Des Moines Area Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


DMACC is best known for being an affordable, alternative school. It's a great way to get your associates degree out of the way without paying the four year price.


Des Moines Area Community College is known for its diversity and also how inexpensive college could be. DMACC offers many majors and provides quality education for the surrounding communities. DMACC offers an opportunity for many to start an education no matter what your education background is. I know that people who never recieved a high school diploma has an ability to either recieve a GED or adult high school diploma at DMACC. Without that ability I could see how some people would be discourage to attend college, however, DMACC does offer that chance to any.


Being inexpensive and having a very good culinary program through the Iowa Culinary Institute.


Nursing, and dental trainging


My school is known for diversity. There are many different ages and races enrolled there.