DeVry University-Florida Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hey there! I know you’re busy with friends and anime but I’m here to tell you that friends don’t last and anime is forever. Right now, I need you to do us a favor. First, stop being lazy! You’ll have plenty of time later to rest, believe me. You need to go to the hospital and start volunteering. Also, after you graduate, start taking classes at Lorenzo Walker for Medical Billing. Have your sister, Wisnie, help you with your resume. You must start applying for scholarships, whatever that fits the criteria, you’re going to need it. Listen, boys aren’t important, at least not right now. Get your career on track first because juggling school, work, and a boyfriend is hard work, Missy. You’re under enough stress as it is. Apply for desk jobs with your new and improved resume. Go up to the Customer Service position at Publix sooner than later, you’ll need the experience. You can pick up some shifts in bakery if need be. I just want you to know whatever happens don’t stop loving yourself and always remember to pray. Sincerely, Your Future Self


If I could go back in time and correct all my mistakes that I made while i attended college, I would disicpline myself more. I had a habit of skipping classes and not taking my college life serious. I looked at school as school or education. I should of looked at school as my job or carreer. After experiencing lifes struggles, I have now returned to school. I now look at my education as an opportunity to have a brighter future, not go to school because everyone is going to school. I would advise myself to never give up. If you get a bad mark, don't let it get you down. Strive to do better. Take a challenge. If things get you down, seek help from your peers( Counselors, fellow classmates) No question is a stupid question. And when it comes to study, don't allow anything to distract you. Seek a place where no one can find you. Do your reading, not some, all of your reading. No one is perfect and don't beat yourself over your head. You are human! it is worth it in the end.


I would tell myself to do everything I have done so far. I have made a million mistakes, I have done terrible things and I have done amazing things. But in everything I have done, I have made myself into the person I am today. I spent the last 6 years travelling across America, living in tents, hiking mountains, climbing glaciers and appreciating life, the world and all aspects of culture and community with a deep love for nature. All of this was made possible for the choices I made in high school and after. In my travels, I learned the importance of college and was able to take online classes, learning about the things I want to learn while still getting to travel the world. If I truly had to tell myself one thing, it would be to learn, love and live.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool student, the most important thing I would tell myself, is to take things more seriously. I know we get this lecture everyday throughout highschool, but it really is important. I woulc tell myself to start preparing your first year of highschool. My advice to myself would be perfect your study habits and apply for as many scholarships as you can get your hands on. I say this because the more money you can accumulate from scholarships, the less you have to work while you are in college. I am not saying there is absolutley nothing wrong with working, but I could succeed so much better in school if I was not working four days a week. These days it is very important to go to college and get that degree. I would also advise myself to really think about what I want to do with the rest of my life, My college life would have been much easier if I would have really taken the time to think about what I wanted, instead of having to change majors.


I would say to myself forget about the military and go to the University as my mother wanted. As I lost the opportunity to go to the university as a young man I have to struggle thru life with worthless jobs and no career future. This is the reason that at my advance age I have decided to go back and get my degree.


don't ever give up, stay in school and push through


I would enjoy my self a bite more before I jumped into college. I would do some research on the career that I am choosing and make sure its in demand with the work feild. I would also take more classes to hurry up in graduate .


From my college experience, I have gotten a feel for the business world. The teachers are great and try their best to have a relaxed educational environment. A lot of the work is online and you have a week to complete it, it makes for a very relaxed environment both at home and at the shool.


What I got out of my college experiences are opportunities and a drive to become a better person. Going to a community college showed me that it doesn't matter where your going to school but what are you trying to get from school. At first I just wanted to go to college to just learn about whatever interested me, but I had no idea I was going to learn so much about myself. I love performing but I'm also quite shy so I took theater art classes and it forced me to open myself to the world. Opening up made me realize I was wearing a mask that kept me from showing who I am. I learned that hiding myself from others was selfish because I had something to share and give to others. My classes taught me to not be afraid to be yourself and doing that has got me to be more honest with myself and it took away my shyness. I am now performing and expressing myself through the arts. I value college because I was able to reach for something I want and able to get a hold of it.


