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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now, I would advise my younger self to not give up when the studying feels burdensome. I went to college immediately following high school, when my study habits were not well-formed. At that time, though I was striving to be well-rounded in my college experience, I placed friendships and extracurriculars at an elevated priority, to the detriment of my schoolwork. To my younger counterpart, my imparted wisdom is to prioritize your time, to take care of the first things first (schoolwork), and to remind myself that the hours of "burdensome" studying will pay dividends to my future long after sleepiness and fatigue have faded from memory.


That is actually a good question. If I could go back, I would tell my High School self, to stop playing around when it comes to education, to stop wasting time and also to stop being a procrastinator. I would tell my high school self, that life is not a game, and that getting an education should be the number 1 priority and that everything else comes after.I would tell myself to do my research before deciding on a major and to work really hard for it. I'd tell myself not to take out more loans than I need and to also apply for as many scholarship that i can. I would also tell myself that it was time to grow up and live the high school life behind , because the college we pick to the last classes we pick will make a big impact in our future and that we need to choose wisely. I would also tell myself that "knowledge talk, and wisdom listen" and that nothing in life comes easy, and that education was the door to the sky and that dedications ,motivations ,patience were the keys ,so let's open that door.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing that I would tell myself would be to stay focused and keep my eyes on the bigger picture. I would tell myself not to allow my new found freedom to distract me from my ultimate goal. While college should definitely be an enjoyable time, there are many years left of your life after college to party, date and have children. I would tell myself that making small sacraficing will make things so much easier down the road. That way I wouldn't be a 28 year old single mom with a huge amount of student loan debt, no financial aid and still trying to finish school. I would tell myself to make a plan and stick to it. I would tell myself to hang out with people that are going to keep you motivated and on your game when you're falling off. I would also tell myself to remember all the sacrafices your mom and grandma made to get you to college. Don't let them down, make them proud and make all of their sacrafice worth it.


"Try harder, and don't let trivial things detour you. Video games and folly may seem like the best option. But seeing things as they are now, watching the after math, I saw just how silly these things were. I gave up on high school, abandoned my good grades and honors classes. For what? I sat at home and did nothing. I gained weight lost friends, went nowhere. ...I fought a battle to get my GED since I had not been in school for years. I found a goal I couldn't make happen - joining the navy. I have to wait til I finish fifteen hours of accreditted college hours to be considered. Please - don't lose sight of your motivation and turn into the person I am now. Go to college and make the right choices from the beginning. The person you are changes and blooms into someone you always wish you could be."


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself to study harder and continue my education immediately after graduation. I had my first son at the age of 18 only 5 months after my high school graduation and continued building my family of 4 children which now I am raising on my own. I don't regret having children, I just regret that I had them before finishing my education and now it's a constant struggle. It is a struggle to work full time, take care of a house hold full time and go to school full time. If I would have known life struggles without a higher education then, I would have definitely continued my education and worried about having a family later. It is very hard work now, but I know that at the end of it all it will pay off. My children are also learning the importance of education as I make it a point to sit with them and study together. They see my struggle and have openly admitted how they want to excel in school to get scholarships.


If I havd guidence in High school I would have found out more about careers that I might be interested in


I would tell my high school senior self that I would have the time to complete anything I want do, so don't rush life. Since my 2008 graduation, I rushed my life, changing my mind, major and school multiple times. I would let my teen self know that taking all those AP classes was serious and I should use them to my advantage. Also, I would let myself know that college is easier and fun only when you are happy and not stressing. Boys, parties, and hanging out doesn't guantee you anything. I would mostly advise that others can't live your life, so don't let them choose your path.


My senior year I commuted between two schools, so I never got to experience any senior assemblies or partake in the senior pride experiences my friends did. In terms of things I should’ve done as a senior I would’ve liked to have more confidence in my abilities. I wanted to take more arts classes. I wish I would’ve taken more honors classes. If I joined a varsity sport I could’ve been more sociable. I wish I could’ve spent two extra hours with my sister and all the people I grew up with while in school. I don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made, but I regret taking the people that surrounded me for granted and assuming they’d always be next to me. Graduation was bitter sweet; it was filled with many heart ridden goodbyes. Now, they’re so many possibilities that the world is frightening. Thus, I would tell myself with everything that I’ve learned now, to be strong and never quit regardless of the obstacles in my way. Don’t be the person that delays their priorities and ruins their own future.


