Dickinson College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Dickinson is best known for cultivating a global awareness among its students. Its language programs in both modern and Classical language are very strong, and the college runs its own abroad programs (with its own faculty) in thirteen countries. In addition to teaching students to think globally and critically, Dickinson encourages students to draw connections between coursework from different disciplines, resulting in a large number of inter-disciplinary and self-designed majors which give students incredible opportunities for unique forms of research using the school's many resources.


IT's i nternational focus, both in on and off campus studies


Study Abroad and alcoholism


Being green and protecting the environment.


One of the highest tuitions in the country


We are best known for our enviromental sustainabilty and study abroad programs. Our new science complex has allowed us to become more advanced in all fields of science. We also have very strong political science, history, and international business and management programs. We are also known for out language program since we offer 13. While students succeed academically and take their studies serieously students generally go out on the weekeneds. We were nicknamed "Drinkinson."


Dickinson is best known for its beautiful campus and strong campus pride.


Sustability. We put a really big emphasis on not affecting the planet negatively and it shows throughout campus. We have our own campus farm, solar panels, and energy-efficient buildings.We are also widely known as a prestigious school namely due to the age of our school and its alumni.


I was referred to Dickinson because of its strong emphasis on studying abroad, as well as its focus on language studies.