DePauw University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about DePauw is the fact that there is virtually nothing around the town of Greencastle for entertainment. Of course there is the Starbucks in downtown Greencastle and a bowling alley down the way, but other than that all you are really doing is studying and greek hopping (which can get old pretty quickly). Turn 21 to go to the bars, get a car or a friend with a car and go to a nearby town, or get bold and go cow tipping, but all in all Greencastle, Indiana is a pretty boring place


There's so much focus on greek life without enough mingling. People dedicate so much time to their houses that they lose what they cared about before they joined, and independent students are often left out of school-wide events when there is a small focus of competition between houses.


I suppose the most frustrating thing about DePauw isn't anything about the school itself, but the area. There's essential places to shop, like a Kroger and a Wal Mart, but for malls and stuff you'll have to drive either 25 minutes to Plainfield, 30 minutes to Indianapolis, or 50 Minutes to Bloomington. But that's if you want to go to specialty stores and such.


The amount of class work. I spend 30-35 hours studying every week and it's hard to catch a break from work. Although I enjoy it because it keeps me busy, it is hard to always be focused on keeping up. Also, when you feel caught up, there is always something left to be done.


The Staff (not the faculty) are very ill informed. They often are not helpful, have no clue what to do, and never know the right place to send you. For being such a small campus this is ridiculous. It's really frustrating that financial aid and the student loan office are seperate buildings because they don't know what each department does and are very unhelpful and often rude!


The most frustrating thing is about this school is how small it is, everyone knows everyone and the same things go on every weekend. At the same time it is nice to see familiar faces and have places you feel welcome, so I would say this frustrating element is also one of the benefits that DePauw has to offer.


The sorority that I am in takes up a LOT of my time. And aside from greek life, the work load is crazy sometimes.