Dickinson College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


My only plight about Dickinson is the cost of attendance. The price tag for one year is pretty shocking especially if you don't come from a household where that amount of money is laying around in your/your parents' bank account.


Dickinson College is located in a very small town that offers black, latino, gay, or lower class students few opportunities for students to venture out and afford to relax here. Professional level jobs for students outside of the college are very scarce.


The worst thing about Dickinson College is that it is not more widely known. It is an institution of incredible intelligence and innovation, yet around the country few people have heard of it. It is at the forefront of the environmental movement and is well respected for its fantastic language and study abroad programs and should be known nationally for these achievements. I am very proud to have attended such a long-established college and do my best to spread the word.


The worst thing about my school is that there is not very much to do in Carlisle. You end up walking to walmart and the movie theater a lot. It also rains a lot, which can bring your spirits down a little.


The worst thing about the school is that there is very limited availability for transportation to other towns in the area. So sometimes you feel stuck in the town.


It's too small, not alot of diveristy


Sometimes the weather isn't pleasant, especially during the early spring when it rains all the time and during the middle of the winter when it is freezing cold outside with lots of wind. I feel pretty pleased that this is the worst thing I can think of though.


The different ways in which students were brought up often causes problems between students.


It does take a while to settle in, but ask upperclassmen and they can impart some wisdom. Utilize the offices like reslife; they are there to help.


too many people are too far left or right on the political spectrum


The size! (wayyyyy to small)