Dickinson State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Dickinson State University know before they start?


I would start by telling myself that college will be no easy task. But the outcomes of your hard work will lead you to your calling of being a educator. I would also tell myself that you have to have fun while in college or you will burn yourself out. The last thing that I would tell myself is that sports are important in high school but school will always be more important in the long run.


Although I do not come from a college educated family, I strongly believe that I was mentally and physically prepared for college as a high school senior. I managed my money well and focused heavily on academics and my performance as an athlete. If I were to give any high school senior advice about college life, as I have already completed a year and a half of it, I would primarily focus on discussing personal expenses and the importance of academics and participating in extra curricular activities. In the world we live in today, money is a primary aspect in being successful. Creating a budget for oneself and strictly following that budget could help in spending money wisely and having it when needed. Academics are essentially the foundation for pursuing one's dream and fulfilling major accomplishments. The feeling of achieving a goal and being a dedicated participant is indescribable, in which I would highly recommend putting forth the effort and being determined every day to accomplish any goal one may have. All things considered, remember to have fun and enjoy your time well spent in college because it will be over before you know it.


Get on top of things early because college comes up faster than you think. Save as much money as possible because you things almost always cost more than you expect. Make sure you get everything figured out before you go to reduce stress on yourself. If you are going to do a sport you probably won't be able to get a job so be prepared for that and save accordingly. Most of all view going to college as a positive experience and don't become overwhelmed with all the changes that will be happening. This is the start of your life so work hard and go into everything you do with a positve attitude.


I f I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself what degree I wanted to do. I have changed my degree once but didn't decide what I wanted to do until my sophomore year. Looking back now, I feel like I've wasted a lot of time deciding. I already feel like I will be spending an extra semester in school and the longer I'm there, the more expensive college gets. I do not have the money to spend extra time in school.


When given an assignment do not wait until the last minute to get it done. If a person forgets to do their homework in high school one may have the chance to make up the late work. In college one is lucky if the teacher gives an extra day provided that a reasonable excuse can be given. A second reason is that there are a lot of long term assignments handed out throughout the year. Depending on the assignment, one should begin it at once or at least several weeks before the due date. If one leaves the assignments for the last minute he or she will find that they have built up to a very large workload over the semester. Rushing through the assignment will lower the grade one receives. When given a large assignment do it at least a month advance while giving smaller assignments at least a couple of days. This will relieve the stress of rushing to finish the assignments and will also increase one's grade.


Don’t only focus on yourself but connect with others. Most people in this generation are so focused on themselves searching for the materialistic things. That might be the cause of a corrupted chaotic world. Likewise, I was stressed when I only focused on my own benefit and success. Although I was solely pouring out all of my strength for myself, I was not happy but felt miserable. Being able to connect with others and at least try to be on others' shoe, there is nothing more valuable than that. Having a good study habbit, readingmany books, and memorizing vocaublaries are very important but connecting with others manipulates the direction of my life.


From about the time I was able to talk, people have been asking me what I want to do with my life. Thoughout my childhood and into adulthood, I gave them answers that I thought they'd want to hear: lawyer, pediatrician, nurse. The truth was that by the time I graduated from high school, I still didn't feel passionately enough about anything to make it into a career. I coasted through my first year of college barely attending classes. I assumed that at the end of four years, a degree would just materialize in my hands. Well, it didn't. At the age of twenty-nine, after ten years of working in a nursing home, (my temporary job as a CNA had turned into a full-fledged career that I felt trapped in), the importance of a college education finally sunk in. I dug in my heels and renewed my college career with a passion, earning straight A's my first semester back, and the following spring my first degrees, and AA and an AS. If I could tell my past self anything it would be this: Do the work. It will change your life.


Congratulations on making it this far. I just want to let you know, daddy will tell you; “You aren’t smart enough to go to college.” Regardless of all the hurtful words he says and the actions he will take against you have confidence in knowing, that he can’t dictate your present or your future. By him being your last living parent, you would think he would be more supportive in your future endeavors, but that’s not the case with him. You will later find out that daddy will treat you one way at home and another way in public. All in all, you will see how fake he is. Later in life, he will say, “I should have been more supportive in you going off to college”. So, in order to prove him wrong and to most importantly prove to yourself that you are smart no matter what he says, I am going to leave you with a few nuggets to hold on to. First, study hard, play less. Second, ask a lot of questions. Last, don’t fear the days ahead of you. Do those three things and you’ll be fine.


If only we can all go back in time and change the direction of our lives. Wisdom is such a powerful tool in our thinking process and the choices we make in life. The longer we live the more wisdom we attain . Did you ever sit down and talk to your grandparents about life ? You can learn from their life experiences and can probably get alittle bit of good advice to follow. The transition from high school to college can be a bit frightening. You are now at a crossroad and faced with choices. As a high school senior applying to various colleges ,I would recommend picking colleges due to size, settings and programs. Dont pick a college because the weather is warmer in that state, or your friend is attending there. Smaller colleges might be a better transition for someone who wants more one on one with the professors versus a larger university where most communication is done through email because the class is so large. Also tuition plays a major part in your decision, so do apply for financial aid and scholarships . In the end, the decision will be yours, so think carefully and choose the right fit.


Be more careful when choosing classes. Don't let the advisor do the selecting for you. I would also have chosen my 4 year institution right away and selected my classes more selectively at the two year institution where I started. Also, I would counsel against taking out school loans when they weren't absolutely necessary. The loans can add up quickly.