DePauw University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


DePauw University has a very great support system because of how small the campus is. It creates a really close knit community that reminds me of a family who looks out for each other. Everyone including the staff, the professors and the fellow students want everyone to be successful and everyone looks out for each other not only with academics, but with social support as well.


I really liked the support system given from the professors and the connections that have now helped me get into Notre Dame to obtain my MBA. In addition, I loved the challenging curiculum and high standards set for all students. Also, DePauw allowed me to grow mentally and physially and I played tennis for DePauw. I love that DePauw also pushed me to pursue my dream and I have now been accepted to Notre Dame and will begin my Master's in July 2014.


The professors are very helpful and well qualified. They have helped me to learn to challenge myself in ways that I never did in high school.


Academically, I think you get a really good education at DePauw. The classes are demanding and versatile. DePauw tries to produced well-rounded students so it prides itself on it's diverse curriculum. Though I found the social life to be a little dissatisfying, I felt that the academics really challenged me and introduced me to knew ways of thinking. When the thought of transferring would creep into my head, I'd remind myself of what a good education I was receiving here.


The best thing about DPU is the relationships I am to have with my professors. They are always there if I need extra help.


Some of the off-campus opportunuties. There is a strong study abroad program for semesters, summers. There is also something called Winter Term where most students are able to go somewhere a bit more fun like the Galapagos, or Brazil for the month of January.


The best thing about DePauw University is the willingness of professors to help you meet your goals. Whatever your goals may be, there are always several professors that are genuinely interested in helping you meet those goals. They will give you advice, tell you how to plan, speak on your behalf, and so much more; whatever you need they will do whever they can to help you get it.


The best part about DePauw is the lectures! We spend a lot of money getting some interesting, timely, and well-known speakers. If you don't go, you're missing out on the experience.


I adore the education that I am getting from DePauw. The instructors make themselves available for students and my overall education is enjoyable--strictly speaking in the classroom.


I like the small class sizes and remoteness of the school. This allows more interaction between my peers and professors and less distractions from course work. DePauw does a pretty good job balancing the small size with diversity too.


DePauw has small classes, a friendly atmosphere, and an extremely active social life.


The wide variety of housing options. There are dorms, apartments, houses, suites, and duplexes, all fully furnished. Some have patios and backyards, some have restaurants and hang out spots in them, some are in the middle of campus, and others are a bit of a walk from campus. All cost the same amount, and for the most part, everyone has an equal opportunity to live in the different options.


Small class sizes, discussion, and the tightly weaved student/professor community. A well done tradition aiming for excellence.