DePaul University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love the professors at DePaul, there is not a single professor that I have met at this university that is not passionate about their subject and that is not well read on the course and they all seem to be fairly understanding and sympathetic to students, at least as much as they can be.


As I attended DePaul University as a freshman, the campus feels really welcomed to the community and the students as well. The school, itself, engages students to experience studying and express themselves in a well diverse city. The university's mission is to give back and help shape the communities in Chicago areas to upgrade the environment. Both locations are located in the loop and Lincoln Park campus. As a student, I really enjoyed studying and exploring in one of the best cities in USA. Coffee shops, ethnic restaurants, transportation, are convenient to visit and explore from the school.


I believe DePaul is great for its opportunities. No matter what it is you set your mind to, their is always someone their to help you figure out your plan. Many professors love talking to students so they are always a resource along with the career and academic advising centers. There are also many resources that DePaul provide to you on the internet so you are able to figure out your plan without stepping foot in an advising office because they are so innovative.


How focused the teachers are on the students and the small classes


The location in Chicago -- culturally-rich and engaging city.


What's unique about DePaul's campus is that it is right in Chicago! When you're in the quad, it feels like a typical college campus/town. However, the second you step off campus it is the real downtown Chicago feel! Having Chicago at your fingertips is one of the best parts of DePaul. It mixes college life with real world experiences all as you're getting your undergraduate degree!


DePaul University's campus in Lincoln Park is unique because of its location. We are near public transport that easily takes students into the loop or to river north or Michigan Ave for some shopping. Were also situated near the lake front and actually have a beach within walking distance. Everywhere you go there are new places to explore, new restaurants to try or free activities to take advantage of. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There is no place like Chicago, and anywhere that can give you a big city feeling while still being safe and humble, is fantastic. And DePaul does just that.


It's expensive, but you see where your money goes. The buildings are very up to date, the classes are small and you get more interaction with the proffessors. Also, the location of the school lets you live the city life to the max.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the the culture. The area it's located in is very diverse, with many things to explore and pique your interest. You'll enjoy the many activities and attractions. There will never be a dull moment. From sports events to the great restaurants, there will always be something fun and interesting to keep your attention.


The best thing about DePaul University is its location. Situated in the heart of downtown Chicago, DePaul University offers a fast pace learning environment with great internship opportunities and fosters innovation. Whether you are an international, transfer or simply a freshman student, DePaul University to start and finish your degree.


Depaul Univerisity is a great school filled with students from multiple backgrounds. There are multiple races represented on campus; White, Black, Asian, Chinese, Indian, European, Hispanic and Middle-Eastern. I've encountered many religious groups and there are clubs and organizations that support religous beliefs on campus. Depaul greatly promotes acceptance and interacting of all people with on campus civil rights clubs, Gay-Bi-Lesbian-Queer support groups and ommunity events are held for different groups of people. I admire Depaul's support of divesity among its students and develops communities to students grow and interact with others.


Depaul has some deeply dedicated professors. I have always had trouble staying caught up with the rest of the class since I was in elementary school, but it wasnt until I enrolled at Depaul that I was offered help in changing that. My professors have all been so kind and willing to work with me one on one to help me fully understand how I learn things and good methods of staying on track. They also are always willing to provide insight into the typical college student fears(failure, dropping classes, loans, etc).


Its in the city, and it has easy access to everything I need.


I like the small classroom sizes and the personal relationship between professors and students.


I consider the best thing about DePaul is the fact that it is located in the city of Chicago. I am so lucky to be able to have the city of Chicago as my college campus. Since Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States, I'm able to have so many opportunities to have real life experience. in the career field I want to one day be apart of.


The professors. They are all here to teach and share thier knowledge. They maybe doing research as well but that never seems to interrupt their teaching process. All that I have encountered and have heard about so far, are always willing to help you as long as you make an effort. The stereotype of professors not caring about what ypu doesn't exist here. All of them care about what they teach and who they teach.


I love the School for New Learning at DePaul University. It's flexible and specially made for people who work.


The best thing about my school is its location. As a student living in the city, there are endless resources available to me that allow me to supplement my learning in the classroom; as well there are plenty of opportunities such as internships, jobs, networking, classes outside of DePaul and places to socialize that create a positive college experience.


The best thing about DePaul University is the people who work there. Faculty and staff are constantly striving to make the school better. They are constantly improving the facilities, technology, and curriculum. They are always happy to help. While it may seem like just another cliche, all of the people at DePaul really do make it feel like a family.


The best thing about DePaul would be the location. Being in the heart of Chicago allows you so many more oppourtunities than attending a school in a smaller town. You can have an internship with a large company that is based in downtown Chicago while still attending classes and getting an education. DePaul does an excellent job of preparing you both in the classroom and in real life situations.