If I could go back in time to my high school years the first thing I would do is tell myself to talk to a counselor and/or college advisor on my very first day of school. I would advise me get to know them and ask them to give me information on everything about college. I would help me to research what opportunities are out there and get some assistance in finding out what career interests me most. I would tell myself to choose living on campus away from home for the best experience. I would tell myself to visit several different colleges and gather as much information about each one before I make my final decision. I would tell myself to visit every website that has scholarship information like I would advise myself to find a mentor. Someone who is already in college and going through the experience and can give me good advise. I would tell myself to volunteer whenever possible. I would tell myself to study hard and get all A's. I would tell myself to take the ACT and the SAT tests after much preparation for the best score possible.


I would tell myself to be more motivated and try to take as many classes financially I can handle. The college classes are way easier than AP and Honors classes. Therefore, get the highest gpa you can while your getting your associates degree. When you get to your bachelors it next to impossible to get an A so get the highest grades. Lastly, don't be afraid to ask questions. The professors are there to help you and if you don't ask a question you will miss out on a lot!


Iwould tell myself to make friends of other nationalities first and foremost. Depending on where you go to school, you can be affected by culture shock and you may not adjust as well as you can if you interact with other races early on. Plan your day out as effectively as you can. Plan time to study, do homework and also plan time to hang out with friends. Work on your independence by being responsible in every aspect of your life. You are responsible for your self in college. Mom is not goingg to be calling to speak to the professor for you and there are not any parent/teacher conferences. take classes tha twill challeneg your thinking and not only help you to grow asa student, but as a person in genegral and pick a major that not only interests you, but that you can also make money to support yourself in.


I would remind myself to set short term as well as long term goals. I would focus in on study time as well as the quality of my study sessions. I would advise anyone to choose a major or career path that they love and have a high level of passion for . I would advise a student to be a visionary and think outside the box. I think when choosing a career one should choose for passion first and this could alleviate future professional burnout.


I would tell my high school self to focus. I would l tell the high school me that all the things that are done or not done in high school create the path that you are going to walk in the future. It is not impossible to change that path, but it is certainly more difficult to correct your course later. The best thing to do is to try to start on the right path.


As the famous phrase goes “If I knew then what I know now….” would my life have turned out differently? The answer for me is a resounding yes. If I had the opportunity to talk to a younger version of me, knowing what I have been through and learned over the years, I would make some slight changes to better my life. I was a typical high school teenager, just going with the flow. The problem with me was never pushing to strive for the best. Due to this laid back attitude, I had no idea what my goals and dreams were by the time graduation approached. It would take me years from one job to the next, to realize that there is no future without education. This is where the mature me would step in, encouraging the younger me to step out of my comfort zone and be pro active. I’d approach school differently, with some zest and interest, rather than just getting through it for the sake of the grades. I would take advantage of scholarships and opportunities granted to minorities and counselors. My biggest mistake was not having goals at that time, not knowing my worth.


Start applying for scholarships now, and attend college now. Don't wait until you're almost 50, although there is no shame in that either. It's just you will have a little more freedom to go explore and travel the world.


The best advice I would have is to set your goals for the future and go for them; do not just have them be goals that you set aside, but come up with an action plan to accomplish them. College is not a game and getting through with good grades is vital. If you have an action plan you will be more prepared for the things that college life will throw at you. Be sure that you plan includes how you will pay for school too so you don't have the stress of wondering how you will pay for it all. With you goals set and plan in mind reach for the stars and don't stop till you reach your goal!!


The advice I would give myself is to stay focused and to believe in myself and my own abilities because no one else can build your confidence and self esteem. I would have gotten even better grades in school and stayed on the academic path to receives scholarship offers. Even though I had excellent grades in school I was not as motivated as I could have been, I would have made sure my high school experience was better so I could be prepared for college and life after. Another important piece of advice I would give to myself is to never be afraid to be afraid to take risks and be yourself because that is one way to get to know yourself. That is a big lesson learned for me, I have had my ups and downs and I would like to go back in time, but what I have been through is all apart of living and growing into the woman I am today. I am now a courageous, strong minded person that can think for me and do what I have to do to succeed in life.


