Digital Media Arts College Top Questions

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The school has poor facilities, professors and reputation. There are people on the faculty who are black-listed from many companies in the animation field. The career services is nothing but an office of women who google jobs if you ask them to. The school in general is a terrible place to go if you expect to get an education and graduate with experience enough to get a job that pays a living wage. Most students can not pay off loans, find a job or make a living and the school does nothing to help. Do not go to this school!


Summing it up: DO NOT GO TO DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS COLLEGE. The few good professors are the only reason I'm half glad I went there. If I had to do it all over again, I would stay the hell away from this place. They WILL try to screw over your finances (the majority of students have had SERIOUS money 'moved around' and end up paying for it.) Not to mention every time a half honest good person begins working there they get fired for no reason (the Dean was fired a few years back and the President of the school straight up LIED to an entire student assembly saying he left of his own accord. Students contacted him and he assured them he was fired.) This school will LIE to you to get you in and LIE until the day you graduate. DON'T DO IT.