DeVry University-Florida Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had applied for more scholarships.


I wish I'd known that financial aid was going to be a hassle, I'm an independent student, I do not live with my parents whatsoever, yet they require everything regarding your parents when in reality you don't want to be under their shadow anymore, but I'm hoping to get some sort of scholarship to help pave the way for my education, my soul, my mind, and my heart craves learning.


Nothing much to be honest. If I were to say something then it would have to be the cafeteria. I wish I knew that they dont give out lunch so that if i knew i would bring my own food.


That they had the program I was looking to get into and that they would be such a great group of people to associate with. I've seen plenty of commercials about DeVry but I thought they were just like all the rest a waste of time or to expensive to go to school there. I was wrong and I'm glad I went with my first mind. So far I have not been disappointed with my decision. I love DeVry!


Marketing classes were only online


That DeVry had the particular curriculum that I was looking for (Multimedia Design and Developement) before now I could already have my Bachelor's.

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