DePauw University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If one is not into the Greek life or social scene, it is very hard to fit in at this school. Also, the wealth of the students at this school is enough to make one feel uncomfortable. DePauw has people of all aspects of life, but there are more people with wealthy backgrounds instead of average middle or lower class families. DePauw has a huge party scene too, so if you're not into that it may be hard to feel at home here. Athletics are not very serious here so athletes might choose a different school.


I believe you must be highly motived and hard working. If you are not dedicated to challenging yourself academically you should not attend DePauw. DePauw is also a very small private college and if you want a large school you should not attend. Also, DePauw sets the academic bar very high and if you don't truly want to graduate from college you should not attend. If you are looking for an easy opportunity to get a degree you should not attend, as most students seek advanced degrees.


If you love crowds and shopping, big city lights and even bigger events, DePauw is not the place for you. The closest thing DePauw has to offer to a "city life" is the small town of Greencastle and the rowdy frat parties. Also, if you expect a college that offers easy A's and large lecture halls, DePauw has neither. The not-so-believable title of "Harvard of The Midwest" is actually fairly accurate, and becoming more-so thanks to DePauw's President, Brian Casey. The Professors are adamant and actually pay attention, so an ambitious mindset is a necessity.


The person that is simply looking for a party school is not suited for DePauw. Students are able to balance the way they work and have fun. Also if the student prefers to remain anonymous and wants a larger school. DePauw is pretty small so you quickly get aqquainted with other students.


Someone not willing to work for their goals or looking to party more than study.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school would be someone who is afraid to leave his comfort zone. The professors and classmates at DePauw really challenge you to evaluate the reasons why you believe what you do. It truly is a school that teaches you to think. If you are looking at DePauw because you heard that it has a strong alumni network and that will help your resume, you don't understand the value of that alumni network. We grow together at DePauw. Peers become family, and we look out for each other.


Really conservative or people who desire to live near a metropolis.


Someone who is very academically committed that can balance their time well and knows how to have fun.


In terms of background, I wouldn't say that there's any kind of person that shouldn't attend DePauw. However, DePauw students have a highly demanding course schedule and are expected to participate in other events around campus. Therefore, I would say that DePauw is not a place for lazy or half-hearted people. Life at DePauw requires ambition, drive, and dedication but it also prepares one for life after graduation in a way that I never expected.


Someone who needs cultural experiences, diversity, city attractions, or doesn't want to join a frat.


I don't think there's anyone who shouldn't attend this school. That would make DePauw seem like an exclusionary school, which it definitely is not. It is an incredibly diverse school, despite its size. If you visit the school and you like it, enroll!


A white, upper-middle class, Christian who intends to go into financial management and enjoys drinking and parties.


Someone who is not welcoming to other cultures and not willing to work hard to meet their personal goals. It takes hard work, time, and devotion to do well at DePauw.


If you don't feel comfortable around all different sorts of people