DePauw University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How much my school costs.


We are a private school with great academic standards. I mostly brag about the difficulty of the classes. DePauw also has a thriving Greek life. DePauw University has extremely high standards, small personal classes, great Professors, and an overall great feel.


I tend to brag about the openess of the college experience. It's very hard to fall into a routine in like high school, where the student does the same thing every day. This is true for DePauw where each day differs from the last one. This type of schedule keeps things fresh, and things never really get boring.


Classes, friends, the campus, night life, napping


I would say I brag about the quality of the eduction most.


Everyone here is so smart and I am really challenged by the course work. Everyone works so hard it motivates me to work harder. All the students are so time efficient that they work hard yet play hard. Everyone here is going places in life because they are internally motivated yet still know how to enjoy life.


The one-on-one attention from the professors. And although, even though it is a very academically challenging school, it seems so easy to do well.


Very small class sizes and personal relationships with professors in every class/field, very easy to find help whenever you need it, and a beautiful yet secluded campus.