If I could go back I would tell myself to do more outside of school activities to increase my experience in the culinary field, also I would say to do more work with community, since starting college I have been looking into programs that help homeless youth in the area, meeting with those people have made me feel like a I should do all I can to teach them and it makes me feel like I have accomplished something more in my life. One more thing I would tell myself is to study more because in college the work is twice as hard or more and three times more long.


The advice I would give myself would be to not be afraid of speaking up and asking the professor any questions or doubts I have because if you're confused or doubtful, it could lead to falling behind in class. I also would tell myself to apply to as many scholarships as I could because college is very expensive and with all other expenses, it can become the cause of stress. I would tell myself that if I decide to work and go to school at the same time, to be prepared for a long, hard, and tiring joy ride to my degree because once you fall behind in one assignment, it will be very hard to keep up. And finally, I would tell myself to never give up hope because the greatest things in life are achieved through hard work.


College students have a more independent life-style and that experience is neccessary in order to get agood job after college


I would have applied myself more and possibly went away to college.


I would advise my high school self to ignore the boys and focus more. Relationships are fleeting, high school ends quickly, but a true education and being prepared for college is an accomplishment that lasts a lifetime.


Study as hard as possible time flies by so fast within a blink of an eye. One thing that parents do not tell you or talk to you about is your credit. Do not apply for several credit cards, because they will haunt you in the future. Make sure when you look into colleges and what you want your degree in be in, make sure it is something that you will want to do in 20 years. Make sure your decision is not just for the moment. Think about everything. Required time away from hom. And hours you will have to work. And what the expectations are for the job. Be sure to do your research make sure you are comfortable with the amount of money that you will make. Also just getting a bachelors degree just isn't good enough make sure you get as much education as you can. To increase the likelyhood you will get the job you want. Try not to have kids early, you want to make sure you can provide from them in all ways. Kids while trying to complete your education will slow you down. There will be plenty of time for that.


College is an investment for your future. It is like a garden that has the capability to feed you the rest of your life. If you place time, energy, and determination into your education, such as a garden, it will reward you with the needed sustenance to allow you to flourish as a person. Education is not only an essential tool in life, it is a blessing. Don't ever mistake that the opportunity and ability to learn is a gift that should be seized. While college is unmistakably hard work, you must have enjoyment and balance as part of your life. I encourage you to socialize and make new friends while maintaining responsibility. Learn to be financially savvy. You will be tempted to go down a path of materialism. Understand that your parents worked their entire lives to have what they do now. You cannot expect to reach that same point this soon in life, and going in debt to get there as a short cut is a tremendous and haunting mistake. Good credit is essential. The last piece of advice I can give is don’t be afraid to ask the cute blond out in your math class.


I finally realized what I wanted to study and now that I have I want to finish. Devry offers me that opportunity, as well as good teachers, and work that is related to the material if annoyingly time consuming sometimes. I am returning to school to finish my bachelor's degree as a single mother of a 3yr old and a 1yr old. My goal is to learn as much as I can and get as high of grades as I can while trying to finish as soon as possible. I have found that going back to school a little bit older has made me value that education more. And at Devry I don't feel out of place because there are freshman straight from high school as well as older students like myself returning to either get their degree, or change their field. The small class size works to my advantage, and the small campus allows me to spend only the time I need on campus. The 8 week classes are a challenge but at the same time I can take 2 classes in a semester, that are related and understand more because they are so close together.


I have gotten so much from my education; looking back at what I have learned and accomplished is amazing. I have priceless knowledge in the ever changing Science field. I am no longer a follower,now a leader. I could never have gained the confidence I now have with out continuing my education. I was told I would never ge anywhere with "just" a G.E.D.,but I am showing those people that this is my destiny, and nothing will stop me from reaching my dreams to become an R.N. My family is so excited to see me attain my goals. I have become a very positive role model in my two daughters lives. They are young, but are planning their future education from seeing their mother prove you can do anything your heart desires. That is my driving force to dedicate myself to eduction. I would never trade my experiences for the world. It has changed me so much in a positive way. I one day hope to return to my college to be a nurse educator because of the wonderful experiences I have had here. Continuing my education was the best ting I have ever done.


