Des Moines Area Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear High School Me, You can do this. Applying is daunting, and the testing is rigorous, but it pays off. Get a good ACT score, it is worth it to study. Take more dual credit classes, the credits will transfer to college and you will have less credits to pay for. Breathe. You don't need to stress yourself too much, everything will work out. There is a lot of pressure, but getting worked up won't change anything. Stop worrying about money. You are 16 years old, you can worry about finances later. Remember that you are limited, but do not let that limit where you see yourself. Remember how far you've come. You've picked yourself up and built what you have, do not waste it. Study. Work hard. Remember to have fun. Remember that you are the only obstacle in your way. Go forth and know that you are worth every bit of credit you give yourself, and let the colleges you apply to know that as well. You are everything that you make of yourself. Make something wonderful. -Your Future Self


If I could go back in time and give myself advice while in high school I'd talk about a few things. First, I would start by telling myself to take more advanced classes. This would allow my to have college credits in advance. Secondly, I would encourage myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible (the sooner the better). I regret not taking advantage of AP classes in high school because I could have saved money. I also wish I would have participated more in school events and leadership roles. Another piece of advice I would give to myself is to volunteer. I should have takenaction in my community and mada difference. I neededo get involved in my community and do good for other people. I can't go back in time, but I can change today to ensure a more hopeful tomorrow.


Self, I know that you’re busy having a great time staying out late with your friends and making memories—as you should! Make as many beautiful memories as you can. While you can. Time passes and then it’s gone, leaving only your memories and an older you. I know that you’re scared. Scared about the future and making decisions now that could haunt you for the rest of your life. Choices used to be easy: chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla? Now the choices are harder: there are millions of jobs, where do you seeing yourself working in ten years? I just want you to know that even though you’re responsible for your own decisions, you don’t have to make them alone. You have your classmates, family, and big friendly organizations to help you make informed selections. Only you have the power; and therefore, the responsibility to take control of your own life. There are plenty of people who will help when you ask, so don’t hesitate to make the tough decisions. Those are the decisions that will make the best and most significant transformations in your life.


I have met a lot interesting people and seen a lot of neat things that I would not have gotten to see if I had gone somewhere else or if I had not gone to college at all. It has taught how to start being an adult and how to live on my own. I will carry these life lessons with me throughout my life and pass them on to my future children.


I'm walking down each hallway to each class, hearing the bell ring, and then strudding home. Next thing I know, I'm having a snack, watching tv, and then I do my homework for the day. Plain and simple, reflecting back on myself as a high school senior, I had it easy! I would tell myself to realize that if I want things to happen, I myself have to make it happen. Usually, from elementary school, you know which middle school you're assigned to; from middle school, you know which high school you are assigned to. But after high school, the place you go from there is in your hands. There isn't a definate school that you'll be attending, no one is going to be there to TELL you which classes to pick, there isn't going to be a schedule ready for you, and the time you go to school won't be consistant. So prepare yourself to make your own decisions, because for the first time in 13 years, nothing will be set in stone for you. Without the work of your own hand, you will not be able to move forward. Remember that!


If I was having a heart to heart talk with the 18 year old Lillie and knowing what I have been through these past years I would say, "Lillie buckle down and take adulthood serious. Don't abuse your education and get the absolute best grades you can get because if you do that you may be able to get an academic scholarship. Don't take these next years lightly and go wholeheartedly at your mission for a degree. That degree will help you have an easier financial life. Without a college degree you often get stuck at minimum wage and that is very hard to live on. When you go off to college don't start partying because you consider yourself grown now. You may not realize it but if you don't apply yourself it will show in your grades. You no longer have nobody waking you when you are late for school. If you miss now, so what! You are grown. No more mama and teachers to try to keep you on the right path. Lastly, Lillie don't let nobody start you a credit file. Establish yourself before you worry about credit it will wait. "


I would tell myself to go to Indiana Wesleyan and don't worry about the cost. College is worth the money... You moved to Oak Park, Illinois to enrich your education. Follow through with your goal.


If I could go back now, I would tell myself to work much harder than I did in high school. I would tell myself that growing up and going to college is not as fightening as it may seem. I know now that leaving my friends and going our seperate ways is not the end of the world. I would make sure to tell myself that it will be much easier to keep my grades up now rather than trying to build them back up later on.


First and foremost I would tell myself to stop worrying and stressing about what I was going to study. You're supposed to do that during the first two years of college. Class-wise the transition to college wasn't hard. It was more the shift of responsibility. I no longer had teachers making sure I got my homework done and turned in. I didn't have my parents waking me up, making sure I made it to class on time. For advice, I would just tell myself to not let that much freedom get control of me. Make sure I managed my time wisely. Also, I would tell myself about creating stronger study habits. High school was so easy for me, I never had to study. I never really learned how. That part of college was a big hit for me to take. So much more of your grade is based on tests. The homework doesn't really matter. I would have made sure I started developing good study habits early on in high school so it would come more naturally in college. The most important piece of advice I could give myself, however, would be to save money.


