DePaul University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I hadn't worried as much about "figuring out what I would do with my life". I was very concerned about declaring a major and taking the necessary steps toward my future career when I started my freshman year of college. However, my advisors, professors, and friends at Middlebury helped me realize that in placing such significant weight on my future, I was missing valuable opportunities that could lead me to the answer. Concequently, I wish that I had known that it's okay to enter college without a specific plan for the future.


What I wish I knew before coming to Depaul would be their downtown campus gym is a bit small.


I actually knew this, but it is something most people do not know. Go to their offices! The welcome center is great with majors and overall questions. The financial aid office is very helpful and they try to help their students a great deal. All offices help their studets a great deal. The only problem is that people do not try to contact these people, but they are extremely helpful.


The only thing I wish I had before coming to DePaul is a friend or a contact that I knew at the school, to hang out with during those first few awkward weeks.


I wish I had known how expensive city life is and how important it is to save.


I wish I had known more about the residence halls. Deciding on a dorm was one of the toughest decisions besides actually choosing DePaul as my university. I am not sure if I regret my choice in University Hall (the idea being that I would meet more freshman in that dorm.) Many people who are in the honors program dormed in Seton Hall, and it is very close to the Fullerton stop as well as the Dominicks. However, I am right across the quad from the library. So I am sure both choices have their good and bad qualities.


I had been told some valuable information. I would like to take the time now to pass some on...DON'T WASTE YOUR CTA PASS! Get using the CTA as soon as possible, and you will realize that you can go just about anywhere in Chicago with it! Learn how to use it in the first couple weeks, it's easy! Also, don't get behind in classes. 10 weeks goes super fast! If you chat with me, I can give you more helpful tips! :)


I cannot think of anything that I wish I knew before coming to DePaul. I guess the only thing would be that it is a bigger party school than most people think. Because it is located in the city, many students frequent the bars and clubs in the area, including those that are underage. DePaul also has strict drinking rules, so I hear the ambulance many times throughout the weekend coming to pick up incapacitated students. Besides that, though, DePaul met my expectations.


Before I came to school, I wish I would have known how to mix work and play. When I was in high school I rarely participated in anything that didn't involve school sports or schoolwork. I didn't have much free time, but the free time I did have was mostly spent at home with my family instead of having fun and getting involved with my classmates more. Although my focus had a wonderful turnout, I also regretted not having as much fun as I should have had during my senior year.


I wish I would have known to try to get on-campus housing my freshmen year. I made great friends in my off-campus building, but the students I knew that lived on-campus made a lot more lasting friendships. Also, I would have liked to know to get a meal plan my freshmen and possibly sophomore year because you do not always have time to cook your own meals and ordering food and spending your own money gets boring after a while. At least in the cafeteria, there was always different foods to eat every day.


Before coming to school I wish I knew more about my personal goals. DePaul offers many opportunities and things you want to experience that it’s easy to lose track of the goals you have made and make new goals. While new goals are great it is sometimes overwhelming. Each day DePaul offers you a new experience and a new opportunity but it’s important to remember why you are there and what you want to learn and for what reason. It’s important to stay in the moment but also plan for the future and experience all you can.


Before I came to DePaul I wish I would have decided to go to DePaul for all the right reasons, such as the strength of academics at this school. I wish I would have known that DePaul is very based on a mix education as well as capital. My decision on attending DePaul greatly would have changed if I would of known that DePaul is more concerned with money than a students desire to flourish their academic career.


Try to get more scholarship money to cover my tuition.


DePaul has over 200 organizations, truly catering to any interest a student could have. I participated in a range of extracurriculars in high school, but I didn't know how beneficial it is in college. I would have been more concerned with involvement had I known more about it.


I wish I had known that I wanted to go to a more academically challenging school and that I was going to change my major 3 times. I wish I had known that fthe best thing I could do for myself as an actor was to study everything but acting.


In high school I took AP classes, and that really helped me adjust to the college life. It wasn't a perfect transition though. I wish I would've known that time management was going to play a big role in my college life. I also wish I knew that college was going to be more diverse than high school and that there would be students there who look down on you and try to make you feel inferior to them.


How to use Chicago's public transportation system.


I wish I had more money to be able to attend and pay the school fully. Consider it being a struggle for my family to pay my college tuition, I wish there was more for me to spend on school so I can be the first among my family with a degree. Even with all the financial aid exhausted, we still have a rough time paying for college. To have that extra cash all ready for school would relieve the stress from all of us and I can set a great example for my neices who look up to me.


What dorm life is really like.


Nothing I think a surprise is better because one learns what to expect and are more prepared for the future.


Nothing really, I researched the school and program well. I also attended their orientation program and had all my questions answered.




I wish I would have looked into the price of living a bit more. Living in the city is very expensice, so is tuition since DePaul is a private university. I wish I would have thought about the cost of everything in comparison to the money I would recieve.


That I wasn't going to get a dorm.


Once bachelor conferred, pell grants are not offered.


how much it truly cost to attend


how my long commute would take all my desire to live...




Nothing really, I'm glad that the things that surprised me did.


I wish I would have realized how incredibly expensive this university is. They offer very little financial aid. Their housing prices are ridiculous.


I wish I would have known more about the social outlets here.


That the programs that they offer are available need to better advertising of the different programs that are available.

That it was a commuter school. People go home on the weekends.


I wish I was more prepared to be able to make adult decisions that college students are faced with when living away from home, primarily those involving college aid and tuition expenses.


They do not offer a major in International Business.


One thing that made me question if Depaul was the right school for me was the lack of a concentration in film criticism. Although, there isn't this concentration I learned that there are a lot of classes that deal with topics in film all over the world and many aspects of it are dealt with. Also, I learned that the screenwriting program is very strong there, so I have been able to study both sides of film that interest me and have been getting an additional background in film techniques like editing and production.




How much more expensive things can be in the city such as groceries, gas, etc. I wish I had known how expensive it was going to be because financial aid probably won't begin to cover most peoples tuition bill!


The number of students in some of the classes is not a lot.


I wish that I would have known that the school costs so much more than the package deal is actually stated, and that they were much more well-known than I thougt.


I wish I had known ahead of time deadlines and suggested application dates for organizations, study abroad, etc, so that I could have got involved sooner in my college career.


I wish I had known how much of a struggle it would be to pay tuition each semester. Although I have had a job since I was 16 years old, I would have worked even harder before attending DePaul so that I could save money to help pay tuition.


How to use the "L" train system.


I was pretty well-informed.....but i wish they would have told me that you have to keep pushing administration because they are slow at times


I wish I had known that I would not learn as much. I have gotten a good education, but I have not become enlightened. I want to learn something new--eye opening, groundbreaking. I want to be taught by more well-renowened professors. I have had ONE who was well-renowned around the world for his successful law practice. He inspired me so much. Not because he is rich and successful, but he challenge me one LIFE ITSELF and made me think. He changed my life. Imagine if all professors were this. I stopped discovering in high school.


I wish I would have known how integrated it is into the city. DePaul's campus is not only the buildings it owns or the classrooms teachers use. DePaul's campus is the city of Chicago all the way from the subways to the downtown, professional atmosphere.


Honestly, they do a very great job of informing everyone of everything. Though I wish they had enough dorms for all students.


I wish knew what dorms were the friendly ones. I thought the newest dorm would be the best but it turned out to be cold and unwelcoming.


How cold it got in Chicago. That COM students spent a lot of time at the downtown campus.


housing would be ackward