DePaul University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person that has a busy schedule, whether it is family or work, and still want to go to school. This would be a great school for them to go to. The people/ work with you to get you on the right track whether it is for undergraduate or graduate.


I got my undergraduate degree from Middlebury College in Vermont though I'm now at DePaul. Middlebury is a wonderful school full of unique, ambitious, and outgoing individuals who strive to convert their education into something more meaningful than a 9-5 job that pays the bills. Specifically, the school is focused on the impact that society has on the environment, and has one of the most driven environmental studies departments that I have come across. Students looking for a small liberal arts school with a unique student body and some of the most caring professors should truly explore Middlebury.


Anyone who wants to receive valuable knowledge while being surrounded with bright, helpful people of all ages, including students, professors and staff.


I believe someone who is not afraid to be out of their comfort zone should attend this school. There is so many clubs and activities that DePaul has to offer that many people do not take advantage of because they do not have people to do it with them, or they are not as open minded as they thought. You have to be spirited and understand learning new things are what foster more versatile people.


People who are serious about their work and looking to further their education. It's not a place to be taken lightly.


Someone who wants to be the best at everything they do and also someone who like to compete with other hard working students.


Someone who is willing to choose the hard right over the easy wrong.


DePaul is an extremely friendly university, but the prospective student should be ready to live in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world. Fortunately, the campus in Lincoln Park feels more like a small neighborhood rather than a large city. An extra bonus is included with tuition: the CTA pass. It lets you take all forms of CTA transportation. There is also a mandatory class for all Freshman that teaches you how to use public transportation.


Same as above!


The person who would get the most out of studying at DePaul University actively seeks to broaden his or hers horizon, networking, attending job and internship fairs and attain real life experience before even graduating. Ideally you seek to study abroad as a part of this experience at one of the many great international locations that DePaul University offers.


You should attend Depaul University if you have interest in the social sciences or humanities. You also need to be able to actively participate in class discussion or outside of class with your professor. The instructors here like to use the socratic method, so speaking your opinion is essential to success with that in mind. Though not the typical college setting, Depaul is located in the city of chicago, and this offers a better environment to learn. With so much culture at our disposal, we students can apply what we learn to real life before we graduate.


Students who enjoy a good challenge while still having an excellent time in the environment they are surrounded in. DePual offers excellent classes in a usually small classroom situation, so definite emphasis is placed on students individualy within the classrooms. Also someone who wants to diversify their life, even if they are already pretty culturally well rounded, would surel benefit from attending this institution.


Since DePaul University is a very diverse institution, any person who is willing to take on a challenge to learn and work towards a higher goal for their life should attend this school. Racial and ethinic demographics are not a barrier at DePaul, in fact, they are what makes the school such a great place to be. Without so much diversity, DePaul would not be more than just a few buildings in the city of Chicago.


DePaul is one of the most diverse universitys. Anyone can feel comfortable here at DePaul. There are so many different kinds of people and different groups, it's a very comfortable place where students feel welcome.


A person who is highly motivated to succeed, further their knowledge, and better him/herself as an individual. An individual who should attend DePaul University should expect a quality education with a plethora of resources to help guide them. A person who does not want to regret their college education should attend my school.


Only serious students need apply. The instructors aren't there to hold your hand, college is a choice and if you aren't serious about doing well, don't bother applying.


Anyone that is interested in a learning experience that not only has the structure of attending classes, but allows you to gain insight fron instructors, academic advisors, professional advisors, classmates and others in your related field of interest. It is not just a classroom setting where you can and do obtain your learning. There are students there (in the School for New Learning-SNL) from ages 24-74.


The kind of person who should attend DePaul should be someone who likes the city lifestyle. This person should also be aware of the quarter system and how fast the quarters go. The person should be driven and ready for academic challenges.


DePaul offers a variety of choices and paths for many different students to take. If you love the city life and enjoying the commute around the campus, DePaul is great for that. DePaul offers almost everything to fit every different type of person. There is the gaming lab, that offer up to date equipments for students to play games and release stress. There are many clubs available for all sort of things. If you enjoy the city life that includes skyscrappers, malls, and shopping centers, DePaul is the place to be.


Someone who can realte to the missions of the university. Urban, Vincentian (Service), Catholic


Any person should attend this school. We're on trimesters here which makes it easier to learn. If you like small classes, shorter terms, get the work done kind of experiences, DePaul is the place. The people here for the most part are great and friendly. Very liberal, the teachers views and all, but manageable. Great school, anyone should attend; and they do, which is why we are so diverse!


Someone who is interested in learning about the world.


DePaul is great for any individual that wants small class sizes and one on one attention from their teachers. Culture is very big at DePaul and you get a taste of everything. It is small but not too small. Everyone fits in and you get the great bonus of the city! Individuals who want to be pushed academically and recieve a diverse experience should consider DePaul University!


