DeSales University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Although stereotyping is problem at DePauw, similar problems are found on any college campus, particularly at small, private universities. I am proud to be a DePauw tiger. That last four years here have been the best year of my life, not because of my sorority, and not because of the fraternity parties on weekends, although both of those have opened doors to many wonderful friendships. The reason my time at DePauw has been invaluable to me is because the university has offered me any and every opportunity I could have dreamed of. In my four years, I have taken classes in every single subject, including art, which is a hobby I am passionate about. I have traveled to French Polynesia to study for one month, and Spain to study for 6 months. I have been advised and counseled every step of the way during my internship and job searches, leading to success in both categories, and I have built strong and lasting relationships with my professors. DePauw truly is a unique and challenging institution, and I wouldn't have it any other way. My time here has been spent well, and I will leave with absolutely no regrets, but rather a great deal of pride in my education, and confidence in my future.