Des Moines Area Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are focused on meeting their educational requirements while also spending time in activites that they love.


I am currently attending online but what I have noticed in my classes is that most of my mates are over the age of 30 and homemakers. We also have some youth that are college bound. While doing discussions many of us are very helpful in guiding the younger classmates and giving to them advice for their futures. When you are 18 and younger if directed right your life could end up so rich and I don't mean monetarily. If you apply yourself as a youngster it creates for you many more opportunities you would never have otherwise saw.


Simply put, they are the best .




My classmates are diverse.


I have classmates that range from working moms to still-in-high-school.


Not overly talkative., most just go to class, sit in class, then leave campus.