DePaul University offers a program that is specifically designed for working adults. Classes are offered in the evening and on weekends. The SNL program offers a high level of education for adults that have life experience and expertise in their fields. The instructors also have practical and theoretical experience.


The best thing about my school is how diverse its students are. There's always something going on around campus and allows opportunities to meet tons of people. Beyond that the diversity in classrooms with the mixture of undergraduate students with graduate students is also interesting in the class room setting.


Since it is in chicago, the students are very diverse- race, religion, sexual orientation, style, etc. There is always something to do in the city, it's hard to get bored. There are a lot of job opportunities in the city, for careers of for part-time jobs.


The social life is a great experience. Bars and fun events always occurring since it is located in Chicago. The small classes make learning more interactive and fun rather than a lecture hall. The teachers make an effort to learn and know your name, and learn about you. This makes for a more personal college experience which is awesome. I equate learning here to how my step dad gives directions somewhere. He adds in a whole nunch of minutia to get you somewhere but if you take that out, its more clear and precise and easier to get there!


I really appreciate DePaul's great location in the city of Chicago as well as the diversity amongst its students.


I consider DePaul's faculty to be the best thing about my school. Each professor provides personal attention to each student. The classroom environment is a personal one that allows students to connect to the professor and to the material.


DePaul would be nothing without its location in Lincoln Park. The area is safe, there are tons of bars and fun things to do including a short walk to the zoo, beach and train ride to downtown Chicago. The people here are friendly in a mid-western type way, but there are still the benefits of living in a big city.


Th e best thing about Depaul is how the college attempts to focus on career potentiality. Reputation to uphold.




The best thing about DePaul is its location. It has a split campus in Chicago, students have access to tons of school and city activities. The school gets discounts for students to see many shows downtown. They plan trips to the muesums around the Chicagoland area, and the city of Chicago hosts numerous free events at the parks along the lake of which many DePaul students simply have to walk too. For example, on election night my roommates and I went to Grant Park to see Barack Obama's exception speech all we had to do was walk three blocks.


DePaul?s best feature is the curriculum and undergrad general course requirements because it opens a chest filled with seemingly infinite new information developed to create well-rounded, educated individuals, and I love that about DePaul because those required classes?like religion, philosophy, foreign language?have truly opened the flood gates to my psyche and unleashed an overwhelming desire to acquire more knowledge about an array of subjects that are not necessarily an element of my major or minor.


The diversity and resources. We have access to the city's resources which opens up a lot of opportunities for the students as undergraduate and post-graduate. Diversity is also key in our university-- Depaul is open and welcoming to all kinds of people, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, etc.


The people are the best. The people at the school made me stay here. Everyone was nice and made you feel good. There was always things to do, or someone always had an option for something to do.


The students and faculty take their work seriously and often share their thoughts in class.


I really love being near Chicago. Having one campus within the downtown area keeps me connected, and opens up a lot of internship and work opportunities.


financial aid


The smaller classes where the professors know your name and are willing to help you out one on one. forming relationships with your professor really helps. Also, It is in Chicago, which is the greatest city to live in while you are young, and there is ALWAYS something to do!


wonderful school!


I like how it is located in the city of Chicago. It feels more like the "Real World" than a college campus. You are forced to grow up faster than if you went to school in the corn fields... and you have to share your campus with the rest of the city. Its wonderful because you have the beach close by when its nice out Public transportation is abundant and shopping is great. You have access to numerous amounts of entertainment including broadway shows, plays and movie theatres. You truly get the cultural experience at DePaul.


I think that it has a outstanding academic reputation.


It is located in a big city so there are many more opportunities than there would be at most other universitites.


DePaul's location is my favorite thing about it. It has the Loop campus for commerce and commuter students, surrounded by big businesses--it's the perfect environment. The Lincoln Park campus is more for the on-campus, liberal arts students. The neighborhoods of Chicago are what make DePaul amazing. There are so many things to do, see, and learn about right outside your door; and you never know what new thing the city has to show you.




The best thing is that it gives me the opportunity to visit professors at office hours. I have time to go to professors when I need help, just in case I do not have time to meet up with a tutor.


The best thing about DePaul University is your ability to develop professionally, personally, and gain cross cultural competence. It was an honor to attend a school that was named after a man who was a socially responsible business leader who had the ability to advance the religious and social agenda of people in 17th Century France. By using the ambition and wisdom of St. Vincent DePaul as a model, we reflect on our own lives and purpose. The hands on training in the classroom, community initiatives, and experience enable you to emerge as a well-rounded leader.




The rare but present professors and students that are academically-focused and open-minded.


My school gives lots of choices with regards to career options. I like the location in that it is near family neighborhoods, students sharing apartments, restaurants, businesses, etc.


De Pauls diversity and teacher interaction.


Small classes