DePauw University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


If I could sum up my opinion of DePauw in one sentence I would say that it offers unbelievable experiences that I couldn't find anywhere else. The best thing about DePauw that has offered to me some unbelievable experiences has been winter term. Winter term last the entire month of January and students are encouraged to apply for courses abroad and on campus, design independent studies, and do internships. With how competitive graduate schools and job market today experience is a important factor to getting to where you want to go no matter what field. And winter term is the perfect time to get that experience you need. The size is also perfect. DePauw's student body consist of approximately 2,300 students. Its big enough that you don't know everyone, but small enough that your professors remember your name, your face, and probably something personal about you. And because the campus is not huge and sprawling I know where all the resources available to me are located. Another thing I love about attending DePauw is that when people hear where I go to college they either are really impressed or have never heard of it. This might not seem like something to love, but I do because I have never encountered a reaction that was negative. And honestly most people have heard of it and are really impressed. DePauw is known for some of its esteemed alumni and for the talented students that make DePauw what it is. If I could change anything it would be our school's team spirit. I love sports and we have them but they are not a big occasion. There is one game every year, Monon, that everyone goes too and its so fun! I wonder how much more fun the rest of the football season could be if everyone came out like that for all of the games.