DePauw University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


DePauw is a small community that values a liberal arts education where every student is exposed to different fields and subjects and has a great support system with everyone around you.


The school motto isn't "Uncommon Sucess" for no reason.


DePauw is exactly what a university filled with independent, diverse curious young men and women shoud be: a place of innovation, of learning, growing, and evolving.


DePauw University is an enriching environment for students who wish to have a fulfilling experience and an education that prepares them for the working world.


Liberal interactive courses with a tight community feel.


DePauw University is a great time while challenging students to be their best academically.


Depauw is a competitve school that constantly pushes it's students to work harder than ever before. The professors are highly qualified and the students are friendly with the desire to achieve.


My school is a small community where everyone knows everyone else. that will challenge you academiclly and provide many opportunities.


My school is rural, wealthy, secluded, and full of absolutely nothing to do.


DePauw University is an engaging, intriguing, accessible, thought-provoking, growing institution that thrives on the individuality each person brings from his or her respective background, thereby creating a cohesive network of concepts and worldviews that may better reflect the world we're being prepped to enconter after graduation.


This school offers some pretty good resources, most the teachers are pretty good and engaging. Some of the professors that I have worked with are amazing. The social scene is really based in a foundation of fraternity parties and drinking. There is not much around to do around otherwise unless you go to indianapolis.


DePauw University is a diverse, academic, and residential university that strives to push students both academically and socially: bringing together a diverse background of students who discuss and understand issues that face everyone at school and in the career world.




DePauw University is a small, midwest, liberal arts school.


work hard, play hard.


DePauw is a small town, academically challenging, fun, and close-knit school.


My school is academically focused, small enough that people can get involved with anything they choose, even if it is outside of their major, with a strong Greek life and a need for a fresh perspective.