Dickinson State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Dickinson State is that it offers classes collaboratively with Bismarck State College so that I can stay in Bismarck and earn my degree. I've lived in Bismarck for about five years and have an established career here, and have earned both my AA and AS through Bismarck State, so I love the fact that I can stay where I am and continue my educational goals.


There is alot of support for students that don't fit the average profile. This is a very good thing because in todays world you need an education and there are alot of people out there, like myself, that are not at a point in there lives where school can be their primary focus. The support system really helps and it's nice to know that you don't have to do it alone.


The best thing about Dickinson State University is the size of the campus. Having a smaller campus allows a person to become more accquainted with other people who also attend. Having smaller classes allows a student to ask the professer for more help.


The best thing about Dickinson State Univeristy is the class size. It is nice to not just be a number to teachers. They get to know who you are and you get to know them. One on one time is available if you do have questions or struggle with the class. The proffesors are all willing to go above and beyond to help you understand and get a good grade in their class.


The best thing about Dickinson State University is that the teachers are always willing to help the students if they are struggling or just want to learn more. The teachers make learning fun but yet challenging. The teachers are truely there to help the students learn.


It's close to home.


DSU says they do everything but your homework and that is so true. They are so great about helping you out with any question you have. If you have some type of problem they work with you to solve it or come up with some type of solution to help you get through what you are trying to figure out. It's a wonderful school to attend.