For the past five and a half years I had been working as a Graphic Designer for Gannett owned newspapers in Eastern Wisconsin. Recently, the company decided to consolidate its creative departments nationwide into two central locations. In the process, my position was eliminated. It was announced pretty early, so I knew I would be losing my job. Still, I had learned a lot working for Gannett and decided to continue working with the company until I was officially released. In my job search since, it has become clear to me that I need to expand my set of skills if I want to continue in my chosen career. I love what I do, but a majority of my work has been in print design. I believe it is vital to increase my field from Graphic Designer to Graphic/Web Designer & Developer. DeVry University sounds like the perfect place to earn my degree. It is a school that will work with my schedule, allowing me to take classes both online and on campus. Also, it is a school that prides itself on readying its graduates for the work place. I am very excited to start my new college career.


Since starting college I have come to realize my worth to the world. I am quit talented in mathematics and I have decided to not let my talents go to waste. The more I am on campus the more I feel I'm learning. Whether I'm in the classroom, library, or hub I am in constant academic mode and I can not get enough. The professors encourage you to do your best and I feel they teach to everyone in the classroom. From my honors status to someone who just received there GED , no one is excluded from receiving the education they need. I have gone from wanting to get my Bachelor's in Adolescence Education - Mathematics to seriously considering getting my Doctorate. In addition to teaching I want to be able continue mathematics research to be able to help the future of math. This experience has enabled me to find my niche in life. Remeber my name because you'll here it again! Watch out world, here I come!


College is a time of discovery, of finding who you are, of understanding yourself, I learned a lot being at a 2 year community college, it's much different from high school, it's a whole other ball field compared to high school, everyone's so laid back, the teachers don't hassle you


College life is about balancing living on your own for the first and doing it while you focus on your studies. You need to get involved in activities and clubs it?s the best way to make new friends that relate to you. Spending time with friends is important for staying stress-free, even if it is just to go to dinner. Make sure you get enough sleep and eat well. If you?re feeling alone or homesick remember you?re not alone. College is going to be a challenge you are going to need to work harder than you have ever done before in your life. You need to understand that getting a bad grade is not the end of the world it just means you need to work harder. You need to go after whatever your heart desires. There may be days that you want to give up but if you keeping trying it will all is worth it in the end. College is a huge step from high school and it?s one that will change your life forever, leaving you with memories you will never want to forget.


I would tell me to wait on joining the army but if i wouldn't listen i would push the idea of saving for college and start once i got out of the army.


I would make sure to advise myself to take those college courses that are offered in highschool that can be transfered to college. I would also advise myself to start paying attention to scholorships or grants that will help pay for school knowing the situation that me and my family are in. Lastly I will tell myself to stop being lazy in certain classes and wake up and focus so that I can graduate with no worries.


My advice is that don't put off going to school for your degree cause it very hard to get a good paying job without a college education.


Assuming that I could go back and talk to myself, I would tell myself to just relax and keep my cool. Don't let the little things get to me. I would also tell myself to make better decisions in life and do my work.


Being successful in college requires one to be focused and committed. While in college, you will always come across obstacles, such as jobs, family, and insufficient financial aid, but that should not persuade you to interrupt your success. As a high school senior, think and write down your major priorties that you want to accomplish in college and beyond college. Scholarships are readily available to you so apply to as many as you want, due to the fact that those will help you succeed and pursue your utmost goal. Be sure to allow enough study time during the weekend because college is not like high school. In high school, you are able to complete a given assignment before the weekend, and then be able to have fun all through the weekend. College is a stepping stone to your desired career in what you really would love to be in the near future. Finally, start networking with those who are willing help you in the long run with further schooling and career. Those are the individuals that can help you find a job in your field of study. In conclusion, college life is enjoyable when your mind is set on success.


Well I would say look Donna I know you are probably tired of going to school everyday, but college life will be different. Don't look at college as a way of getting out of your parents house, but a way to get a degree and make the kind of money you want by doing what you love 'entertaining people'. The schools that have multimedia as part of their programs are here on the east coast and you can apply to them through your high school. Don't just settle for something that doesn't appeal to you, get up off your butt and apply to Full Sail, DeVry, The New School and get that degree so you can create the special effects for movies, TV shows, commercials, video games and etc. that you really want to do. I waited to late to get started, but I can still get very close to my dream career. Don't let the grass grow below your feet, you have the ability to be whatever you want to be in life so don't put it off go for it! Your family will be proud of you and so will you.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice I would tell myself to take financial aid seriously. In high school it felt like I had all the time in the world when in reality time was running out. I knew what I loved to do it was all a matter of choosing the school and I always had DeVry in mind. Now I am struggling a bit with finding funds to pay for school while keeping my loans low. If I had searched for scholarships in high school then maybe I wouldn't be having such a difficult time now. It is easy to get the work done and pushing myself to do better has never been an issue but procrastinating is the hardest habit to break and I would also tell myself to break the habit fast so it doesn't follow me through my college years.