When I was taking my courses for my bachelor’s degree I enjoyed the experience. I feel like I learned something in each of my courses, my teachers were professionals and knew the material which made it easy for me to succeed in my courses. DeVry University was exactly what I needed. I needed a school where I could take my classes according to my work schedule and I loved that most of the students in my night classes where older than me and therefore had more experience that I could learn from. I also liked the fact that there weren’t any parties, athletic events, or the need for me to take PE classes and such that were not a part of program of study. Now I am working on my Master’s degree, I am single mother and it’s harder for me to go to school since again I don’t qualify for financial aid. I want to finish my degree because it will help my future and my daughter’s future. Also because I will be a role model for my daughter and when she grows up she will understand the importance of a college education.


I have met instructors that will leave a life long impact on me. They have taught me a variety ways to complete one task. It's more then just receiving instructions on how to do stuff. They have taught me as if i were one of their employees. This has proven to make me ready for a challenging position in the work force. I have worked on group projects and compled activities that will help me future myself in the long run. I learned some good people skills by working in group settings. Our class sizes are always small, no more then 15 students. This gives me individual attention which gives me the opportunity to understand what i'm being taught and if i dont understand the insgtructor will sit with me and break things down so that i will know what he's teach me when he's done.


College to some can be considered a rite of passage as students grow from an unsure high school student into a well prepared college graduate which leads me to why college is so valuable to attend. As a high schooler, leaving the nest for the first time, college prepares you for what to expect in the real world once you are ready to begin your career. When in school you must meet your teachers' deadline's for papers and if you forget then you cannot receive extra credit such as in high school, you must deal with the consequences. In the real world the same rules apply you are no longer treated like a child and given numerous chances, you must show that you are one of the best and continue to prove that you are a valuable asset to you company and not a liablilty. College prepares you so that students do not feel like they are thrown directly into the fast paced and well driven career environment, but instead gives students the ability to mentally and emotionally prepare theirselves for the challenges soon to come and to work towards making their mark in this world.


So far I have felt that I have acheived much more in the last few weeks than I have in years. I have been out of school for 8 years and decided one night that I would enroll and get my degree that I've been waitng for. I have a small child and I really need to set a good example for him and other adults out there who are in between their major life decisions. I haven't even satrted my first class yet but I already feel much more confident in knowing I am capable of accomplishing my goals. The staff at DeVry has made things so easy for me that failure just isn't an option. I am very excited about my upcoming years and I am relieved that taking the next few steps towards my future is within reach now. It becomes very difficult to get back on track once life happens, but being able to set aside enough of it to go back to school is the best decision anyone can make.


What I have gotten from my college experience is that academics and doing your best is important. The better your grades, the better future you have, and the better job you will get. Social life is important as well because I can't study 24/7. I need breaks. Having fun and laughing makes me happier, enjoy life, and helps me focus on my studies. Studying all the time can get me down and a little distraction is alright. I have also learned more about myself, such as, who I am, my communication styles, and what I need to work on to improve myself. The more I improve on myself, the better person I will become. I have also learned that I need to be assertive since I tend to be way too passive and have people walk all over me. I've been improving on this. I also got out of my shy shell a little bit and made a few friends. College is definitely an amazing experience where you learn not just about academics, but also about yourself. I recommend going to college to everyone for a better and brighter future.


In my opinion, college is valuable in many ways. First and foremost, without a college education, there is really no sure way of making it in this world. Not only that, the education that one learns in college not only helps them in the professional world, but also in everyday life. Courses such as psychology and criminal justice appeal to life outside of the workplace. Learning things such as, why people get angry and how they cope with anger, and why babies act and feel the way they do are all subjects can enhance ourselves as human beings. Being apart of a college community has opened my eyes to a lot of things and has subjected me to a lot of different people from all different aspects of life. Experiences such as learning of different cultures and how the cultures affect the world we live in and meeting people from those cultures are all moments that a priceless. I would encourage anyone to go to college even if they just want the experience. Going to college is something I definitely something I do not regret.


College is as much an eye-opener as it is a blinder. You are suddenly an adult and have to manage your own schedule, but at the same time, you are still sheltered from the ?real world? in many ways. Having been to college and then out in the working world, I have returned to college with a far more intense perspective and focus. I understand now how to challenge myself, and how I want to be challenged. I have more insight into how certain classes DO pertain to the career fields I have already worked in. Fresh out of high school, the goal was to get into a good college and complete a degree. Now my goal is to fulfill who I want to be, and really get an education, not just a degree. This perspective has only come from being able to return to college and know more about who I am and what there is to offer in the world.


