DeVry University-Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Theres no limitation to who can go to school. They just have to put their minds to it and they can make something better for themselves.


Someone who isn't motivated to persue their dreams should not come to this school and neither should those unwilling to work in teams because teamwork gets the job done. These traits are key to succeeding in this school.


Persons with interest in more creative careers such as film director, musicians and those with a sincere love of sports, may want to rethink attending Devry. The school is designed for students who are business and computer oriented. Majority of the classes are spent completing online assignments. Those who prefer campus attendance may be reluctant to exercise the discipline required for the online components of the class. And sports are nearly nonexistent with the exception of an occasional ping pong or basketball competition held once a year.


I wouldn't say that anyone shouldn't attend this school because it's a wonderful school and the campus staff members are very helpful. Plus, they have some of the best campus activities to do! Parties, dances, charity events and so much more! Not tomention that the school is full of friendly people that are willing to help you along your way. I love this school and I would advise any student to attend.

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