Dillard University Top Questions

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Dillard had a uniqueness in which i was attracted to.I had no idea that dillard was a HBCU until arriving in New Orleans. I honestly came to this institution due to my financial hardships, Dillard awarded me with a scholarship and that is what caught my attention. Now tht i am a resident on Dillards campus Iv'e learned to enjoy it and appreciate the beauty of the school.


My school has an amazing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) proram. They offer great oppertunities for students trying to fulfill a career in one of a science, math, engineering, or tecnology feild. My school is a private university, which is awesome. My porfessors are hand on with the class.


Its a historically black College with a lot of history on why the school was founded.


Dillard is very small, smaller than I wanted in a university, but it works. My school really attempts to take the students interest seriously. The traditions that Dillard was founded on is still being instilled today. The educators take our success seriously and present us with numerous opportunities to make she we get ahead in life.


The cost is average.


Dillard University is a small school, so everyone knows everyone. A vistor sticks out like a sore thumb.