The kind of person who should attend this school should be someone who is dedicated to learning and being involved in the community surrounding the University.


Students at DePaul should be familiar or enjoy city life. They should be prepared to spend tons of money on things that usually do not cost as much elsewhere. They should also be accustomed to a "city person" mentality. People are usually not very friendly. Students should enjoy shopping and eating great food. In Lincoln Park there is plenty off places to got out and enjoy. Students should also enjoy a small class size.


Anyone who is outgoing, sharing and liberal would fit well here. We are one of the most diverse universites in the country so you have to be willing to work with people from many differnt cultural and ethnical backgrounds. You need to be open to new ideas and not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Since you are in the city you need to be aware of your surroundings and respectful of others who living in the surrounding neighborhoods.


Students that are more want to go into pre-law or business. Perhaps even art history. Other than that, communications majors should not apply here because there are not many options.


someone who likes a big city atmosphere and a nice campus where most everything is within walking distance.


DePaul University is located in both Lincoln Park and in Chicago. In order for the college experience to be the most positive, one should love the big city. One should have a love of the school as well; while the school spirit is not as "spirited" as it could be, it is possible for students to get involved and support the athletic teams. DAB (the activities board) makes it very easy for the numerous diverse cultures we have at DePaul to not only feel at home with their own ethnic groups, but to aslo branch out. and make new friends.


I can honestly say that I know students from every ethnic background that attend school here, and everyone seems to find a place to fit in where they are comfortable. It seems like there is something for everyone here. There is a great nightclub schene in Chicago, the local bars are well known, and being in an urban setting there are plenty of things to choose from in you're spare time. Academically I can only answer for the College of Commerce, but my experience was great for the most part.


Someone who is looking to have space to grow up in a safe enviornment but still wants a big city at their fingertips. A great place for students who are not interested in becoming the leaders of the next genearation, but rather wanting a decent education with an amazing campus in an amazing city, with nice professors, good social life, and great extras


DePaul attracts intelligent students who are willing to take on the diversity offered in Chicago and pursue and education that allows them to become agents of change in an unjust socio-economic world. While students run the gamut between business majors, theatre majors, and humanities majors, everyone seems to be able to find their own spot on campus.


The type of person who should attend DePaul University is someone who wants something that a typical university cannot offer. Seeing that DePaul is located in Chicago, it is quite a different experience than a typical state school. Because DePaul is one of the most diverse schools in the country, you should be open minded before coming here, because there are numerous different kinds of people.


A person who likes big city life and who is serious about getting a good education should attend this school.


Someone willing to work hard, but also someone who is independant. There is not a lot of focus on school spirits or sports, so the campus can seem cold, but the city of Chicago is the back drop, so it gets better.


every kind of person can go to this school there is so much in the city of chicago or lincon park for you to find something you really enjoy plus. a good group of friends


Anyone that wants to "change the world", to quote a professor of mine. DePaul is very service orientated. I would not go to DePaul if I did not want to make the world a better place


Someone who likes small classes, the city, and down to earth people.


People who like big cities, such as Chicago. Finding a job in a law firm, marketing firm, or consulting firm is not hard. You can work on-campus or off-campus, transportation is not a problem.


I think someone who prepares for college financially ahead of time and who wants a diverse learning environment. Anyone who wants to explore a city environment and the opportunities that come with it. There are a lot of jobs both on campus and off campus available. There are also a lot of free events put on by the city and school. It is just a cultural hub bub. You have access to main stream artists as well as local craftfairs. There really is everything and anything you could want. Just be prepared when it comes to financial aid!


Anyone who is willing to take on challenges and experience new things! Someone who is focused and able to balance their academic and social life


Bros and girl-bros that enjoy binge drinking and then talking about it during class.




DePaul has a great liberal arts and sciences program as well as educational school and business school. They also have a well known theater department . People with all different interests would like DePaul, especially if they like the environment of being in a city. Classes are small and you have the opportunity to interact with professors who actually know who you are as opposed to a lecture hall of two-hundred or so students. At the same time it is a good sized school with many different types of people with different backgrounds, beliefs and interests.


Someone who is focused and knows exactly what they want out of their 4 years of college.


A sheltered, privileged kid from a rural area. Depaul is the perfect place for a safe introduction into the big city.


This school is so diverse that anyone can attend my school. Since it's a city school, there is a wide range of students attending.


Someone who doesnt want the huge university and wants a smaller more maintained college. Someone who wants to experience a fun friendly college experience without all the nonsense.


I belive that this school would be right for any person that is interested in living in a major city and attending school at a very diverse university with many different majors to choose from


Anyone can and should.