This college experience has helped me to manage my time better. Online classes require a lot more time because you do not actually have someone there to teach you the materials you actually have to do all of the learning on your own. The discussion threads are a great help though and also it helps a lot to attend the live lectures, which are not required but like I said they really help. I have a child and a full time job and going to classes on certain nights or days is almost impossible so the online program has really been a great benefit for me. It has allowed me to better myself for both me and my family. I hope that I can take what I have gotten from this experience and advance myself in the working world.


I used to be picked on in school and in trying to be popular let my grades slip significantly. I believe I was ranked 76th out of 128 students in high school. If I could go back, I reassure myself of the hardships that lie ahead and tell myself to buckle down on my studies. Although, I didn't feel that my grades would help me through life once I tried to get into college the reality set in hard. I am now a 36 year old married man that can't find a job and just wants to be the best he can be to provide for his family. I also would express that I have gone from a 2.65 to 3.25 GPA and still rising. If you take time to grow in knowledge , knowledge will eventually reward you whether financially, spiritually, or even through your son/daughters eyes as they look at you earn a great achievement. I would want to show my previous self that nothing more matters than the pride you will get in your heart from that moment when you realize, you're a hero.


I would definitely tell myself to make sure and pick out exactly what I really want to have a job in. I would also let myself know that money will become a big issue and that finding at decent part-time job is a must. I would also make sure to tell myself to fill out more scholarships and try and search for as much advice from professionals as possible. I would also let myself know that I should really put some emphasis on how I set up my schedule as things will get hectic soon. Lastly, I would tell myself to continue to study hard and do not slow down at all. Keep at it and I will finish sooner.


The truth is, young people never take advice from others, even if they have useful experiences to share. However, if I could go back in time and actually listen to what I had to say, I would treasure every word. During senior year, everyone would be talking about the neat universities they were planning on attending, except for me. I would attend a nearby community college. Community colleges are able to provide superb education, with a comparatively small cost. Aside from this, I would tell myself narrow my field of study to something I love doing. Instead of listening to family members talk about the most financially rewarding profession, I would choose an area I wouldn't mind working in for the next few decades. In addition, my ghost from the past would tell me that there is nothing stopping me from attaining what I want. When I was in high school, I worried about whether or not I could afford continuing a college level education. The truth with this, is that there are many opportunties in receiving funds that will help you pay off your degree later in life. I really hope this is one of them.


Since I had an Associates Degree, I would tell myself to stick it out and obtain my bachelors degree. That there are no quick fixes and if you want to move up into Management, you will need the Bachelors Degree, there is no way around it. You will get to a certain limit and then you will stall. Please stay with and obtain you Bachelors. Waiting will cause missed positions when you see that dream job that you have every other requirement and then the question comes "Do you have your Bachelors" when you click no you will be immediately removed as a candidate. The recuirment process will change and you will no longer have the ability to find a commonality with an HR person who can help get you in the door. It will 95% of the time be computer generated application. You can't get your foot in the door with a yes or no question on a job board.


Despite the lack of progress in my life up untill this point, taking time off of school was the best decision of my life. In the time it took me to complete high school, I realized why my parents stressed education so much. The real world is a hostile and competative place. If I had not taken time off, I would not have the motivation that I have now. And i would have ended up wasting my time and money on something that I never took seriously untill now. So if i could go back in time, I would tell myself to take the time off and mature a bit, before searching for a higher education... And to invest in AIG after they declaire bankruptsy, but before their bailout. :D


The Best advice I could give myself would be not to wait. I have waited 22 years to return to school and try to obtain my degree. The future is too important to put off your education. Going back to school was so easy, I have been learning so much. I have even found out a few new things about myself. The work is challenging, but so worth wild. The staff, professors and even my fellow students have been so helpful and are lways there to help with any problems I have had so far.


First and foremost I would have convinced myself to not give up, to stick my last year in highschool through regardless of the hardship I was going through. I would say continue to work hard and strive to your fullest potential to reach your maximum level in school because in the end its your life and you have to take control of it nobody can make it work better than you. I would tell my self to push harder even when you think you cant. J ust when you think you have studied enough study more, pay attention to your teachers and obtain as much knowledge as possible.


i wish i had the opportunity to have attended college when i was youger.


