DePauw University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


DePauw requires a lot of effort! Although, there are rumors that we like to party, I will say that although we do throw down the students are able to lock in and focus when needed. A student that wants to be in a close environment where you know your classmates and professrs on a more personal level, one who enjoys having a good time and most importantly is willing to put in the work and effort required to do well in your studies.


Music and art-oriented students thrive at DePauw. While DePauw is internationally/culturally diverse, most US citizen students tend to be from the midwest. Students who are accostomed to mountain based sport (kayaking, hiking, skiing etc) tend to feel trapped. Small student teacher ratios and disability resources help students with special needs (extended time, private proctoring and tutors) to do well at DePauw


One who is informed on the liberal arts requirements and education as opposed to other styles.


Students who want a smal school atmosphere in a small town, with a pretty big greek party life.


Party person. Biggest thing on campus. Number one beer drinking school in entire nation, apparently.


A person who is career-oriented and thrives in an environment of competition and pressure to succeed. Greek life permeates all aspects of the school so the desire to join a sorority or fraternity would be best along with having money to pay for an expensive school with expensive greek life. This person should be strong in their academic endeavors and be willing to devote several hours a week to homework. A student needs to be well-organized and keep up with an overloaded schedule due to work and social life.


Someone willing to put a lot of effort into their schooling, and someone who isn't afraid of working hard even when the class is out of their major. It takes a careful, and intellectual individual to attend DePauw University.