Diablo Valley College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any motivated individual who is searching for a cost effective way to gain entry into some of the worlds top Universities.


If you want to go to college but you don't know what you want to major in, Diablo Valley College is perfect for you. The college has a wide range of departments everything from Alternative Energy to Hotel & Restaurant Management. If you struggled in subjects such as math or science at your previous school, Diablo Valley College has free tutors that can help you. From personal experience, I strongly recommend if you are intimidated by a University let Diablo Valley College help you develop the academic skills you will need to succeed at the University level.


Anyone who wants to further their education or even someone who want to change their current career path can attend Diablo Valley College. Diablo Valley College offers a variety of day, evening or online courses to fit anyone?s busy schedule. This school works well for me being a returning mother to school.


Everyone should attend this school. Whether you know what you want to study or you dont, just getting started somewhere is the key. The rest will just fall into place and you will find insirational factors all around you. Everyone deserves the chance to have a successful future.


Anyone looking to seek a better education and future for themselves.


Engineering students who wish to attend a University of California college or California State University school should attend this school because it has a very good transfer rate for its transfer students. It is a good school for students of all majors who want to transfer to a 4-year school in California.


This school is a good place for anyone; whether they know exactly what they want to do with their future or not. Some people go to the school just because their parents want them to go to some kind of a college, even if just for a while. Others use this school as a path to something more; a way to move onto a 4 year college and a professional degree. I have seen a huge variety of people at this school, and this school makes them all feel in place.


Community college is definitely for people who don't know what they want to do yet. There's a lot of pressure coming out of high school to know what plans they have for their future education, and even scarier, their future careers. Here, there can dabble in different subjects and figure out what suits them best. The school is also much cheaper than going straight to a university, and they can get their general education units done without having to worry about money.