DeSales University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular student activities on campus are SNL or Student Night Life which organizes events throughout the year for students to be at. Campus Ministry and choir are also big groups on campus. Athletics are also an important aspect of DeSales.


There are countless groups and organizations on campus, so much so that it is hard to say which one sticks out over the others. From student government, to radio hosts on our student station WGRE, DePauw has something for everyone. Anyone can get involved in the media outlets, including the newspaper, campus magazines, online magazines, the TV station, and the radio station. The music school also offers various musical ensembles that students, whether in the music school or not, can try out for. For instance, I do not attend the music school, but have been a part of the University Chorus since my freshman year. There are several clubs on campus that have a prominent voice, including the environmental club, and the international student organization. We have dance teams, step teams, orchestras, every sport you can imagine, and a debate team. Each major has some sort of club or honor society as well, which gives the students a chance to get together outside of class, either for fun, or for study sessions. When it comes to extracurricular activities at DePauw, we have them in excess. The university wants to make sure you have the opportunity to fill your free time with fun activities and things that interest you personally and academically.