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They offer flexibility of wheher you would like to take the class online or on campus. Also textbooks are electronic so they are making a step forward in going with the information age as well as being environmentally sound.


Compared to another school I was attending, they don't add in extra costs for when changing platforms and pointing the finger at me, saying that it's my fault.


Chamberlain College of Nursing allows students to focus on their profession, without the usual distractions that other universities gain infamy for. While still a relatively new school, it is highly regarded by hospitals who have worked with us during clinicals. As difficult as nursing courses can be, Chamberlain adds to their difficulty by accelerating their four year BSN to a three year BSN. The attractiveness of finishing my bachelor?s degree a year early has lead me to choose Chamberlain. While this means I will have to work twice as hard on my studies, I am ready to do so.


I liked the option that I could take online classes but would still be able to go on campus if I need to


The uniqueness about my school is that there are a variety of students, some are parents and some are not. Again, i am taking my courses online so i can not see anyone. But we have daily threaded disscussions with on another and we are all pretty much working parents who have decided to go back to school after many, many years. It also lets us work at our own pace, the school offers flexibility for us working parents. Thats the uniqueness about my school and why i choose to go there.


DeVry University provided a way for me to work full-time and go to school full-time by offering the online option. At the same time, I didn't lose the hands-on experience that I was looking for. The virtual labs that DeVry uses are very helpful and make you feel like you are actually working on the real equipment. I found out that employers really like it when you have attended a hands-on school, so that is what I looked for and what I found at DeVry University.


The degree is not offered at very many schools . The fact that the companys they are partnered up with are some of the top game design companys around currently.

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