Diablo Valley College Top Questions

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The high transfer rate into the California University system.


It is conveniently located, their personel is very helpful and professional.


Was able to figure out what I wanted to do, even though I didn't realize it at the time.


The campus is so pretty. Every day, it seems as if the Sun's attendance is enough for people to smile. There are trees everywhere and so many places to sit and just admire it all. Diablo Valley seems to be in the middle of everything as well, in terms of location. There are many places to visit within walking distance, it comforts the student that has yet to obtain a car to drive.


What is unique about my school is that it is well diverse and well rounded. Everyone is welcomed at this school and no one is singled out. No matter, what your ethnic background is. This school provides many opportunities for you to succeed; unlike most schools ,Diablo Valley College helps each student reach their own personal goal from becoming a chief or even a dental hygienist. Diablo Valley College opens the door to different possibilities.


My school is not too big of a campus, has all the right resourses and a great athletic program and transfers many students constantly to where they want to attend next.


Diablo Valley College is right next to a high school so it would be a good community college to go to if someone wants to try teaching. It is also located very close to UC Berkeley so it can give students at Diablo Valley College a chance to learn about UC Berkeley before attending it. The local transportation is also very convenient. The buses come at least every thirty minutes, and the buses are connected to a very good transit system, BART.


This school is a community college very close to home for me. This school may not have been my first choice, but now that I am actually here and taking classes I am enjoying it. The people here are very different from other schools and universities. The teachers I have encountered so far are much more involved in their classes and with their students; they want to see them suceed. At other schools the classes are so large that the professors don't actually know or have any semblance of a relationship with the students.


I love the fact that they offer so many classes at flexible times which are all affordable. The common person can attend a higher level of education that wont break their bank. If there was any subject that looked even the least bit interesting, you can study it and do it close to home. That's why I love community college. You're always expanding your knowledge and expertise and if it turns out that you were not as crazy about a subject then you won't feel that you lost time or money.


What is unique about Diablo valley College is it's diversity in students as well as faculty. There are many programs available at DVC that accomodate the many needs of minority and under represented students that assist in each students success.


I think the diversity of indivduals that attend the school make up a strong uniqueness about the school. A wide range of peope of different ethnic backgrounds, ages, sexuality, religions and lifstyles makes the campus a vary interesting place to be.