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DeSales University has numerous activities going on during each week and sometimes each day that allows students to interact with one another. These activities are in a wide range so that each student will enjoy them and will also help them learn things in new ways. This school has a fun way of getting students to interact with one another.


It's size


It is a very small school that is catholic and has mostly white students. Because it is not very diverse, you are surrounded by students who are just like you. Although there are parties, they are not huge and as crazy as bigger schools parties but easier to meet and get to know people. Also because it is a small school, once you meet another student, you see them around school all the time so it is easy to make new friends and stay in contact with them. The class size is also small which makes learning better and easier.


My school has a great atmosphere. I love that I can walk to class and share a hello with a complete stranger. Everyone is very friendly. I feel very at home on my college campus. I did not feel that connection to any other school.


My school is a nice small, well college. Here we get to know everyone and our class sizes are nice and small.


It's combines religion in the every college life.


DeSales is super welcoming. You come on campus and you just get this feeling of being home. Everyone talks to you and and the people actualy care. Your not a number you are a human being and treated like the beautiful person you are. Its small enough to know alot of people and see a friendly face everywhere you go, but large enough that there are people you havent seen before.


We offer plenty of spiritual guiadance, as well as several opportunities to volunteer. DeSales also tends to have really random, but cool, activities and surprises all year. yesterday there was a luau in the cafeteria and an acrobatics' show outside.


DeSales offers tremendous opportunities for theatre majors. I did not find another school where the professors were Emmy Award winning, television, film, and stage actors who knew everything about the business. The personal attention in classes is incredible, and I have just been hired on a touring acting group just because one of my professors asked me! The plays are super professional and no other college has the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival in residence on campus all year with internship opportunities only reserved for our students. The DeSales community is also small, so I know everyone, but we do so much!


My school has an extremely close knit feel. I feel a great bond not only between me and my friends but also me and my professors. There is a real sense that they are not just there to work but to help you make the best decisions for your future.


I love the theatre program at my school. We are involved in the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival and even though we are far away from the city, there still is a lot of theatre related things to do around here.


The close knit community and friendly feeling I got just from looking at the school before I applied. Once attending classes, DeSales immediately felt like my second home. The small campus size and wonderful faculty and staff give DeSales a genuinely unique feel.


DeSales University is like one big happy family. You are well known on campus because of the relatively small size of the school. You have the chance to be the person you want to be, and to be that person well. I love DeSales and it feels just like a second home to me.


DeSales is located in a very good area and it's very pretty around here with many available activities close by.