Dickinson State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Dickinson State University?


The most frustrating thing about school is studing for tests. Tests are a crucial part of your grades when you are in college. If I fail a test it can impact my grade greatly and lower my GPA. This makes studying for tests very frustrating because i know i have to get good grades and failing a test is not a option. Studying for tests requires many hours of studying, which tends to lead to frustration. Though, tests are difficult studying and getting good grades will pay off when i graduate.


The most frustrating thing about Dickinson State University is classes that are offered. Dickinson State University is not the largest university, so they only offer certain classes during the year and if i miss them then i have to go another year of college. This is very frustrating because if i cannot take a class this semester i have to go another year of college, which means i have to take out another loan. I have to work extra hard to keep my grades up, so i do not have to retake a class.


The most frustrating part about DSU is the amount of parking available with or without a parking pass it doesn't matter you still end up parking way out in the middle of no where. The school needs to come up with a better system of parking lots.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that we have so many international students who don't integrate and speak English on campus. There are so many of them from each country that some of them say within their little groups. It just makes things very interesting.