Dickinson State University Top Questions

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The people is what makes Dickinson State University the best place to be. Each department will bend over backwards to help you successed in your life goal. The people are friendly, loyal, and go beyond what their jobs require of them because of their love for students. I do not have to be afriad to ask for help here. Anything I need, there are at least five non students that are willing to help me. The people is what makes my school unique.


What is unique about my school compared to other schools I considered is that my school has a great student service service. The SSS program is outstanding, they really care about the students that they help out and try their best to help them with their problems. I would consider this the best thing about Dickinson State University and their tutoring center. A student can get one on one time with a tutor to help them in any subject as many times a week for up to an hour long.


Dickinson State University is a small college compared to many other schools. The small population has allowed a high student to teacher ratio making learning in the classroom more productive. Faculaty and staff are very welcoming, glad that we have decided to make DSU our home for the next four years. Dickinson State has a program called Educational Enhancement Services, for students who are first generation students, financially need help, or have any other learning disabilities. No matter what department or class, the students, faculity and staff and DSU are fun and easy to work with no matter the problem.