Well, if i had the chance to go back and tell myself something it would probably be to not take college for granted. I am 25 years old and have finally started to work on a bachelor's degree and I take classes with kids that are coming right from high school. I see them still in the high school mentality, so I would tell myself that college isn't just a way to get a better, higher paying job, it's also a place to discover yourself. A place where you can do or try anything and not be afraid to fail, to just try something once and do it without thinking about failure, because those are the moments that can open your future up and give you a broader scope on life and expand your ability to be an asset to this world and to your family and yourself. These are the days that people who have felt like they have squandered their youth look back on and wish they had a chance to do again. These are the days to test yourself the most and always say yes to something new and expand your horizons.


If I was able to travel back in time to see myself again as a high school senior, I would tell myself to forget young love and that one day you will make a difference. I would tell myself that its not worth waiting till you're about a quarter of century old to finally select a career path that has potential to only give you stability but also lessen the chaos that surrounds my life right now. I'll tell myself that waiting in line at the student service office to register for class was not only just exciting but breathtaking. Once you pass that threshold you can feel the excitement of making something of yourself and being able to relish the need to purchase textbooks instead of all those old hand-offs during high school. I would tell myself that college is well worth it and that no matter what decision I make about life as an adult that I can always go back to school and make up my mind there.


If I could go back in time and tell myself about college and how to prepare myself I would have to say that you should take many college credit classes. When you are in high school you ten to think short termed and not think about what could help you in college. Most schools will allow you to take college credit courses for free. This is pretty much free credits and will help you are greatly in the future. I would also go on to state that it would be wise to make several college visits throughout your senior year to a college of interest. This way you can become familiar with the instructors and your desired course. I would then go on to say that you need to just have fun, make new friends and not to be afraid to take that risk at going up to new people and striking up a conversation. College is all about setting up your standards for the rest of life and you want to get on a positive start to your life and you will go to new limits you never thought were possible.


If I could have gone back after having started college to give myself advice as a high school senior I think the main point I would have to reinforce would be to do the work assigned on time. I have seen what not doing the work has done to others this past semester and that would not be anything I want anyone to have to handle. There is also the fact that I would tell myself to expect a complete change because as I found out college is very different than high school but advice would have been good to help me transition easier.


I would say that you need to get to know your roommate(s) and to try harder in school to get good grades.


nothing really.. It isnt as hard as i thought going to college and rasing my baby boy.. specially when u have help frpm ur family and friends. Who to me are very suportive..


I would tell myself that I would need to allow more time for studying than I did in high school. College is much more demanding than high school and requires a larger time committment. I would also tell myself that college is a good time to put myself out there, because there are many new people to meet, so it's a good time to make new friends.


Study a lot hard and take school a lot more serious than I did.


I would tell myself to study harder and to develop solid study habits. I would also advise myself to stay away from the wrong kind of people. It is so easy to get wrapped up in "college life" and become distracted. Before you know it you're skipping one or two classes and failing tests. It's wise to remember the reason you're in college in the first place.


Do not allow yourself to be wrapped up in the hype of "partying" and the typical college life. Make friends of all sorts, you have no idea the impact they may have on you. There are many paths you may take in college, do not restrict yourself to just one, experiment, step outside the box; but ALWAYS remember the difference between right and wrong and be sure to constantly recognize what will and won't affect you in a positive manner. Do NOT fail to see the light in those dark situations and let NO ONE come between you and your dreams, your aspirations. Forget all the times prior to date where you have failed yourself and others; for this is your time to start over and excel. You're the only one who knows exactly what you want out of this life and the ONLY one who can make it happen for yourself. There is ALWAYS at least one person to turn to if you're having troubles, remember where you came from and those that support you!!! Utilize and exhaust all the resources available to you at college they will help you immensely.


I would tell myself not to worry about it as much as I did. I thought it was going to be really hard from what all my professors in high school told me. Now that I have been to college and know what its like, classes are actually easier than they were in high school.


You will get out of this year alive, I promise. Take that first step-- don't be afraid to talk to people! Don't be afraid to ask questions! DMACC wasn't where you wanted to go, I know. But things turn out far better than you ever imagined. Just keep on fighting your way through this year. College is just around the corner, where new memories can replace the bad ones. Living in an apartment is not as scary as it sounds, nor are college classes as intimidating as you've heard. Oh, and you might want to re-think your teachers because some of them don't speak the same language (both literally and metaphorically!) But when you have issues with your roommates: TALK. It's not going to solve itself! Breathe, breathe, breathe, and get off to a running start. You can do this, I believe in you!


I would tell myself to not go to a large University because smaller classes allow more one on one access to the teachers. I would also explain how online classes allow for more time to work while still obtaining a degree.


I would tell myself NOT to listen to my mom when she says "start off as a chemistry major." I'd say "you know what you want to do, you want to be a journalist, so do it, you'll be much happier and a lot more successful." I'd tell myself to go out and join the clubs I'm interested in and not sit out just because no one you know is in them. Meet more people, otherwise you won't be as excited to be at school! Always make sure to call home once a week, you're going to miss the family, trust me. Practice your signing and get on that video phone and call your grandma, she'll really appreciate it! Don't do things you don't like just because your friends are doing it. Be yourself. And lastly, this is your year, your year of independence, so please, cause some trouble and have fun because you don't get this time back, so make the most of it!