DePauw University Top Questions

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Given that DePauw is so much smaller than all the other schools that I considered, I am guaranteed small class sizes which allow me to get to know my professors better. Also, DePauw has many opportunities to offer such as Programs of Distinction, study abroad, numerous events on campus throughout the year, and networking for after graduation. While there, I don't simply feel like a face in the crowd like I would at my other choice schools -- I feel like I'm making lifetime friends and valuable contacts.


The music department was very strong but not quite a conservatory. This allowed me the flexibility to study music as well as pre-physical therapy.


Beautiful campus. Small classes with great professors make for a learning community that I can thrive in.


There is a high percentage of students in greek houses


DePauw allows students to travel all over the world and see different areas of interest in an amazing light. Students are given lots of pooprtunities to do internships and travel abroad in addition to a great accademic campus. Because of the strong alumni base, students are also given a great base to get careers after they have studied at DePauw or even had internships at their companies. It is what goes on outside of the walls at DePauw that makes it so unique. It brings together an amazing medly of experiences that can be found here.


DePauw offers incredible financial aid packages, educational speakers and the professors connect with students on a very high academic and personal level.


Extremely wealthy, extremely white, extremely sheltered atmosphere. I don't know if other small liberal arts colleges are like that, but that's pretty much how I feel at DePauw