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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college I would tell myself to start applying for many scholarships. I would have to express to myself to develop better study habits and focus only on my education. I’d stress to myself to go into the college experience ready to expand your horizons well beyond what you could imagine. Surround yourself with those who are going to push you to be a better student and challenge you mentally. I would suggest becoming sociable with those around you to help build a better foundation.


Do not second guess yourself and waste time thinking. Just pursue your interests and if things aren't what you expected, you've only just wasted the same amount of time you would have if you did nothing at all. In the end you've gained experiences and that's what matters.


You are inclined to be a good leader and manager. Stick with business and run with it. Continue with your plans with junior college and go directly into a good business school. Follow your goals and get your Master’s degree. It is hard work but there is always time to play later. Pursue your desire to learn personal and time management and people will be impressed with how effective you are at work, school, and your social life. Remember it is your education and hard work that pays the bills and do not neglect your good friends who encourage you to succeed.


Thinking back on my college experiences, I would give myself a couple of pieces of advice. First, I would tell myself to take a knowledge survey to find out where my educational strengths resided and I would tell myself to choose education in those types of fields. I would then tell myself to keep a budget, work part time, and get roommates to split up living expenses. I would also encourage myself to get an internship when I became a senior in college to help ready myself for the real world. A last piece of advice I would I would give would be to network with classmates and to create something unique that I could bring to interviews that could showcase my abilities and let them know what I am capable of doing. That is probably the best advice I could give my self.


Go straight to college and work later. There are a lot of good shcools out there, so pick one and find a major. If you get started now that you are still young, you will be finished with school before your 25 years old and can start planning to buy a house and pay off your students loans. By the age of 40 you can be out of debt and start saving for retirement and possibly retire between the ages of 55 and 60. Plus look at all the nice vacations you can take. If you start working now you will only make minimum wage most of your life and have a lot of financial worries and burdens. Since you only have a high school education raises and promotions will be unheard of. Companies only want to promote college graduates and they will have the higher incomes.


I should of told myself i needed to pay more attenchen in school..When I had a job I should of put back more money for school instead and just spending it how I wanted to. I would love to go back to school and make all A's . Wish I would of started college as soon as I got my diploma! I realy miss school and wish I could go back in time!!


I always have seen mylife unfold in a series of chapters. No two years of my life have been anywhere near similar to eachother having grown up in a military family. Making the transition into college after almost 2 years of working full time to keep food on my small wooden table, is going to require more than just a few clicks of a mouse. Getting promoted to Walmart IMS supervisor didnt happen overnight and pursuing a long-term carreer in foreign language, engineering, healthcare, buissiness, or whatever your major may turn out to be, is going to require sontinued mental discipline. Keeping up with your current study habit of SAT practice at least 3-4 times a week, access to a library, and continued adequate excersize (and nutrition) will assist immensly in whatever new doors open up. Keep your dreams alive in that space-heated efficiency, and just remember, big things come in small packages! "Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, youll land amung the stars!"


Study more, make more friends, don't waste time with sports, work hard for everything you would ever want.


So far I'm enjoying the back to school experience and rediscovering the wisdom of higher learning. The online or e-learning program is flexible and tailored to one's schedule - something I wished I had discovered years ago.


If I could go back as a high school senior and talk to myself the advice I would give would be to set a career goal. Coming out of high school I did not have that goal and I felt like I wasted my time for a while wondering what I wanted to do. Now I am older and I know that it is crucial that I focus on my future and set a specific career goal and stay on track with it. I believe that I am more successful now academically because I have set a career goal and I am sticking with it. Even though I have since graduated from high school I still give advice to family, friends as well as random people who are in high school and need direction I encourage them to stay focused on what it is that they want. Time is of the essence, and I feel the sooner someone knows what they want as far as a career goal the better they can feel toward there future.


Your senior year in high school is a wonderful time and a time to make plans and decisions. There's a common misconception that once you've made it to your senior year senior grades don't matter. That is incorrect! Colleges do request and review senior grades, especially from the first half of the school year. Continue to take pride in your grades and continue to attempt your best. Planning is an essential aspect of the college experience. And because getting ready for college starts while you are in high school, you will need to begin even earlier to allow you the time to take care of all the details while keeping up with your regular schoolwork. The first step you need to do is meet with you counselor before you submit any college applications. The second step is to fill out the applications, write essays if you need to, get letters of recommendation, set up to have your test scores sent to the schools and get appropriate transcript information. The last step is to fill out scholarships and apply for as many as you can, you will need all the money you can get to pay for college.


Aaron would prepare to study as twice as hard. Considering, that the coursework in college will be much harder work than high school was. He will began to develop study groups with fellow classmates. Aaron will need to get a head start in completing all the assingments on time but, in a timely-manner. Aaron also will need to pay close attention to make sure that he is able to grasp all the material the instructor is given. On the other hand, he will addressed his attention to what the instructor is saying. Aaron will need to sit in front of the class to make sure that he doesn't miss any key points the instructor gives. Futhermore, he will need to take a lot of notes on major concepts for the course that the instructor gives. Aaron always needs to be on time so, that he doesn't miss any important material. Moreover, he haves to become very involve in raising his hands to make sure he is on track with the instructor.


If I could go back in time to my senior year, I would take my classes more seriously and take all my SAT and ACT test. Do more research on colleges and take my time on knowing what school i really want to go to and da major I would like to pursue.


Transition between high school and college life is a life changing experience. The one thing that I've learned through this college experience is that you have to be in control with your life and be able to manage your time between work and school. If your time management is weak, you are not going to do well in college. Make sure that you don't have so many jobs while going to college because you'll see that there will be no time to finish the research paper or any other class assignments. You would end up retaking the class, and spending more money for the class you already tried to take. Not only is time management is important, but setting some goals is important. Just set some short-term and long-term goals in order to get where you want to be in 5 years or so. You'll find out that time management and setting goals will be helpful in your college life. Take the time to do these, and good things will happen.


I would first tell myself to focus more in high school to better prepare and set myself up for succeeding. I would tell myself to not worry about what others are doing, but rather what is best for me and my future. I am an older college student and for this reason I would tell myself to complete my education right after high school and do not put it off because having a full time job, three kids, and a wife it is difficult to find the required time for my studies. When pursuing an education it is good to get advice from your peers and family, but ultimately you are responsible for what you accomplish, and don't accomplish. Knowing this, I would tell myself to make sure I had a road map planned so that I had an idea of where I was going, not finding out once I got there.


Shai, I know that you are young and you just want to be out on your own but the only way that you are going to make it in this world is if you go tcollege and do something for yourself. Partying is ok, but stay focus. I know that it may be hard and that you may face some challenges when it comes to English but you can make it. It is only as hard as you make it. Don't forget about the library, its there to help. Not to mention the tutors that won't make you feel like you are dumb. Just keep going and before you know it you will be done. Don't be scared to go all the way to PhD. You can do it.

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