DeVry University-California Top Questions

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I like that they offer more assistance finding a job than most other colleges I have looked at. They also offer A degree in the field that I want that most other schools do not.


DeVry's unique scheduling structure helps you balance work, life and school. With their evening, weekend and online courses which is delivered in a eight-week session, you can effectively manage your progress towards your degree without compromising work or personal priorities.


Devry University is unique because most people think it is a trade school but, it is not. Actually, Devry is classified as an accredited university. For instance, your able to transfer after finishing your prerequistes from Devry University to a college of your choice. There are different advisors to assist you along the way while pursuing your education at the time at Devry. Unlike, most schools you have to pay the college while attending school. Moreover, Devry allows students to repay the school back six months after they graduate. Futhermore, students can futher their education after they graduate.

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