Dickinson College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Weekend trips to learn more about Pennsylvania are lacking.


Inability to get into courses because of small class sizes, and also the homogeneity of people on campus.. most are upper middle class or flat out rich.


Because I came from a high school of 1400 students, Dickinson College is entirely too small.


If you're not involved in a social scene, be it fratenity/sorority or other, you probably won't have as much fun as you'd like.


One of the most frusterating things about my school is the administrations lack of support for greek life. If plays a very important role on campus and the lack of support from the administration makes in hard. While we have wireless internet the dorms are not wireless with can sometime be incovient but generally is not a huge problem. We only have one main dinning hall which is fine most of the time but at certain times of the day it can get very crowded.


Students who don't take initiative to get things done. They complain but many don't do anything to change what they don't like.