Diablo Valley College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Dvc is best known for its outstanding transfer program. The teachers at Diablo Valley have pure intetentions of helping you succeed with full preparation for a four year college. The counseling system is also available to help you individually on campus during the week and excells in getting you the materials and knowledge needed for the next step in your education.


My school is known for having a great general Education program, culinary program and a dental assistance courses. Diablo Valley College if known for undergraduate studies.


My school Diablo Valley College is best known for success. DVC ranks among the top 5 transfer colleges in California. Knowing this information allows me to feel i can really do this. I can do well in college because of the great teachers and courses offered at this school.


Diablo Valley College is best known for its diversity. Not only is there a huge variety of classes that help students complete certain graduating and transfering requirements balanced with an incredible selection of sports, their racial mixture of people who attend DVC makes this place interesting. Because of the diversity at the school, DVC is a very well-rounded environment that makes learning, meeting friends, talking to teachers, trying new things a pleasant experience for everyone.


Diablo Valley College is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in the state of California . There are three locations, the main campus is located in Pleasant Hill. The second is a satellite campus located in the of the San Ramon Valley, and the third a satellite campus is located near downtown Walnut Creek. The school is known as one of the top community colleges in the State of California. It is known as one of the top tansfer colleges in the state, in terms of transfer to Caliornia four year colleges . DVC transfer students receive a top notch education.


My school is best known for their amazing english and journalism departments as well as their newspaper.


I have only been taking class at this particular community college for one semester, so I am not aware of what the school is best known for. While attending a different community college, Contra Costa College, a lot of students would say that DVC is known for their wide range of classes. They also have a big campus, that allows many subjects to be taught.