Dillard University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I let my friends know that Dillard is a great school. It has a nice campus, the teachers are great because they work with you if you need a one on one session. Dillard is acutally here to help your future not just teach and move on without making sure you have and understand everything you need in order to graduate and make it in life and whatever career you may have chosen.


That it is a awesome University


When I tell people about Dillard, I share how personal and encouraging the faculty can be. The instructors really make an effort to be available to their students and that is helpful for academic advancement.


Its a good historical college to learn at.


When telling my firneds about this school, I always tell them how it is a beautiful campus and it is a family oriented atmosphere. I also brag about how caring the faculty and staff are and my friends tend to say that their faculty and staff are usually mean and grumpy. I always tell them that Dillard has students that go on to work for BET, CBS, MTV and attend the top medical school in the country.


That Dillard is a small college in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana.


I brag about the fun nights on Bourbon Street or at the clubs in New Orleans. There is not much to do on campus so the only thing I have to brag about is the night life.


The small class size.


the food