If I could return to high school, I would tell my self to be ready to work. I would practice self-discipline and sharpen my research skills. Discipline and Research skills are two of the most important skills to have as you enter college.


I would give advice to save ALOT of money. College is what one of the most important things in your life but like almost everything else it is very expensive. I would also tell myself to do very well in school. Try to achieve a high GPA and get high honor roll grades. That way I would be able to obtain awesome scholarships to go to very well known and respected Universities. College can also be very difficult so I would tell myself as well to try and take college credit classes. That way I can finish college faster and just focus on what I want to get a degree on. It would make my life so much easier and obtain a better job faster.


First I would tell myself that a guy is not a reason to not go to the college you really want to go to. If its real love then you will find your way back to that person. Now a day?s its easier than it?s ever been with social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook. Second I will tell myself to focus better and talk more with your guidance counselor about what career path you want to take. Right out of high school people tend to waste a lot of time trying to figure that out when you have a valuable resource right there available for you. Lastly, I will tell myself that it?s ok to ask for help. With school work, with financial aid and with life choices in general it?s ok to seek advice from some one that has been there.


If I could go back in time I would write myself a letter that I could keep as a constant reminder and motivator. "Dear Self, You don't know me yet, but you will. I'm you 10 years from now, and I have some advice for you: First and foremost, don't wait until you're 24 to go to college. I know you may feel like you need a break, but believe me when I say that if you wait, you'll wish you hadn't. Second, when you get to college, stay away from the pizza, the parties, and the booze. You get distracted easily, and you don't want anything distracting you from your dreams. Thirdly, throw yourself into your studies, you'll thank yourself later for it. When life happens, don't get stressed out, just take it in stride and go with the flow. You'll be a stronger person if you learn to modify and adjust, adapt and overcome. Finally, invest in Google, stay away from Starbucks and guys named "Jeff" or "Joe," and most importantly, enjoy the experience. It only happens once in a lifetime. See you in 10 years! You


If I can give myself any advice it would've been to be more proactive about my career. I would've communicated with my teachers and counselors more frequently about my career objective and asked for resources, grants, and career information. Instead of hanging with friends, I would've attended professional educational seminars related to my career choice and joined a career focused volunteer program. Therefore I could've gain experience and wisdom about the career direction I was headed. I started my first job in the 9thgrade; since I had no bills or responsibility I would?ve saved each paycheck for College. Therefore, I could have the funds to pay for College application fees and balances of tuition cost financial aid cannot cover. Life is a learning process, and I am fortunate to share this valuable and helpful information to my younger siblings and friends.


Stay in college and finish your degree , do not try to go back and work at the same time


If I were to go back in time to when I was a senior in high school , I would tell myself to search for schools that specialize in fine arts or music. I was blessed with the talent to play 12 different instruments as wellI as singing and acting so I would advise myself to make a better effort in finding that perfect school the first time around. I failed to do that this time but I wouldn't make that mistake agian. listening to my peers instead of listening to my own heart cost me a great deal of money as well as wasted time on my part and life is too precious for that! If I were to go back in time to that point of my life, I would also assure myself not to be afriad of traveling out of state for a college and I would probably do it. I would also advise myself to talk to the students and administrators at the college of choice to get a better understanding of the school and what it has to offer. Lastly, I would advise myself to have fun and stay focused.


I would definitely taken speech classes since high school, and then chose all my speech courses as freshmen. The reason being, I am now having difficulties when it comes to presenting project s.


Girl go to college and get a degree, you will be proud of yourself for doing it. You will have a wonderful academic, and financial support system behind you. They will help you with every aspect of your life while your in school. It's important to get as much education as possible, so you can succeed in the career of your choosing and in life. Do it, don't wait, do it now!!!

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