Dickinson College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the small class sizes and the relationships I have with my professors. No one else that I know has such a small class size guaranteed to them than we do at Dickinson. My biggest class is 50 people, which is incredibly rare and is the biggest class you will ever have at Dickinson. Nonetheless, we are still able to have meaningful class discussions, which is the way I learn best. Additionally, all of my teachers take time to get to know me, so I know they each care about my success as a student.


I tell them that the people at Dickinson College are amazing. The classes are small, the professors accessible and the campus is beautiful. Although I will say all these things, I brag most about the strong sense of community on campus. It is not at every school that you can't walk to class without seeing at least ten people you know.


I brag about the independance that I am able to have while I am at school.


the beautiful campus and the relationships with professors


I brag most about my school's technology and my dorm.


The amazing professors and how accessible they are.


My living space and the ease of getting to class and around campus. The buildings are also beautiful!


The study abraod programs. Dickinson premotes the availability and quality of the programs they offer, and there is a high percentage of juniors who spend a semester or two abraod.


The international feel and the study abroad programs. The food and science facilities are also vey good. Sports aren't bad


The academic reputaion and individual attention that the school gives you.


Students at Dickinson College take advantage of every aspect of the college. Extracurricular activities, especially community service, greek life, and sports are immensley popular. If I had the opportunity to redo high school with a perfect GPA and get into any school I wanted, I would still choose Dickinson. Everyone is proud to be a Dickinsonian. Friends visiting from other colleges remarked that it was the friendliest college campus they have ever visited. Although we are in the middle of Pennsylvania, the global outlook rarely make it boring.


My classes, proffesors and ability to party at a variety of houses every weekend since everyone knows eachother in this insanley small place.


the beautiful campus, amazing professors, the theatre program