DeVry University-Illinois Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Self motivated


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that doesn't mind a class under 20 students. The kind of person that loves the one-on-one interaction with the professors and accept the professors' help and kindness and that has no problem connecting with their professors . One that is devoted to their educational value.


Someone who is ready to work. Classes are 8 weeks long and move fast. Even though Devry offers almost all of its classes online, I would not recommend taking a class online unless you have to. I have had a hard time getting ahold of the professor, and I have heard the same complainte from many other students. And with the fast pace it makes it easier if you have a professor explaining the material and you can ask questions.


DeVry University is definately for someone who is driven to succeed. Students who have interests they want to turn into careers can be guided here at DeVry. I feel very comfortable with my advisors and I am very satisfied with my decision to continue my education after 8 years since graduating high school. If someone wants people to care about their needs and give them everything needed to get on the right track, then DeVry is for them.


In order to attend this schools online learning prgram you have to be self motivated. Participation is a must in our classes because it is part of our final grades so you must be someone who is willing to participate and can learn a lot based on your own reading.


People who are career oriented and want to finish sooner and get right in the work-field should come to this school.


A person that needs flexibility, is dedicated to acheiving the next level.


I am attending the online degree proram. I feel that the kind of person who should attend this school are busy people who are very serious about obtaining theie degree and are willing to work hrd to achieve their goal.


a person that wants to advance their professional career and still maintain single- parenthood and a full time job. classes are flexible and have a powerful line of academic staff to help us through our daily endevours! students are able to juggle parenting and all its blessings while attending Devry!


Only those who are really serious about their education should attend DeVry University. If you fall into this category, and have a hard time grasping concepts without being able to apply them and actually use them, DeVry would work very well for you. Even if you can grasp concepts easily, the foundation that a DeVry education provides you is extremly broad and up to date.

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