Dickinson State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Dickinson State University?


A selfish meat head that will only do sports and not do the actual work to pass classes. DSU is an easy school if you just show up and care.


The type of person that shouldn't attend is someone who has a bad outlook on everything they do. Also a person who is rude to others and is looking to cause trouble. Also a person who is attending college for all the wrong reasons such as to party and to only have a good time and have no intentions of getting a degree.


Someone that should not attend this school, is someone that is not lookign to work hard. The professors at this school push their students to the breaking point, but this keeps you working hard. With this push from the people guiding you, you get the most of your education and will be prepared for your future.


A person who can't stand cold should not come to Dickinson State. It does get very cold and snowy here. It is also a smaller school in a smaller community, so if you thrive on huge city life, you should not come here.