Diablo Valley College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are the perfect combination competitive and friendly which is beneficial in a college environment.


Students at DVC are humanitarianly motivated candidates seeking entry-level positions for the future, transferring colleges, or simply fulfilling academic goals.


My classmates are very introverted, there is a diversity of nationatilies which makes it fun.


Friendly enough; however, not usually ones to begin conversations.


In most of my classes the students were very friendly and welcoming.


My classmates were there to learn which made it easier for me because, in some courses we had study sessions outside the class and during class engaging and intelligent questions were asked- It felt like college not an extension of high school.


My classmates have been older students that have a similar major in mind, are knowledgeable and people that you can relate to.


Because I go to a community college, the student body is somewhat mixed. There are the kids who want to learn, the kids who are only going because their parents make them and the older crowd who already has families of their own. Many of the classmates I have are mixed, but most are that of who want to learn. Like me, they want to save money and transfer down the road. My classmates are comprised of talented kids with bright futures who wont settle for anything but the best. I, too, am proud to be in that group.


Diablo Valley Community College is contains a wide spread of diversity among its students.


While DVC may not have a thriving party atmosphere being a commuter campus they are many clubs and activities to choose from; students are focused on education but still find time to have fun--being in Pleasant Hill DVC has the unique opportunity of being only a hop, jump and skip away from the mangificient city of San Francisco; one could finish with their classes at DVC at 5:00 p.m. and hop on the BART train and be in San Francisco in time to catch dinner and a movie, classmates study hard but party harder.


My classmates are diverse, enthusiastic, intelligent, unique, leaders, artist, influential advocates and above all their own role models.


My classmates are diverse; all ages; all ethnicites; all economic backgrounds; all interests and talents.


it seems that the majority of the students seem motivated to move on to a university or just get an associates Degree. Most of the students here are working either part or fulltime jobs while balancing paying bills and classes.