I would tell myself that college is important, don't worry about trying to decide what course you are going to take just get in and handle the basics, then you'll find where you fit in the world and what path you need to take


I would have told myself to wait. Don't go to college until you are ready. Just because other people are going to college after high school doesn't mean you are ready. Because if you drop out of school you will not have the life you want. If you keeping going in and out of school you will have a debt with student loans and not the could job to pay for the loans. Save your money and work hard , then when you are ready you will know. School is very important and education is the most important. So, when you get older you will have a profession that you love and will be happy with your decision.


As a previous high school student I would stress the importance in furthering my education. I would start with researching all the colleges I was interested in attending to help decide if I want to attend a college campus or attend classes online. I will need to make sure I have a goal in mind and whether I am interested in earning a Associate, Bachelors, Master or Doctrine degree and make sure I take that information into consideration when deciding what college will help me achieve my goal. I would also discuss the importance of cost, grants and scholarships as to who will be paying for the furthering of my education or will it is necessary to hold down a part or full time job to make my financial obligations. The transition from high school student to college student is an important one as we must now pay for our education it is imperative that we research and develop a plan to ensure that I complete my degree in a timely manner and in a field I will enjoy and be just as equally financially rewarding.


If I was given the chance to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that with a little bit of discipline and diligence, I could affort to pay for a college education. I would also tell myself that my doubts about not being able to afford college were only mere obstacles in the grand scheme of life. In addition, I would tell myself to ask the assistance of a professional to help me in my planning and that doing so would alleviate incredible amounts of future stress. I would remind myself that I trully have a gift for helping others and that not using it to its full potential would be a crucial mistake. In addition, I would reiterate that time is of the essence and that putting it off will only create more struggles, anxiety, and hardships in the future. It would also be important that I inform my old self that I am very good at planning projects and that planning to go to college would be very similar to the career path I will choose as a project manager. I would simply state "You were made to do this. "


Although i have no regrets in my life right now. Given the chance to go back intime and talk to myself as a high school senior would probably make a huge difference and where i am now. I have learned alot in these 28 years of life. Some easy and some hard, I would tell myself to prioritize, set goals and achieve them. I was ignorant my senior year and really did'nt take my education seriouslly. So i never finished school and now 10 years later i am going back. I would also talk to myself and let myself know what can happen if i don't get a degree. The way having a degree can protect you financially. I would tell myself to wait after i graduate from college to have a baby, i don't regret having my daughter but given the chance i would wait. And i would emphazie that to myself over and over . I would love to go back intime and talk to myself, current life expiriences make me think and wonder alot about decisions,talking to myself would help in changing that feeling.


Choosing a career and choosing a university is a very difficult decision that affects your life. It is important to seek advice from your parents, high school counselors and staff. Look at yourself to find out what interests you value. Explore all your interests for career options. For the most part choosing a career is not easy decision, but remember you want to find something that you will enjoy doing and at the same time provide a service to others.


One thing that you have to have when in college is time management skills. If you can't manage your time, college will be very tough and mean a lot of late nights studying. Practicing these skills is very important even when in high school because you need to know what it is like to say, "I can't play right now because I have to study." This can be very hard at times, but you have to be able to say, "No" to the little things that are constantly urging you to forget studying and have fun. I speak from experience: it is more fun to quickly finish studying for the day and then go out to play, than it is to have to study all day because of playing a little game every 15 -20 minutes. You also will do better in school with this mind set, because you can concentrate on the material in the textbook and learn from it for an hour or more at a time with no interruptions better than you can for 15-20 minutes with play in between.


The advice I would give myself is, what do I really, really want to do with myself after school? Do I want to stay home and torture my parents under their roof and vegitate? Or do I want to go into computers and become successful as a computer technologist. I think I want to pursue computers. I do not know anything about computers, and what courses do I need to take to understand computers? Is it to late to get the right classes for computers? Maybe I can talk to a counselor, and they can help me with my decision about what classes I can take to get me started. I think I should also take some summer classes in college, that should help me a little more. Should I also do a fall semester at a junior college? That way I can really know what the computer information system is about, IF that is what I truly want to do. I think that is the way to go. Let me talk to a counselor and get their input on my plans for college.

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