Lord knows we're trying. As a rule of thumb, the girls do better. Our Theater and Music Schools (both conservatory programs) are amazing. Our administration is great for the most part but I do have one qualm. Perhaps its the aforementioned AIDS activist in me, but I have a problem with the fact that the administration does not allow for the distribution of condoms on campus because it does not align with our Catholic values. Loyola is Catholic and historically more conservative as a campus than we are...they hand out condoms. This does lead me to an important point that needs to be made about DePaul: yes, we're associated with the Catholic Church. Yes, you'll have to take at least one religion class no matter what your major or home college. No, you don't have to be Catholic. The second highest religious population at DePaul is Muslim - not something you'd expect from a Catholic school, right? We're open to all beliefs or non-beliefs for that matter. As long as you respect others and can articulate yourself well, more power to you, your religion, or lack of it. I'm only genetically Catholic and I've done quite well here. My religion courses didn't even discuss Catholicism. One was about how Judaism came to be what we know today, the other about women's roles in five of the world's religions. The thing that surprises people the most about DePaul is how big we actually are. We're the largest Catholic university in the nation (take that Notre Dame) and the ninth largest private university in the nation. We have two urban and four suburban campuses (the suburbs are mostly for graduate and non-traditional students, I've never even seen them) but a student to teacher ratio of 16:1. Quite honestly I recognize almost everyone in my major classes if I don't already know them by name and our general education classes have almost as many familiar faces. It's a big school by numbers but the community is small. I love it.


The best thing about DePaul is the atmosphere of being in the city. I would want DePaul to have a more closeknit community. The school is a little bit too large with having the loop and lincoln park campuses separated. People usually know about DePaul and are really positive about me going to a well known University.


trimesters are not as cool as they seem.


The best thing about DePaul is the city, definetly. Chicago is a college town, theres alot to do. It's definetly a bar school, and that sucks if you don't have a fak ID.