DeSales University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The size is nice, everyoone knows eachother and it feels like a real community. everyone is looking out for your best interests and I always feel safe.


The professors are definitely the best part of DeSales. They are always available if you need a little extra help or just to talk. Their expertise in their fields adds to class and makes it easier for students to learn. Professors go out of their way each and every day to bring a smile to students' faces and educate us to the best of their abilities. Professors truly make DeSales the wonderful school it is.


Small class sizes for most courses in one's major.


I love the size of the campus in general. This campus is not large and only has about 2000 students overall enrolled, which allows there to be a small size class per professor. This way, it is easier to personally interact with your professor in getting specific help that you need. Campus outside is quiet and very beautiful during each season.


The best thing about my school is the equipment that we get to use. They have HD cameras and other new equipment that we can use.


My friends I've made here are probably the best thing. I know I can always count on them and they a geniune people.


I like knowing the familiarity we have with each other as a campus community. Even if we don't know every name, we still know every face and would feel more than comfortable to approach them. The overall experiences at Desales are shared by just about everyone which makes it much easier to identify with any other student here.


The possibility to grow outside the classroom. DeSales student life emphasis characted education, and growth of people morally. But I don't think that the academic side of the university understands that. They want everyone to just get a 4.0. Colleges should focusing on forming good people to put out into the world, rather than parrots than can spit out facts.


DeSales University is a small, Catholic, liberal arts college. I think its small Catholic-ness is the best part about it. It's small enough that you can really get to know people and connect with them. And with it's Catholicism, it allows you to grow in your faith with the people around you.


The students at DeSales are very friendly and want to interact with one another. Most professors enjoy being involved in the students' learning.


The best thing at my school are the people I have met and the freedom I have to make mistakes but also to learm from them. At DeSales, I have learned to be a self confident person but I would nothing without my mistakes and the friends and teachers supporting me all the way.


The theatre program is great. Not many people know about it because Princeton Review doesn't really rank it among its top theatre schools, but it's probably the best out there considering its size. People come out of our theatre after seeing a show and say it's just like seeing a Broadway Show which is such a great compliment. I chose this school without seeing a show here and I saw two at Wagner College in Staten Island which is #1 apparently for theatre, but I thought their productions were second rate compared to my school especially.


i do not know.


The small community of very friendly and focused people. The classes are small and teachers are very dedicated to having you succeed. The environment is very peaceful and quiet. Majors are very focused and they do a good job in engulfing you in the work/subject matter.