DeSales University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The student population is the friendliest group of people you will come in contact with. WIthin a few weeks I knew most of the 350 people I was in my freshmen class with. Soon getting into different things around DeSales I became friends with more and more people. DeSales is family and it;s one big family.


My classmates are very helpful, friendly, and respectful of others.


They have all different personalities; some like sports, others like books, some like the outdoors, others like movies. Its a wide range of the people that attend this school.


DePauw has an incredibly diverse student population. Each year, we are lucky to get more and more international students come from all over the world. Racial diversity contributes greatly to the campus climate, as well as religious and socio-economic diversity. Students from all walks of life attend this university. I have met so many unique and different individuals in my classes, and at campus events. That being said, Greek life is very popular here, but it is something that international students tend to opt out of. The Greek community consists of mainly upper-middle class, white students. Of course there are many exceptions to that statement; however, I feel it is important to point that fact out. If a student is not interested in Greek life, they will fit in beautifully at DePauw with the many other young adults that share their views. However, if a student cannot stand Greek life and does not want to be around it at all, they will likely feel uncomfortable at this university. We are lucky to have a campus community in which Greek and non-Greek mingle and host events together quite often, so if Greek life is a huge turn-off to a student, DePauw may not be the best place for them.


My classmates are fun and helpful and really sweet to be around.


Everyone is eager to learn.


My classmates are still stuck in high school, trying desperately to be the most popular, even the seniors, instead of focusing on a small group of friends that with support them no matter what.


They are very focused on what they want since my major is a very demanding one.




My clasmates are energetic and fun, and at the same time, the pick of the litter.


Everyone is extremely freindly and helpful. They will talk to anyone new and help them out if needed whether its with homework or their social life. Students always form study groups and help eachother study all of the time. Students talk to everyone that they know, most people are very loud and optimistic and are hardworking to make sure that they do well in all of their classes. No one is afraid to speak their mind if needed and even though it is not a diverse school, we are all willing to learn about new groups of people.


Friendly and always willing to help when you're struggling.


My classmates are ver supportive and encouraging.


they are fun to work with, Some have passion in there field, but there alot that have dropped out.


Many seem to be closed minded and afriad to venture outside their comfort zones and do things that are foreign to them, although there are a few that are active and those students enrolled in more artisitc majors seem to be more willing to try new things.


My Classmates are cliquey, but for the most part they are pleasant.


The students at DeSales are very friendly and are willing to help in any way thats needed, just like a family.


overdramatic hypocritical nagging jesus freaks.


My classmates are fun, intellectual, and are a group of very helpful people.