DeSales University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Academics at DePauw are challenging, much more so than non-students want to believe, yet incredibly rewarding. The work load gets heavier as you get older and into more advanced courses. Although there are times when I am stressed beyond belief, DePauw does a thorough job of preparing students for whatever their next step is, whether it be graduate school, or accepting a new job. As a psychology major, ny favorite classes have been my psychology courses, particularly the classes with an emphasis on childhood development and personality. The psych department offers a rigorous program for students, particularly seniors, who complete a senior thesis and comprehensive examination before graduating. The department as a national reputation of producing psychology students that do very well on the GRE psychology section test because of our rigorous senior schedule. Aside from psychology courses, I have taken both Spanish and Arabic,courses in biology, communications, political science, history, literature, creative writing, and women's studies. I also took an art history class freshman year, which I loved and learned a lot in. When I studied abroad, I went to several museums and really enjoyed being able to recognize the art and know a little bit about some of the pieces thanks to that art history class 3 years ago. Another great thing about DePauw academics is that students are constantly inspired and excited about what they are learning. We talk and debate political, social, ethical, and personal issues outside of the classroom.